Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Best Deals of Aliexpress 0328 Mega Sale - Knives, Folders, Watches and Flashlights (Green Thorn, Kevin John, San Martin, Merkur, Nitecore, Klarus, Jetbeam etc.)

The 0328 Anniversary Mega Sale has started on Aliexpress. Grab your favourite blade, watch etc. at a discount price while the stock lasts.
I will update this post regularly during the sale.

Check out the 0328 Sale deals 
at the following knife stores:
J&Y EDC Store: ***HERE***
Kesiwo Outdoor Tools Factory Store: ***HERE***
Celebr knives Store***HERE***
LOVOCOO Store: ***HERE***
NIGHTHAWK Knives Store: ***HERE***
Dicoria Knives: ***HERE***
Ben's Knives Shop: ***HERE***
John Knives Factory Shop: ***HERE***
Eafengrow Top1 Store: ***HERE***
Y-Start Industrial Trading Store: ***HERE***
XS-Knife Store: ***HERE***
GANZO Online Store: ***HERE***
SANRENMU Online Store: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu Ketchan Store: ***HERE***
HX OUTDOORS Official Store: ***HERE***

Kizer Cutlery Stores: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***
Tangram Store: ***HERE***
Samier Knives Store: ***HERE***

ER Extrema Ratio Mamba & Requiem style fixed blade knives
with D2 blade and kydex sheath:

You can buy these ER fixed blades on Aliexpress***HERE***

New Jufule made Walter Brend M2 Auto
style switchblade knives
with alu / CF handle and D2 blade:
You can buy the Walter Brend M2 Auto on Aliexpress***HERE*** 

New Jufule made Benchmade BM 940 / 943 style folders
with FRN handle, D2 blade and axis-lock:
You can buy the BM940 BM 943 FRN on Aliexpress
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Japanese style fixed blade knife
with Damascus blade, ebony wood handle & sheath:
You can buy this fixed blade on Aliexpress***HERE***

Tactical fixed blade knife
with 9Cr18MoV blade and leather sheath:
You can buy thes fixed blade on Aliexpress***HERE***

Covenant balisongs - butterfly knife
with titanium / CF handle, S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Covenant balisong on Aliexpress***HERE***

RH417 Benchmade BM417 Fact style light weight (65g) folder
with G10 handle, VG10 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the BM417 on Aliexpress***HERE***

Green Thorn PERO liner-lock flipper
with G10 handle, titanium pocket clip & backspacer,
 D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
Green Thorn Shirogorov Sinkevich PERO copy
Green Thorn Shirogorov Sinkevich PERO copy
Green Thorn Shirogorov Sinkevich PERO copy
Green Thorn Shirogorov Sinkevich PERO copy
You can buy the GT PERO on Aliexpress

JSSQ Tactical titanium friction folder with D2 blade:
You can buy this friction folder on Aliexpress***HERE***

New Green Thorn Leaf original design
titanium frame-lock flipper  
with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the GT Leaf on Aliexpress

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism, the switches and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

New Green Thorn compact original design,
light weight (36g), titanium, none-locking 
gentleman's folders with M390:
You can buy the GT compact folders on Aliexpress

New Jufule made Limited Edition Benchmade BM485 clone
with titanium handle, D2 blade and axis-lock:
You can buy the LE BM485 on Aliexpress
Exclusive damasteel version: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Exclusive Swedish powder damascus steel folders:
You can buy them on Aliexpress
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

New Maxace Corvus-K folders
with K110 blade and aball bearings:
You can buy them on Aliexpress
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

TOP Kevin John DEALS:

Kevin John Venom Harpoon titanium flippers
with titanium/CF handle, M390 blade and ball bearings:

You can buy the KJ Harpoon:
Kevin John Venom Bone Doctor titanium flipper
with titanium/CF handle, M390 blade and ball bearings:

Tritium vial at the pocket clip:
You can buy the KJ Bone Doctor:

Kevin John Venom Armour titanium frame-lock flippers  
with M390 blade, CF inserts, tritium vial, separate flipper tab
and ceramic ball bearings:

You can buy the KJ Armor on Aliexpress: 
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

TOP Green Thorn DEALS:

Green Thorn SNECX BUSTER titanium frame-lock flipper  
with M390 blade:
You can buy the Buster on Aliexpress***HERE***

"Mini Buster" frame-lock folder with steel handle,
 D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Mini Buster on Aliexpress: ***HERE***
G10 version: ***HERE***

Green Thorn Custom Division Shirogorov F95 
titanium frame-lock flippers 
with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
Green Thorn Custom Division Shirogorov F95 M390
Green Thorn Custom Division Shirogorov F95 M390
You can buy the Green Thorn Custom Division F95:
***HERE***  or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Have a look at the San Martin Watch Store: 
Top quality watches with Seiko, Swiss ETA, Seagull movements,
 sapphire crystal, C3 lumed ceramic bezel etc.

San Martin vintage bronze diver watch  
with Seagull ST2130 or SWISS ETA 2824 movement,
sapphire crystal, C3 lumed ceramic bezel300 m WR
You can buy the SH061-B diver***HERE***

Omega Seamaster James Bond "Spectre" homage  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 C3 lumed ceramic bezel200 m WR:
You can buy the SN001 "Spectre"***HERE***

Seiko 62MAS homage  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 C3 lumed ceramic bezel200 m WR:
You can buy the 62MAS diver***HERE***

Seiko Marinemaster homage  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 C3 lumed ceramic bezel300 m WR:
You can buy the SBDX001 Sharkmaster***HERE***

SN003 pilot / field watch  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal, 200 m WR:
You can buy the SN003***HERE***

Have a look at the MERKUR Watch Store: 

Sharkey SKX007  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 C3 lume200 m WR:
You can buy the Sharkey SKX007 on Alixpress***HERE***

MERKUR 6105-8110 Tuna Diver  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 Swiss lumeceramic bezel, 200 m WR:
You can buy the Tuna Diver on Alixpress***HERE***

MERKUR 6105-8110 Tuna Diver "Oceanmaster" 
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 Swiss lumeceramic bezel, 200 m WR:
You can buy the Oceanmaster on Alixpress***HERE***

MERKUR Tuna Can Diver Oceanmaster  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 PGW9 lumeceramic bezel, 200 m WR:
You can buy the Tuna Can Divers:

Sharkey bronze Tuna Can Diver  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 C3 lume200 m WR:
You can buy the Bronze Tuna on Alixpress***HERE***

Flieger - Pilot watches  
with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 Swiss lume300 m WR:
You can buy these Pilot watches ***HERE***

Flieger - Pilot cronograph  
with Seagull movement, sapphire crystal,
 Swiss lume100 m WR:
You can buy the Flieger cronograph***HERE***

Exclusive Tourbillon watches:
You can buy them on Alixpress***HERE***

Seiko and Orient watches in YWatch Store
with a lot of limited edition models: 

Have a look at the STEELDIVE Watch Store: 

with Seiko NH35 movement, sapphire crystal,
 ceramic bezel, C3 lume200 m WR:
You can buy the STEELDIVE 1036 on Alixpress***HERE***

Top flashlight deals: 
Nitecore: ***HERE***
JetBeam: ***HERE***
Convoy: ***HERE***
Astrolux: ***HERE***

to be continued...


  1. Yesterday, I was considering maybe getting the Buster from the Lovocoo store for my BDay.
    It would have brought it down to $195 with coupons (maybe less with the app).
    It was available yesterday, but today they're out of stock :(
    This Venom Harpoon does look tempting though... I guess the prices you put are the App prices because everything I check ends up being a bit more expensive on the desktop.
    Another problem that I have is that I stopped having knives shipped to me in Canada since I had a few of them seized, I ship them to a family member in the US instead, but for the past few months, AE now charges sales taxes to the US.
    Both the Harpoon and the Buster have about $15 sales taxes added to them :(

    1. That's why I mention "Grab one while they last". These heavily discounted products sell out quickly and the sellers can withdraw their discounts anytime.

      You should try my link for the Buster. $204 is the desktop price for me at the moment with select coupons and a $8 OFF Aliexpress coupon I got somehow. Try the promo code "LUCKY9" for an additional $10 off.

    2. Anyway happy birthday! :)

    3. My BDay is in May, I'm just thinking ahead ;)
      Good to know about the promo code LUCKY9.
      Still bitter about the extra $15 sales taxes though!
      Need to think..... what to do.... what do do....

    4. We live only once! :))
      I'm also on the fence ordering a Buster or a KJ Armour. The only problem is that I could easily spend ~ $1500 on knives, watches, flashlights, drones etc. and I'm on a budget at the moment.

  2. Thanks for sorting this out. Because it's my birthday in july, I'm buying myself a GT Pero now already. Can't go wrong for €53,- (SAVE5 is $5,discount > $50). I'm in doubt about the Rike M3. I really like the design but I don't like a mirror polished. If it only had a satin m390/s35vn/D2 blade and carbon fiber scale...On DHgate I saw a green Stedemon Zodiac for $182 (no coupons). Beautiful knife but kind of a novelty. By the way...if you can grab a buster, just do it. It's one of if not the best knife I own. Spectaculair. Cheers Bruno ;)

  3. Has anyone heard something about problems or limitations with shipping to EU? Every seller can't send to my country or has only very expensive courier or seller shipping method with 50 days wait and no tracking.
    I don't know if it is recent, last time I ordered was last year and everything worked back then. I tried googling and found nothing.
    I tried switching to neighbouring countries and they have the usual Hong Kong or Chna Post or PostNL.

    1. Time to time Fasttech and Gearbest make changes to their shipping policies which could cause problems for certain countries for shipping knives. Usually they can fix these issues after a while.

      Regarding Aliexpress I very rarely stumble upon such a shipping problem. Even when a seller doesn't offer shipping options for me, he/she can fix that after contacting him/her.

  4. Damn! Just came across this video
    Me wants it!!!!!!!!!!
    But damn, I just can't stand this style of pocket clip.
    Where in the hell is Franz so I can live all my wishes through him, ah ah!

    1. Franz is busy ordering new blades from Ali! :))

      Which version would you go for, CF or full titanium?
      At the moment I'm quite happy with my freshly arrived GT PERO. :)

    2. I wouldn't be able to resist that gorgeous marbled CF :D

      How's the Pero? Fit&finish, action? Should be all good since it's from GT.
      I will most likely order one by the end of the sale.
      Are the back spacer, pocket clip and liner steel or Ti?

    3. It's perfect, what you would expect from a Green Thorn. :)
      Immaculate F&F, excellent flipping action, very good ergonomics, practical pocket clip. I was having a hard time while taking the photos in that 45 degree position because the blade just fell down under its own weight. So the ceramic ball bearings are working fine. :)
      The backspacer and the pocket clip seem titanium to me.

    4. I guess that sealed the deal for me ;)

      There is an $8 off $50 coupon available here if someone is interested.

  5. Ok. Thank you very much, beer. Kizer Bad Dog, Hustler and an Euro Edge (worst name ever) are coming my way! Cancelled the Rike M3 (never go full schizophrenic)

    1. The Hustler has a bada$$ massive blade!
      It's named Euro Edge because with that dagger style blade it is easily considered illegal all over Europe. :))

  6. I ordered way too much. A bunch of Green Thorn. Got both the Harpoon and the Bone Doctor. I also picked up the New GT compact. Their other original if fugly.

    1. I'm trying to resist those new Kevin John folders. :) I really like both of your choice. Please let me know about your impressions when you receive them.

      I'm quite happy with my GT PERO so there's no GT folder in my cart at the moment. On the other hand I'm quite interested in those new ER Mamba clones.

    2. They look good -

  7. Well, I just maxed out my knife budget until the next 11.11 sale.
    Ended up getting the GT Pero, GT Buster and KJ Harpoon.
    I just hope those 3 will get to my family member in the US before Easter weekend when I'll be there to visit.

    1. Great trio! You'll have a pleasent Easter for sure! :)
      I'm still eyeing with the KJ Bone Doctor. Under $200 that's also a good deal.

  8. Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't seen the steeldive store, I got the fifty fathoms sterile homage. I'm also looking forward to the Green Thorn Socom you spotted in a previous post. I'd consider the walter brend if it didn't have the logo. Awesome finds, thanks Isti and keep it up!

    1. You're welcome. :)
      Did you go for the sterile version of the Corgeut made fifty fathoms?
      I'm quite tempted by the MERKUR made SKX007. It has all the features at a much better price (NH35 movement, sapphire crystal) which Seiko should have added to the classic SKX007 long time ago.

  9. I'd seen the Merkur turtle which caught my eye as well, but not the SKX007. Too many choices! I don't know if my fifty fathoms is a Corgeut, it's the "1048 316 Stainless steel Japan movement 30ATM Men dive watches automatic." I love the vintage fifty fathoms look, sapphire glass and the date is a nice plus.

    1. The Corgeut is a budget version with Miyota 821A movement and mineral glass crystal.
      Yours is a high-end one with those specs. :)

  10. For anyone who's interested: Kizer Store sells Criticals for $100. Unfortunately their Russian depot doesn't ship to my country :(

  11. What do you think about those Extrema Ratio's? The Requiem looks awesome. It comes with or without fuller (don't care much about the Mamba). I saw the fuller is also "full tang" and disappears in the handle, which might be a bit inconvenient when chuncks of brain and blood vessels start clumping ;) But seriously, the design is great, it's light and easy to conceal. The only thing I'm worried about is a flimsy and/or rattling sheath. Don't have any problems with my favourite ER dagger-clone though:

    1. The Requiem is bada$$ with the fuller. It's also reasonably sized for occasional carry. I look forward to receiving mine.

      Yours looks like a full sized bayonet! :)

  12. New Video of the KJ Harpoon

    A feature that I hadn't noticed and that is not mentioned anywhere is that the flipper tab is removable to make it a non-flipper knife :0!
    Still hate the pocket clip design though...

    If anyone here understands Russian, does he mention the material of the backspacer? He seems to be saying ceracoat, so maybe the backspacer is not zirconium, but ceracoated Titanium?

    1. I asked one of the Russian owners and according to him the backspacer and the pocket clip are made of titanium.

  13. All the buster owners,

    What is the thickness behind edge?