Thursday, October 21, 2021

What's new on Aliexpress? (Spy Shaman, CS AD15 titanium, CEO titanium, Bailout titanium, Bugout alu, Petrified Fish PFP02 / PF949X, Kanedeiia Shirogorov F3, Sitivien) - October 2021 part #3

!! Jufule has released the long awaited Shaman !!
Spy Shaman C229 Micarta / G10
with ball bearings:
You can buy the Shaman on Aliexpress

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.
They also have to tweak with the size of knives with blade length over 4" / 100 mm.

Beketen CS AD-15 titanium
with D2 blade:
You can buy the CS AD15 titanium

Beketen CEO
titanium frame-lock flipper
with M390 blade & ball bearings:
You can buy the titanium CEO

Beketen BM 537 Bailout titanium
with plain / partial serrated D2 blade:
You can buy the BM 537 titanium

Beketen BM 535 Bugout aluminium
with 9Cr18MoV blade:
You can buy the alu Bugout:

Petrified Fish PFP02
G10 flippers
with D2 blade & ceramic ball bearings:

You can buy the Petrified Fish PFP02:

!! Smaller compact version !!
Petrified Fish PF949X "Warrior"
Micarta / CF flippers
with 2.87" (73 mm) K110 blade & ceramic ball bearings:

You can buy the Petrified Fish PF949X:

Kanedeiia Shirogorov F3
titanium liner-lock flippers
with CF handle, K110 / M390 blade & ball bearings:
K110 version:
K110 version:
M390 version:
M390 version:
M390 version:
Titanium liner-lock with steel lock-bar insert:
You can buy the Kanedeiia Shirogorov F3:
***HERE*** (K110) or ***HERE*** (M390)

Sitivien ST-118
liner-lock flippers
with D2 blade & ball bearings:
You can buy the Sitivien ST-118


  1. Any idea what kind of steel the Shaman is?

    1. According to the description it's "8cr15 steel".

  2. ooo 8cr...15! it's an improvement? at least they're being (presumably) honest. I honestly don't care about the steel much, sharpening cheap steels takes two seconds

    1. Slightly more corrosion resistance as improvement. :)
      I would love 14C28N steel with these clones but I can't complain for the money using 8Cr.. steels.

  3. I wonder if anyone knows who makes the smoothest shiro clone? the reviews on the green thorn f95 with double row bearings have been really good but there are so many.
    also, has anyone picked up a mordax or an otf? I'm leaning toward vespa, but if there's something better out there...

    1. I couldn't be happier with my Green Thorn F95s (D2 versions).
      I have a Mordax in black. That's also an awesome flipper and the action is smooth as butter. It has a slight vertical blade play other than that it's perfect.

    2. Their F3 cf is marvelous too. It has the same (extra safe) liner lock system as the 111.

    3. I'm on the fence to order the new Green Thorn Stellar with VG10 blade, titanium handle & liner-lock. Unfortunately the bureaucrats of the EU made everything bloody expensive with the added VAT....

    4. I know. I've ordered my first knife in ages (Shaman black micarta) from Ali but they label below $20 on the parcel. This summer I had to pay €5,- extra VAT for some crossbow arrows which is ok. But with the current prices I won't risk buying higher end knives from China. Unfortunately. For withdrawal reasons I'm excpecting a Condor Sigrun soon though. Just ordered in my own country for one of the lowest prices I've seen yet ;)

  4. 14c28n of my fav for sure. sharpest knife I've ever encountered was a ruike p801 that i had sharpened