Sunday, May 5, 2019

What's new on Aliexpress? (TwoSun, FAT DRAGON, MG Knives, BM Anthem & Barrage, Spyderco EuroEdge, Ganzo FH805, FH41 & FH51, CRKT Ruger LCK, Kershaw Launch etc.) part 101

FAT DRAGON Divinity Tree lightweight (70g) titanium
frame-lock flippers with S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Divinity Tree on Aliexpress***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

TwoSun TS130 titanium slip-joints 
with M390 blade:
You can buy the TS130 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***
More TwoSun models: ***HERE***

TwoSun TS22-G10 liner-lock flipper 
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TS22-G10 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

TwoSun TS114-G10 liner-lock flipper 
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TS1114 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Eafengrow 1951 flippers along with
Spyderco C215 EuroEdge,
C151 Schempp Tuff,
C196 Mamba,
C187 Rubicon,
C36TIP titanium Military,
C81 titanium PM2:

You can buy them on Aliexpress:

Benchmade BM 581 Barrage style
axis-assisted folder with safety switch and D2 blade:

You can buy the BM581:
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Benchmade BM 781 Anthem Limited Edition style
axis-lock folder with aluminium handle and D2 blade:
You can buy the BM781:
Kershaw Launch 1 model 7100 automatic/swtich blades: 
You can buy the Launch: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

STEDEMON E01S titanium frame-lock flippers 
with VG10 blade and KVT ball bearings:
You can buy the E01S: ***HERE***

MG Knives Pterosaur titanium frame-lock karambits 
with M390 / damascus blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Pteosaur: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Microtech Marfione Sigil style folder

with ebony woode handle, D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Sigil: ***HERE***

HX OUTDOORS DM-006 mini folders

with Damascus blade:
You can buy the DM-006: ***HERE***

JUFULE made Microtech Makora II OTFs

with CF / aluminium handle and D2 blade:
You can buy the Makora II OTFs:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

CRKT Ruger LCK R3801 / R3802 liner-lock folders

with 9Cr18MoV blade:
You can buy them on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Ganzo Firebird FH805 fixed blade
with 9Cr18MoV blade and kydex sheath:
You can buy the FH805:
***HERE*** and ***HERE***

Ganzo Firebird FH41 and FH51 flippers
with liner-lock and D2 blade:
You can buy them: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***

Roxon multi-tool with scissors:

You can buy the Roxon multi-tool: ***HERE***


  1. Goodness, those Ganzo designs are getting better and better.
    The TwoSun slipjoint is interesting, too, I'd like it more in an afordable D2 variant though. And that Ruger night shift seems to be a step up from the non-OEM version when it comes to steel if it'ss right what they've printed on it.
    At least my 9Cr18MoV Zieba folder was holding an edge way better than any 8Cr13MoV ever did.
    It's also nice to see that some "crazier" designs like that fat dragon come in a more edc-able size, when I've seen it first I was sure it has an open length around 230mm. Still can't afford it though :p

    1. After the FH805 I hope Ganzo will also release more compact fixed blade models like as Sanrenmu.

      I also like the wharnie version of that Ruger LCK. At the moment there's a $4 off discount at Lovocoo store so it can be bought for $19.52 shipped.

      That TwoSun slip-joint is very cool. However I would strip and add some color to those titanium scales. Anyway have you tried your new power supply yet?

      The Anthem and the Fat Dragon are also on my wishlist.

    2. I think I'd stonewash the Ti handles and reanodize the edges.
      And no time for the machine, I'm too busy with life and leatherworks ;)
      Soon I'll post more of my coin key pendants, I think I managed the process pretty well now, even with tricolore sewing...

    3. Let's see the pics! :)

      What sort of CF material did you use for the scale of the SRM 811? I mean the darker one.

    4. It seems to be more difficult to take good pics than the work itself :P

      At the end of the 813 post Ive added some more shots, also WIP:

      Right now I prefer the Italian one with the leather in original color.
      I've found a way to get the contast right and make them waterproof with shellac.

      The scales are made of our standard cf, the outer area is selfmade "blackwood"-like carbon fiber. Due to the base layer there's no real visible gap at the side, all just fibers...

    5. Nice coin collection you have there! :)
      The 9055 is also pretty with that unique CF pattern.

    6. Thank you. The funny thing is that I don't really know why I make those key hangers. I've gifted some but I mainly do it cos I like to make'em ;)
      And with that cf it's kinda tricky. It's getting very grippy when I clean the surface with acetone but it's looking much better when it's sanded and polished to high gloss...

    7. I even made like 7-8 leather coasters with NSFW signs when I misunderstood my friend how many he needs. Maybe I'll gift them around in time, too...

  2. The Divinity; Fat Dragon model has outstanding workmanship. Mine is flawless and very high quality.

    1. That's good to hear! How do you like the pocket clip? Which color do you have?