Monday, October 14, 2019

What's new on Aliexpress? (Ganzo FH71, FH11S, FB727S, Land 910 titanium - M390, CH Knife Emperor, Marshal, Butcher, NOC MT07, Nitecore etc.) part 111

Ganzo Firebird FH71 flippers 
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Ganzo FH71 on Aliexpress
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

Ganzo Firebird FH11S new compact version 
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Ganzo FH11S on Aliexpress

Ganzo Firebird FB727S new compact version 
with 440C blade, axis-lock and ball bearings:
You can buy the Ganzo FB727S on Aliexpress

Sanrenmu Land 910 T2 titanium frame-lock folder 
with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Land 910 T2 on Aliexpress

CH Knife CH3531 G10 Butcher flippers
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH3531G10 Butcher

CH Knife Emperor titanium frame-lock flippers
with S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH Knife Emperor

CH Knife Marshal titanium frame-lock flipper
with S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH Knife Marshal

NOC MT07 titanium flippers
with M390 blade, CF handle scales and ball bearings:
You can buy the NOC MT07

Compact AD39 automatic OTFs
with 154CM blade and aluminium handle:
You can buy the AD39***HERE***

NITECORE NTK05 mini titanium
utility keychain knife - folder
with replacable blade:
You can buy the NITECORE NTK05


  1. I would like a cheap folding scalpel but why is there non available with a steel handle to keep the cost down? Or if the weight is so important, with an aluminum handle? Could easily handle the stress on such a tiny folder...

    1. I thought you would fancy it! :) I couldn't find any cheaper.

    2. Oh, those Ti thingies do tickle my fancy, but using titamium on such a piece is an overkill. It saves you what, 2g from 30 or so and raise the price for 300 to 1000%? I'd prefer a steel or alu version for 2 to 5 USD and get the same result. Of course 90% less cool but I can live with that :p

  2. You miss new green thorn knives

  3. Do you happen to know the material on this CH Emperor bolsters? Doesn't really look like Timascus. Flamed Ti maybe?
    Finally, Sanrenmu listened and put a better steel on the Ti 910, at least, it helps justify the high price tag.

    1. Although I already have the Land 812 (titanium - VG10) a full sized variant with M390 blade is quite tempting. We could call it as the Sebenza Killer just to make the fanboys happy! :)))

    2. Wish Land had ground the blade hollow.

    3. They describe the bolsters of the Emperor as "titanium alloy Damasg leather block" HERE. What ever that means. :)

    4. Ah ah! yeah, that's helpful LOL!