Thursday, September 5, 2019

What's new on Aliexpress? (Infinite Prophet, Benchmade Crooked River, Kizer, TwoSun etc.) part 108

Dicoria Infinite Prophet titanium folders 
with M390 blade, axis-lock, wave opener and ball bearings:
You can buy the Infinite Prophet on Aliexpress
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

Benchmade Crooked River 15080 clones 
with axis-lock and wood or G10 handle:
You can buy the BM Crooked River on Aliexpress

Kizer Odin titanium - CF frame-lock flipper 
with S35VN blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Kizer Odin***HERE***

Compact Kizer Fire Ant titanium frame-lock folder 

with S35VN blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Kizer KI2535A1/A2 Fire Ant ***HERE***

Kizer Kane G10 liner-lock flippers with VG10 blade:
You can buy the Kizer Kane G10***HERE***

TwoSun TS180 Vortex tianium frame-lock folder 
with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun Vortex***HERE***

TwoSun TS167 tianium slip-joint folder 
with Sandvik 12C27:
You can buy the TwoSun TS167***HERE***

TwoSun TS81 G10 liner-lock flippers 

with D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS81-G10***HERE***

TwoSun TS26 G10 liner-lock flipper 

with D2 blade and KVT ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS26-G10***HERE***

Reese Weiland Slash style black washed
titanium frame-lock folder 

with 9.5 mm thick blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Slash***HERE***


  1. Yup, Crooked River clone it is! Was hoping for this one. I think I'll take the G10.

    1. The grey G10 matches the alu bolsters quite well. I'm about to order the G10 one too. :)

    2. I wish they would use 9Cr18MoV instead of D2.

    3. Have a look at the new Fat Dragon Velociraptor front flippers with 9Cr18MoV blade. They look awesome with that big fuller on the blade. Here is a real photo about the blade. They are on my never ending wishlist! :)

  2. Thanks Isti for pointers to Fat Dragon.

    Both gearbest and fasttech show FH41 as discontinued and it is out of stock on most places. Do you have any info about this? Can you find something out whether they are coming up with improved one or discontinuing.

    1. You're welcome! :)
      I have no info about FH41 but the stock is quite limited on Aliexpress too, so don't hesitate too much. ;)

  3. Actually the question is whether to get one or a lot :)

    1. The FH41 is my favourite Ganzo along with the FH12 at the moment. Maybe I should also buy another one as backup while they're still available. :)

    2. IS that your favorite knife of all time from Aliexpress?

    3. That's my favourite Ganzo. It would be quite hard to tell which knife is my all time favourite from Ali. Probably that's always one of the latest ones. :))

    4. Ganzo has improved the detent on FH41. The newer ones say 'fbknife made by Ganzo' instead of 'firebird knife made by Ganzo'. So the stock depletion was for the model improvement.

    5. Thanks for the info! Fortunately the detent of my 1st batch FH41 is just perfect.

  4. How close is the crooked river clone to the original?

    1. They say it's a pretty good copy. I'll report back as soon as my G10 version arrives.

    2. My G10 version of the BM Crooked River clone has arrived! :) My first impressions are very good: superb quality with top notch fit & finish, smooth action, awesome dualtone finished blade.
      Don't hesitate to order one because according to this seller this is the last batch of production.