Saturday, March 6, 2021

What's new on Aliexpress? (Sanrenmu 710Ti, Maxace Sandstorm-K, Kansept, Kizer, Kershaw, Gerber, Tunafire, Titanoboa etc.) - March 2021

Sanrenmu Land 710Ti
titanium frame-lock folder
with VG-10 blade:
You can buy the SRM Land 710Ti:

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

XL Size!
Maxace Sandstorm-K
with K110 blade, G10 handle and ball bearings:

Size comparison:
You can buy the Sandstorm-K:

Kansept - Sheepdog Knives Convict
titanium frame-lock folder with S35VN blade:
You can buy the Kansept Convict:

JUFULE Extrema Ratio Frame Rock
with titanium handle, 
5.8 mm thick 9Cr18MoV blade and ball-bearings:

You can buy the ER Frame Rock:

JUFULE Benchmade BM 761
with titanium frame-lock, 
S35VN blade and ball-bearings:
You can buy the BM 761:

JUFULE Benchmade BM 537 Bailout
with satin blade: 
You can buy the BM 537:

titanium frame-lock flipper with
timascus inlays, 
M390 blade and ball-bearings:
You can buy the Jufule Planet:

Shirogorov F111 3D style
flipper with titanium handle, 
M390 blade and ball-bearings:
You can buy the F111 3D:

Kizer Domin Mini
with N690 blade, G10 handle
and ball bearings:
You can buy the Domin Mini:

Kizer Begleiter 2
with N690 blade, CF / Micarta handle
 and ball bearings:
You can buy the Begleiter 2:

Tunafire flippers
with D2 blade, Micarta handle and ball bearings:
Tunafire 1:
Tunafire 2:
Tunafire 3:
Tunafire 4:
Tunafire 5:
You can buy them:
Tunafire 1: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
Tunafire 2: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
Tunafire 3: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
Tunafire 4: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
Tunafire 5: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Sinkevich Leaves
style flippers
with G10 bhandle and ball bearings:
You can buy the Leaves flippers:

Gerber Highbrow
assisted flipper:
You can buy the Gerber Highbrow:

Kershaw 4038RD Tumbler 
red G10 CF handle with D2 blade:
You can buy the Kershaw Tumbler:

Kershaw 7010 Highball 
frame-lock folder with D2 blade:
You can buy the Kershaw Highball:

Titanoboa T201, T202, T203
with D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Titanoboa flippers:


  1. Make that 710Ti with a Ti tip-up clip, for $30 I'd buy it ;)
    Btw, that Titanoboa (at least a name I can speak out, even though weird) has an interesting triskelion pivot.

  2. The 710 needs a better clip and it would sell like hotcakes. But as it stands, no thanks. :(

    1. A tip up carry clip would be nice for sure.

  3. I have the old version of the Sinkevich Leaves and highly recommend it, its a long, sharp, beautiful knife.

    1. I'm also happy with my titanium version. I might end up ordering this budget version too. :)