Thursday, October 24, 2019

What's new on Aliexpress? (Cold Steel AD15, Benchmade Bugout alu, TwoSun TS140 integral, Yon Xanadu flippers etc.) part 112

 Cold Steel AD15 clone 
with or without logo and D2 blade:
You can buy the Cold Steel AD15

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

New alu version!
 Benchmade BM535 Bugout clone 
with axis-lock and aluminium handle:
You can buy the Benchmade Bugout alu

CH Knives CH3530 liner-lock flippers
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH3530 flipper

Yon Xanadu YX630 titanium frame-lock mini flipper
with Sandvik 14C28N blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the YX630 flipper

Yon Xanadu YX635 titanium frame-lock flipper
with CF handle insert, S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the YX635 flipper

Yon Xanadu YX622 compact front flippers
with Sandvik 14C28N blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the YX622 flipper:

Yon Xanadu YX636 G10 flippers
with Sandvik 14C28 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the YX636 flipper

Yon Xanadu YX751 G10 flippers
with Sandvik 14C28 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the YX751 flipper

TwoSun TS140 Bowhead flipper 
with one piece - integral titanium handle,
M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS140 on Aliexpress


  1. Those aluminum Bugouts are cheaper than afterarket alu scales for the original BM's. Would be interesting if they match well enough to do so ;)

    1. You have found a good business opportunity! :)

  2. Hi Isti. Did you order the AD15 yet? What do you think about those new F3's (d2/micarta or cf/m390)? Although I love the can get a bit too much. However, I'm eyeballing a custom cf s35 blackwashed version on DHGate, only 1 in stock. The seller told me it has no steel insert in the lock bar though...

  3. Hi Deks,
    I couldn't resist (what a surprise! :)) and I ordered the AD15. I was convinced by the video and the pics.

    Although I like the D2 - micarta version of the Kanedeiia F3 (another award winning brand name :)) I'm afraid I'll order the Green Thorn F95 R19. It contains more titanium for less money! ;)

    1. That's a beauty! And only 122 grams. Did you receive the Ad15 yet? I'm curious about the action. Last knife I've received was a GT Socom Elite. Before I tweaked the lock bar I accidentally cut my the second knuckle of my index finger (playing while having a conversation). I'm always careful and treat knives with respect but small cuts can happen. This one however was almost to the bone. The lock up was way too early and the detent too weak. I hit an artery and was bleeding like a stuck pig lol. Now my girlfriend wants to buy me a stress ball or fidget spinner ;)

    2. Not yet, it's still in transit. I'm also quite curious about it.

      Be careful of your fingers! I'm not planning to start a blog dedicated to stress balls or fidget spinners anytime soon! :D

  4. So, are you guys hiding your credit cards for 11.11? :D

    1. I'll have to set a limit to my cc! :D

    2. Anything you're planning to buy?

    3. Nice selection!
      This GT F95 R19 does look nice! I really didn't need to see this :D
      For the CH Butcher, you might want to look at fasttech. It's currently $93 and there will most likely be a 10% discount site wide for Thanksgiving which would bring it down to $84.

      I have a few on my radar as well, probably won't be able to get all though:
      - Green Thorn F7: been waiting 2 years for a D2 version which doesn't seem to be coming. If prices stick to what was advertised, should be $153 ($161 - $8 in select coupons)
      - Green Thorn Leaf or original 2019 or whatever it's called: this one is most definitely a show piece rather than a practical user but I already have a lot of practical knives ;) and love the way it looks. If prices stick to what was advertised, should be $160 ($168 - $8 in select coupons). Still a bit undecided about this one.
      - Green Thorn Neon
      - KANEDEIIA F3 with Micarta handle
      - Benchmade Anthem: was interested in the Ti/M390 but will probably settle for the Alu/D2
      - AD15: interested in trying the scorpion lock, hopefully the cloners got it right.
      - Brother 1503
      - Now really considering this GT F95 R19 :D Some trade offs will need to be made...
      Hopefully I'll be able to get some of those AE coupons (not the select ones).

    4. FT just annoys me because they don't ship knives to me recently.
      Unfortunately I have only one $2 ali coupon and a ton of select coupons. So I'll have to make some compromise. I'm afraid the GT F7 is out of my budget. That's a pity because I stumbled upon a great anodization mod recently.

    5. I think the price of a D2 F7 would still be >$100 considering the insanely detailed machining...

    6. Then the M390 version would be a better deal at the 11.11 price.

    7. The new Benchmade Proper clone with micarta handle got on my list! :)

    8. Pretty nice but I wish they would get rid of those fake logos and blade steels, or at least give the option of with or without like for the AD15.
      CPM-S30V (59-61 HRC) for $23 :$....

    9. I managed to arrange that only for you! ;)
      BM Proper no logo version
      I'm afraid you won't be the fanboy of the month on the Benchmade forum by that version either. :D

    10. I couldn't care less of what benchmade fans think.
      I personally really dislike having fake markings on my clones and pretty much end up having the work to remove them every time.
      I don't mind clones, I'm not ashamed of having them, carrying them and using them but don't like to pretend that they are something they are not.
      This version is much cleaner and will save me some work ;) Into the wishlist it goes...

    11. I guess the definition of clone includes copying - pretending all the markings of the original one. A Proper clone with BM logo and for example 9Cr18MoV blade marking would be quite funny. :)

  5. Regarding the Anthem, I would suggest you go for M390 version, its worth its asking price ( ~115 in brands shopping week sale). The brother knives are a little thick behind the edge for traditional knives. MY 1503 was ~0.7mm behind the edge. The seller said that 1507 should be slightly thinner, I am guessing 0.5mm.

    1. That's good news as I'm planning to grab the 1507 on 11.11! :)

  6. Just realized that the Alu Anthem is actually not an integral.
    I will probably just pass on the anthem all together, I was just curious, but really, even though I have a few, I never cared much for axis lock, and on an integral like this, if the spring breaks, good luck putting the replacement even in the odd chance that you get one.
    I know they've copied this Micarta F3 like the original, but I wish they would have just put a Ti backspacer and collar, no too found on the red G10.
    Other than that, there are a couple of videos on youtube and the rest looks nice.

  7. Just received my AD15 a couple of days ago and am loving it!

    1. I also have an AD15 from Ali. It's a beast! :)