Tuesday, March 30, 2021

11th ANNIVERSARY SALE on Aliexpress - Grab your favourite EDC stuffs!

29.03.2021 PST - 02.04.2021 PST
Check out the latest knife - watch - flashlight - fishing gear deals!
Keep an eye on my updates on this page! :)

11th Anniversary Sale Page:

Best Sellers:

Coupons for All buyers
(except CIS countries):
4$ OFF 35$ with Code: ANNIV05
  7$ OFF 50$ with Code: FRPA32807
  8$ OFF 60$ with Code: FRAE8
  12$ OFF 100$ with Code: FRPA32812

  4$ OFF 30$ with Code: ALIAN4
  7$ OFF 50$ with Code: ALIAN7
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Have a look at my EDC combos: ***HERE***

Have a look at my recommended
knife stores on Aliexpress:

Kizer Stores: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***
Tangram Store: ***HERE***
TwoSun Cutlery Store: ***HERE***
Green Thorn: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***
JiaQuing168 Store GT: ***HERE*** 
KUBEY Store: ***HERE***
Kevin John J&Y EDC Store: ***HERE***
Kesiwo Outdoor Tools Factory Store: ***HERE***
Celebr knives Store***HERE***
LOVOCOO Store: ***HERE***
NIGHTHAWK Knives Store: ***HERE***
Dicoria Knives: ***HERE***
Ben's Knives Shop: ***HERE***
John Knives Factory Shop: ***HERE***
Eafengrow Top1 Store: ***HERE***
Y-Start Industrial Trading Store: ***HERE***
XS-Knife Store: ***HERE***
GANZO Online Store: ***HERE***
Firebird GANZO Store: ***HERE***
SANRENMU Online Store: ***HERE***
SANRENMU Store: ***HERE***
HX OUTDOORS Official Store: ***HERE***
JUFULE Stores: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***
Fat Dragon Store: ***HERE***
CN Knives (Petrified Fish) Store: ***HERE***
SMKE Knives Store: ***HERE***
Kansept Knife Store: ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

-- What's new on Aliexpress? --

New color
Extrema Ratio BF2 RCT:
You can buy the ER BF2***HERE***

with Micarta handle, 14C28N blade
 and ball bearings:
You can buy the TRM Atom***HERE***

SMKE Vero Engineering Synapse
with Micarta - titanium handle, M390 blade
 and ball bearings:
You can buy the Synapse***HERE***

Square mini folders:
You can buy these mini folders

Warspear GT9 front flippers
with Micarta handle, 14C28N blade
 and ball bearings:
You can buy the Warspear GT9

Exclusive NKAIED SNECX titanium folder
 with a unique locking mechanism and S90V blade:
You can buy the NKAIED SNECX:

Rike Knife Thor 7
with integral G10 / CF handle,
M390 / 154CM blade and ball bearings:

You can buy the Rike Knife Thor7

Rike Knife 1902 titanium frame-lock flipper
with M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Rike Knife 1902

Rike Knife Alien 4
with integral titanium handle
 and Damascus blade:
You can buy the Rike Knife Alien 4

Kizer Deviant V3575A1
with Copper - Micarta handle,
M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:

You can buy the Kizer Deviant

Kizer Slicer
with G10 handle,
N690 blade and washers:
You can buy the Kizer Slicer

Kansept Pelican K1018A1
titanium frame-lock folder
with a 3"  S35VN blade:
You can buy the Kansept Pelican

Maxace Beetle
with bone handle, titanium liners,
S90V blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Maxace Beetle

Green Thorn Mini Sebenza 21
with titanium handle & D2 blade:
You can buy the GT Mini Sebenza
Y-Start titanium Provoke
with M390 blade:
You can buy the titanium Provoke

Petrified Fish PF979 Raptor
with D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:

You can buy the PF Raptor

New colors: blue & purple!
Petrified Fish PF818
with D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the PF818

TUNAFIRE fixed blade knives
with D2 blade, Micarta handle and Kydex sheath:

You can buy these fixed blades
-- Watch deals --

Cronos Apexrare "Seiko Alpinist": ***HERE***

Heimdallr Big Tuna: ***HERE***

Steel Dive Big Tuna: ***HERE***

Heimdallr Thorn Marinemaster: ***HERE***

Pagrne Design Tuna:

Phylida "No Time to Die"
Omega SMP: ***HERE***

Ballany bronze diver: ***HERE***

Feice square: ***HERE***

SteelDive EnjoyLife Store: ***HERE***
San Martin Offical Store: ***HERE***
STEELDIVE Official Watch Store: ***HERE***
Proxima & HIMQ Watch Store: ***HERE***
STARKING Official Watch Store: ***HERE***
More watch deals collected: ***HERE***

-- Popular products in the Fishing Gear Category --

KastKing Zephyr baitcasting fishing reel: ***HERE***

Shimano Curado DC fishing reels: ***HERE***

Kingdom SPINTER 2020 Fishing Lures
140mm 170mm 210mm sizes Big Soft Swim Baits
with Spoon on Tail Sinking Action 3D Printing Soft Lure:
You can buy the Kingdom SPINTER fishing lures:

DONQL Silicone Soft Bait Set
Shiner Wobbler Larva Fishing Lure Jigging Swimbait
Carp Rubber Fishing Lures + Fishhook Tackle:
You can buy the DONQL Silicone Soft Bait Set:

JOF Fishing Lines 8 Strands
500M 300M 100M PE Braided Multifilament Fishing Lines:
You can buy the JOF Fishing Lines:

-- Flashlight deals --

Sofirn IF25A BLF 
Anduril Powerful USB C Rechargeable LED flashlight,
 21700 Lamp, 4000 lm, 4*SST20 LED: ***HERE***

Sofirn SP32A V2.0 18650 / CR123A flaslight
with Cree XPL2 1300 lm emitter:
You can buy the Sofirn SP32A V2.0***HERE***

NITECORE TIP SE (700 lumens)***HERE***

NITECORE TIP 2 (720 lumens)***HERE***

Nitecore: ***HERE***
JetBeam: ***HERE***
Convoy: ***HERE***
Astrolux: ***HERE***