Wednesday, December 25, 2019

High-end Shamwari copy sale on DHgate

The exclusive version of the Shamwari is on pre-sale on DHgate
with 2 handle styles, 5 pivot colors,
titanium handle and M390 blade:
You can buy the Shamwari on DHgate:
with smooth handle: ***HERE***
and with grooved handle: ***HERE***


  1. Those will be tough sales when the others on Aliexpress go for $150, especially if they are not branded as green thorn or Kevin John.
    I received mine from AE and quality is really good, action is really smooth, blade comes down like a guillotine without friction and there is no blade play.

    1. Which version do you have (there are 5 variants on Ali at the moment)?
      As I see this DHgate version has somewhat better looking pivot hardware.

    2. I have the plain handle with damascus blade.
      Better looking pivot or not, not worth the $100+ difference in my book.
      I personally prefer the other hardware that doesn't show the torx on the show side.

    3. I can't compare them based on the pics because the photos of the DHgate version are top quality while the photos of the Samier version are quite lame. So I believe you. :)

    4. Not mine but here you go

  2. On a side note, I also got my yx-751.
    While I like the knife, the nice action and the really nice looking micarta scales, it has an insane amount of lock stick.
    If I engage the blade slowly by hand, them the lockbar doesn't engage enough and the blade closes at the slightest tap on the spine.
    If I engage the knife with the flipper tab, then the blade comes flying out, the lockbar engages securely but then I almost need 2 hands to disengage the lockbar.
    I'm planning to take the knife apart this weekend. any idea of what I can do to fix this? It seems to me that I might have to sand down the lockbar a bit.

    1. You should take it apart and have a look at the lock-bar and the blade tang (looking for burr). You may try to round the edges of the lock-bar very carefully with fine sandpaper. I repeat very carefully and in multiple steps if needed.

    2. I'll give that a try, thanks.