Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Deal alert: knife and folder deals and new arrivals at GearBest (Ganzo FH13-SS, FH11, Swiss Tech)

!! NEW !!
Ganzo Firebird FH13-SS frame-lock flipper
with steel handle, D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Ganzo FH13 at GB: ***HERE***
Use the coupon code "GBGZFH13" to save $7.01

All 3 versions of the Ganzo Firebird FH11 Kwaikens are on sale.
They come with G10/CF handle,  D2 blade and  ball bearings:
Ganzo Firebird FH11 updated version with my new CF card holder
Ganzo Firebird FH11 updated version with my new CF card holder
Side by side with the Sanrenmu Land 910 plus 
and the SRM 9001:
Sanrenmu Land 910+, Ganzo Firebird FH11 and SRM 9001
You can buy them at GearBest:
Ganzo FH11 kwaiken flippers***HERE***
CF card holder wallet: ***HERE***

Swiss Tech 6 in 1 key chain multi tool pliers:
You can buy the Swiss Tech multi tool: ***HERE***


  1. I can confirm that the Sanrenmu 9103 is now labeled as the 912.
    With the green G10 as 911, the black all steel as the 913 I'd say the black G10 will be the 910 again.

    1. Thanks! It seems Sanrenmu wants to confuse us! :)

      Have you seen the AMARE KNIVES Paragon? That would be a nice gentleman's folder if it wasn't heavily overpriced.

  2. I'd like a cheap version in D2 or Sandvik steel if it's not bigger than a 910

    1. I mean the Paragon - Carbon SA. N690 is not a super steel either, that's why I don't understand the price. Its overall length is 194 mm.

    2. Special construction. If you buy a VG10 knife at a local shop or from sellers like Boker or so then you pay the same. Or more. In the actual German MesserMagazin there's an add for the re-branded Ganzo G-7533CF and the G-719 sold by Haller for €49 each. Herbert sells the CH3504 with Aus8 for €149. You're just too spoilt with Chinese prices ;)

    3. Herbertz, not Herbert. Darn autocorrect.

    4. Compared those price tags everything looks like a deal on Ali. :)

    5. Reminds me of shopping in IKEA or Lidl. Oh, everything's so cheap, let's take this toy for €10 and this kitchen whatever for €2.
      At the you pay €100 and wonder if it's really that cheap :P