Thursday, January 17, 2019

WINTER SALE Top Deals on Aliexpress

Check out the Winter Sale deals 
at the following knife stores:
J&Y EDC Store: ***HERE***
Kesiwo Outdoor Tools Factory Store: ***HERE***
Celebr knives Store***HERE***
LOVOCOO Store: ***HERE***
NIGHTHAWK Knives Store: ***HERE***
Dicoria Knives: ***HERE***
Ben's Knives Shop: ***HERE***
John Knives Factory Shop: ***HERE***
Eafengrow Top1 Store: ***HERE***
Y-Start Industrial Trading Store: ***HERE***
XS-Knife Store: ***HERE***
GANZO Online Store: ***HERE***
SANRENMU Online Store: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu Ketchan Store: ***HERE***
HX OUTDOORS Official Store: ***HERE***

Spyderco C151 Schempp Tuff  style titanium
frame-lock folder with HRC 61 blade and G10 handle
for $59 shipped with select coupons:
Spyderco C151 Schempp Tuff clone
Spyderco C151 Schempp Tuff clone
Spyderco C151 Schempp Tuff clone
You can buy the C151GTIP Tuff on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** 

Kevin John Venom Armour titanium frame-lock flippers  
with M390 blade, CF inserts, tritium vial and ceramic ball bearings
for $183 shipped with coupons:
You can buy the KJ Armor on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Kevin John CR StarTac Umnumzaan
titanium frame-lock folder   
with M390 blade and ball bearings
for $137 shipped with coupons:
Kevin John CR StarTac Umnumzaan copy
Kevin John CR StarTac Umnumzaan copy

You can buy the KJ StarTac Umnumzaan: ***HERE***

Green Thorn SNECX BUSTER titanium frame-lock flipper  
with M390 blade for $220 shipped:
You can buy the Buster on Aliexpress***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

Green Thorn made Shirogorov F111 liner-lock flippers  
with M390 blade, titanium handle, titanium pocket clip 
and triple row  ball bearings for $206 shipped:

You can buy the GT Shirogorov F111 (4 versions)***HERE***

Exclusive Shirogorov Jeans style titanium frame-lock flipper
with M390 blade and double row ceramic ball bearings
for $196 shipped:
Shirogorov Jeans M390 by Green Thorn on Aliexpress
Shirogorov Jeans M390 by Green Thorn on Aliexpress
Shirogorov Jeans M390 by Green Thorn disassembled
You can buy the Shirogorov Jeans M390 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Dicoria made Shirogorov F111 liner-lock flippers  
with S35VN blade, carbon fiber handle, titanium pocket clip 
and ceramic ball bearings for $121 shipped:

You can buy the Shirogorov F111 CF***HERE***

NOC Chef MT03 titanium frame-lock folders  
with  M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the NOC Chef:
 ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

CH Knife CH3009 titanium frame-lock flippers  
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the CH Knife flippers
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Shirogorov style RFT D2, Bear Claw Flying Shark
and Green Thorn Jeans D2 side by side:
Shirogorov style RFT D2, Bear Claw Flying Shark  and Green Thorn Jeans D2
Shirogorov style RFT D2, Bear Claw Flying Shark  and Green Thorn Jeans D2
You can buy them on Aliexpress: 
RFT D2 version: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
Bear Claw Flying Shark: ***HERE***
Green Thorn Jeans D2: ***HERE***
 Lovocoo Jeans D2: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
High-end M390 version: 

LOVOCOO Apologist light weight titanium frame-lock flipper
 with S35VN blade and ceramic ball bearings
for $101 shipped: ***HERE***

Hinderer XM18 style titanium frame-lock flippers  
with M390 (bowie or wharncliffe) blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the XM18 in 3 versions***HERE***

Kershaw 7200 Launch 2 auto clone
with D2 blade and aluminium handle.
Excellent fit & finish, very good ergonomics, 
snappy action and solid lock-up: 
Kershaw 7200 Launch 2 auto clone
You can buy the Launch 2 copy on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** 

Bear Claw Flying Shark titanium frame-lock kickstop flipper
with S35VN blade and ball bearings
for $78.75 shipped***HERE***

Yon Xanadu YX-650 excellent titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball-bearings: ***HERE***

Two Sun TS80 titanium frame-lock folder  
with D2 blade, CF inlays and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS80***HERE***

CH Knife CH3516 titanium - CF liner-lock flipper  
with S35VN blade and ball bearings: ***HERE***

CH Knife CH3519 titanium frame-lock flipper  
with S35VN blade, CF inlays and ball bearings

Y-Start LK5014 and LK5015 titanium frame-lock flippers
with VG10 blade and ball-berarings***HERE***


  1. Pfff that blue/golden 111 tanto is still tempting. No select coupons :( Btw different configurations of the Maxace Goliath are available at "jiexiedc" store on DHgate. Also in blue ;)

    1. It's good to know after you bought all of the Goliaths on Ali! ;))

  2. Haha, there should be 1 available again. I cancel approximately 20% of my orders. I hate labels but it's a fact I have pretty severe ADHD so I can be rather impulsive sometimes. Strangely this only happens with knives. When I need electronics, furniture, bicycle parts etc I spend hours on research and still haven't bought anything in the end of the day (I know, sigh...)

    You know, the Goliath is a very nice large folder, but 220 grams is still too heavy for edc carry to me, in spite of the milling. It would end up being a showpiece I pull out of the closet once in a while. And with a knife as heavy as this, I prefer a fixed blade in my backpack.

    1. I'm quite impulsive about knives too so I use my 1-day-before-buy rule. :) On the other hand I spend much more time than necesarry with investigating other stuffs.

      I guess my EDC weight limit could be around 190g, at least my SRM 1006 weights 185g and I grab it quite often thanks to its awesome design.

  3. Too bad I'm really not into the styling of the flying shark as the price is pretty unbelievable for the materials and the quality you get (according to Franz's blog and other reviews) and it's been that low a few times. But the design just doesn't do it for me...
    To similar extent, this applied to the Apologist. Not often you can get a designer's knife with these materials at this price. But again, the design lso doesn't do it for me.
    Still thinking about the NOC MT03. Something about the design that attracts me, but still not sure.
    And that Snecx Buster..... even though I'm not keen on spending (nor have I ever spent) this type of money on clones, if it would be below $200.......hummm..... I don't know if I could resist....

    1. The Flying Shark is awesome, I also love mine. You have to hold that folder in your hands to appreciate it. I should review my favourite flippers in that price range like the Piston, RFT, GT Jeans etc. or make a "best of 2018" as the rest does. :)

      The Buster still looks much better to me than the "very original" PMP Revenge for example. If I had that knife budget at hand I would go for the Buster definetely.

  4. The seller J&Y EDC is doing a huge discount with select coupons. They have Kevin John Venom Armor on sale for $217 but with select coupons, it goes down to $183. For a hidden flipper design, M390 steel, and tritium insert, I think it's worth it. They also have StarTac Umnumzaan for $137 after coupons. I got both. My wife is going to kill me.

    1. Thanks for the info! I have added J&Y EDC to the store list above.

      Please let us know about the Armor and KJ Umnumzaan as soon as you recieve them. I won't tell that to your wife! :))

    2. I didn't go through the whole process, but similarly, it looks like the KJ Matrix can be had for $125 after coupons. That is an awesome value for what you get.
      I got mine from a seller on DHG on 11.11 for $130 and couldn't be happier, awesome quality as expected from KJ. The only downside is the weight. At 220g, it's quite heavy, but it doesn't bother me as I never had the intention of EDCing it anyway due to the aggressive look and people here in Canada get scared easily LOL!

    3. The Matrix is like a rhino among the folders. Rare and robust! :)
      I have the early Wild Boar version with the koi engravings.

  5. There are a few Kizers that are 50% off as well.

  6. Not my style but the Kizer Dukes for $88 is a great deal.

    1. This one? :)
      Time to time Kizer Store 1 and Kizer Store 2 have some incredibly good deals. Unfortunately I have never seen the Critical on sale for such a crazy low price.

    2. Yeah, that's the one. Retails in the US for $220 and since it's a popular and well-reviewed knife, I've never seen in on sale.
      Too bad that once again, it's not my style.
      I'm tempted by the Kesmec (Ki4461A1) for $77 though.
      I have a few Kizers on my wishlist that I wouldn't mind getting at 50% off but none are on sale (Megatherium, Minitherium, Theta, T1, Zugang, Mjolnir, S.L.T)

  7. That's a great deal for the Matrix indeed! I have the full ti Starlord from Dicoria. Nice but totally unedcable.I agree the Kizer Dukes is not the sexiest knife but oh boy, the flipping action and ergos are superb. Great edc

  8. Sanrenmu 812 with VG10 and titanium, less than 40 euros with coupons

    1. I just got the SRM 813 in 8Cr14MoV and a Zieba G2 clone from ft. Maybe I should have bought that Ti 812 instead. I like the 910 series but the 810's size is better for me. I like the G2 though so maybe I get that Sanbenza later ;)

  9. Deks_76, did you mention once that you got one of those XM-18 clones? Any comments on the blade steel? Someone on Facebook got access to an XRF gun and tested his Samier Sigil clone to see if it was really M390. It turns out that it's probably 8Cr13 although there's no way to know for sure, but it certainly ain't M390 and had virtually no Molybdenum or Vanadium like most high carbide steels. I want to see if Hong Kong Knives, who sells Samier knives, will comment on it, but I'm not trying to directly challenge them or anything.

    1. Man, I have a Samier Sigil S35VN and I would be seriously pissed if that's 8CR something!

      Not that I'm against 8RC, but not on $100+ knives.
      Sadly, I haven't used my Sigil enough to attest for the edge retention because
      1) like most of us, I have plenty of knives to rotate
      2) I work in an office so it's not like my blades see heavy use
      3) The darn spring pocket clip on the Sigil doesn't clip the knife securely enough for me being confident that I won't lose it.

    2. Hi D, Although the overall F&F is great, it's definitely no M390. I think 8 or 9cr18mov. It's always a gamble with "no brand" clones. I really like it though, very thin behind the edge, sturdy and the action is great. But to be honest; I wouldn't buy it again. It's worth < $65 imo

    3. Ah, that sux. I will say that their "Miguron" knife and the "HongHu" knives are made by a good manufacturer that uses authentic steels, but as for the clones I guess it's too good to be true. I did have an F95 and ZT0454 in D2 but have sold both. Not sure if they were made by Samier but they have carried them in the past. I think word of this will spread and it will come back to bite them.

    4. Well, if that's indeed the case, I surely hope that word goes out and that it will come to bite them. Let them go under and people turn to Green Thorn then for which so far their knives report the steel advertised.
      I don't mind cloners like LDT lying about steel being S35VN on a $40 knife which is obviously too good to be true, but I do mind it on a $100/$150 knife when others can deliver the steel in this price range (Green Thorn, CH)

    5. I completely agree with you.
      The guy with the XRF gun should ask a couple of uneasy questions on their FB and IG pages. Fortunately I have only one $100+ knife from Samier (an "S35VN" Sigil) because most of the time they clone totally absurd or ugly as sin designs. :)

    6. I agree with you on the ugly designs.
      I too only have the Sigil in S35VN but I was also considering getting the Redencion at some point, just because it'a a tank of a knife that still looks good. It's out of my wishlist now...

    7. The Redencion was sitting on my wish list too for a while but I decided not to order it becouse of the non-EDC friendly size and the garish pocket clip.

    8. Funny thing is the Samier Redencions were going for over $150 when they first released. Now they are $77 on AliExpress. I'm guess demand for their knives have fallen quite a bit with competition like Green Thorn and CH. I also agree that Green Thorn makes some of the most incredible knives. Their fit and finish rivals Reate. Prices for them have gone up accordingly though unfortunately. For bang for your buck, it's hard to beat CH. I got a CH 3516 off FastTech for $86 and it is super well made. The new CH 3519 in murdered out black is calling my name.

  10. I have quite a few Samier knives. The Sigil, 2 of their full size Field Cleavers (one of which they claim is CTS-XHP steel), Samier Chaves Redencion, and the Skike Rogue Shark clone. All of their knives have inadequately hardened hardware and pivots are too soft and come loose after a few times of opening. I am almost certain the steel in their knives are not as advertised. Which is why I have not bought any of Samier knives in a long time.

    1. That's unfortunate, because they do have some great designs.

    2. Same here (Sigil, "S35VN" cf Redencion and the D2 carbon Sinkevich). The D2 of the sinkevich is ehm...not so good and it's REALLY thick behind the edge. No wonder the prices dropped. But like I mentioned, some clones are very good and not distinguishable from the originals. For instance the ZT0560 I bought recently, it's beautiful. I cannot measure the hardness but I spend 4 evenings on reprofiling and the edge holds up like my (real) m390 knives. The S35VN titanium Sinkevich and the 0777CF have decent steel too. When it looks too good to be true, I don't mind lesser steel as long the price is right. But it's a bummer when you pay > $100 for inferior steel. I really like Green Thorn's D2 by the way. I doubt I'll ever buy a m390 version when a D2 version is available. Some people complained about Kevin John's steel in the past. I have to say, the steel on my Venom's (both claim to be M390) is superb. But in the end, it's a gamble.