Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Knife and sharpener deals at Banggood

I stumbled upon the following interesting gadgets at Banggood:

XIAOMI HUOHOU multi tool with 15 functions: ***HERE***

XIAOMI Mijia cleaver style kitchen knife: ***HERE***

Knife sharpener system: ***HERE***

Drillpro belt sander attachment kit for angle grinder ***HERE***

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE 4k camera drone: ***HERE***


  1. About the multi-tool:
    The HUOHOU multi-function knife is powerful, complex in structure and has up to 65 parts. If individual parts are biased, this high-quality experience cannot be experienced even with precise assembly.

    I must admit that I don't have the slightest clue wth that last sentence wants to tell me.

    1. It's exremely good and you have to buy one or two for Christmas. :))

    2. I prefer to make things for Xmas and this multitool is just way too heavy for my liking. I need to get a 5 Lire coin from the 40s for my non-pc casters ;)

    3. Do you mean the one with the eagle issued around 1928?

    4. Yep. Now I've seen it in real life, better than on the net. It's smaller than my 5 Reichsmark coin but the thrift shop had the cross-less 1935/36 version as well. I'll go there soon to see if he knows how much he wants for then. I plan to make a Swiss caster to bribe him into a good deal ;)

    5. Btw, I like the pivot on the ArtisanCutlery knife, would fit well with the casters. If I'd just dig their design...