Friday, August 30, 2019

AUGUST SALE on Aliexpress - Grab your favourite stuffs while it lasts! :)

I'll update this post regularly during the sale with the latest deals,
so keep an eye on it! ;)

Check out the August Sale deals 
at the following knife stores:
Kizer Stores: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***
Tangram Store: ***HERE***
TwoSun Cutlery Store: ***HERE***
KUBEY Store: ***HERE***
Kevin John J&Y EDC Store: ***HERE***
Kesiwo Outdoor Tools Factory Store: ***HERE***
Celebr knives Store***HERE***
LOVOCOO Store: ***HERE***
NIGHTHAWK Knives Store: ***HERE***
Dicoria Knives: ***HERE***
Ben's Knives Shop: ***HERE***
John Knives Factory Shop: ***HERE***
Eafengrow Top1 Store: ***HERE***
Y-Start Industrial Trading Store: ***HERE***
XS-Knife Store: ***HERE***
GANZO Online Store: ***HERE***
SANRENMU Online Store: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu Ketchan Store: ***HERE***
HX OUTDOORS Official Store: ***HERE***
JUFULE Stores: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the "blood grooves" and switches (OTFs) on the folders.


Bad@ss Pedwife cleaver / chef knife
with DC53 blade, sandalwood handle and
high quality leather sheath:
You can buy the Pedwife cleaver
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

"Mercenary" Maglock Tengu style exclusive titanium folder 
with M390 blade and unique opening / closing method
with magnets:
You can buy the "Mercenary" Maglock Tengu***HERE*** 

Maxace Legend of the Dragon
exclusive titanium frame-lock flipper 
with M390 blade, zirconium screws and
timascus pocket clip & pivot collar:
You can buy the Legend of the Dragon***HERE*** 

Strider SJ75 style titanium frame-lock folders 
with D2 blade and CF or G10 handle:

You can buy the Strider SJ75 on Aliexpress

Magic Knife "Dagger"
with D2 blade and alu handle:
You can buy the "Dagger"***HERE*** 

Common Lanehead P60 titanium frame-lock flipper 
with S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the P60***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Sanrenmu 1162 frame-lock flipper 
with 14C28N blade and CF handle insert:
You can buy the Sanrenmu 1162
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Sanrenmu Land 150 axis-lock folder 
with D2 blade and G10 handle:
You can buy the SRM Land 150***HERE***

Exclusive Vespa Dark Star OTFs 
with M390 blade, aluminium handle and CF
or titanium handle inserts:
with titanium handle inserts:
You can buy the Vespa Dark Star on Aliexpress

Benchmade BM 555 Mini Griptilian clone:

You can buy the BM555:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***


Green Thorn F95 R18 / R19 titanium flippers 
with D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Green Thorn F95 R18 / R19 on Aliexpress

Zero Tolerance ZT350 clones:
You can buy the ZT350 flippers***HERE***

Lovely Brother 1503 lock-back pocket knife
with CF handle and VG10 blade:
You can buy the Brother 1503***HERE***

The affordable version of the
Green Thorn Poker titanium frame-lock flippers
with titanium / bronze handle,
 D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the GT Poker D2 on Aliexpress
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Green Thorn PERO liner-lock flipper
with CF handle, titanium pocket clip & backspacer,
 M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
My G10 version, it's on sale at the moment: 
Green Thorn Shirogorov Sinkevich PERO copy
Green Thorn Shirogorov Sinkevich PERO copy
You can buy the GT PERO on Aliexpress
titanium frame-lock flipper  with M390 blade:
You can buy the Buster on Aliexpress***HERE***

RH417 Benchmade BM417 Fact style light weight (65g) folder
with G10 handle, VG10 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the BM417 on Aliexpress***HERE***

TwoSun TS48 liner-lock 
flipper with D2  blade, G10 handle and ball bearings:

You can buy the TwoSun TS48: ***HERE***

LDT Spartan Blades Kranos style titanium frame-lock 
flippers with S35VN  blade, CF inlays and ball bearings:
You can buy the LDT Kranos: ***HERE***

Sanrenmu Land 812 compact titanium 
frame-lock folder  with  VG10 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the SRM Land 812: ***HERE***

Barker Knives Hokkaido style titanium frame-lock 
flippers with dragon scales, M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Hokkaido on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Green Thorn Leaf original design
titanium frame-lock flipper  
with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the GT Leaf on Aliexpress

Dicoria Santiago titanium frame-lock flipper 
with CPM154 blade and storage bag:
You can buy the Dicoria Santiago: ***HERE***

DISTRICT 9 ICE titanium frame-lock flipper 
with S90V blade, ball-bearings and 
extra set of copper colored screws & washers:
You can buy the District 9 ICE: ***HERE*** 

Y-Start LK5019 titanium frame-lock 
flippers with S35VN / D2  blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Y-Start LK5019 flippers: ***HERE***

TwoSun TS81 titanium frame-lock 
flipper with D2  blade, bone inlays and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS81: ***HERE***

TwoSun TS107 titanium frame-lock 
flipper with D2  blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS107: ***HERE***

TwoSun TS100 integral titanium frame-lock 
flipper with M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS100: ***HERE***

CH Knives Nighthawk liner-lock flippers 
with G10 handle, D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH Nighthawk***HERE***

CH Knives CH3509 G10 liner-lock flippers 
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH3509 G10: ***HERE*** 

Vespa Ripper OTFs  
with D2 blade and alu / CF handle: ***HERE***
More Vespa knives: ***HERE***


STEELDIVE Watch Store: ***HERE***

STEELDIVE Seiko 6105 "Apocalipse Now" homage
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 ceramic bezel, C3 lume200m WR:
STEELDIVE Seiko 6105 homage
Apocalypse Now:
You can buy the STEELDIVE 6105 on Alixpress ***HERE***

with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 ceramic bezel, C3 lume200 m WR:
You can buy the STEELDIVE 1036 on Alixpress***HERE***

Seiko and Orient watches in YWatch Store
with a lot of limited edition models: 

Seiko SRPC95J1 Nemo Orange Turtle: ***HERE***

San Martin Watch Store: ***HERE***
Top quality watches with Seiko, Swiss ETA, Seagull movements,
 sapphire crystal, C3 lumed ceramic bezel etc.

MERKUR Watch Store: ***HERE***


Nitecore TUP 1000 Lumens 
USB rechargable mini flashlight:
You can buy the Nitecore TUP***HERE***

Top flashlight deals: 
Nitecore: ***HERE***
JetBeam: ***HERE***
Convoy: ***HERE***
Astrolux: ***HERE***