Friday, November 16, 2018

Black Friday deals with coupons at GearBest

Enlan M08, M06 and Sanrenmu 7010 frame-lock folders
Compact folders with frame-lock:
Enlan M08: ***HERE***
Enlan M06: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu 7010: ***HERE*** and ***HERE***

Black Friday is coming at GearBest
Shopping Guide: ***HERE***
Black Friday GearBest Sitewide Coupon
Discount:Over $10 Save 10%OFF
From 2018/11/14 15:00 - 2018/11/26 0:00 UTC+8 Beijing Time
Only via for CN-099 warehouse and original price item limited to 20,000 pcs.

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Exclusive Brands Sale:

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a Xiaomi MI 8 flagship smartphone:

Top drone deals: ***HERE***

MJX Bugs 5W ( B5W ) WiFi FPV RC Drone

BAYANGTOYS X22 1080P WiFi FPV RC Drone***HERE***

SYMA X8 Pro GPS RC Drone Quadcopter***HERE***

Xiaomi 4K HD camera accessory for drones***HERE***

!! Pre-order deal !!
FIMI X8 SE 5KM FPV 3-axis Gimbal 4K GPS
 RC Drone by Xiaomi: ***HERE***

DJI Ryze Tello RC Drone HD 5MP WiFi FPV***HERE***

 GPS Positioning Altitude Hold 1080P Camera***HERE***

Knife and folder deals:
Enlan EW148 mini folder, Enlan M09, xDuoo X2 DAP, KZ KS3 IEMs
Can you see that small flipper in the top left corner?
That's the key chain folder of the year! :)

You can buy them at GearBest:
Enlan EW148 mini flippers: ***HERE***
Enlan M09: ***HERE***
xDuoo X2 MP3 - FLAC DAP: ***HERE***
xDuoo headphone amplifiers and DAPs: ***HERE***
KZ ES3 IEM earphones: ***HERE***

Sandvik 12C27 blade:
Enlan EW148 vs, Sanrenmu 7010 / 710
Enlan EW148 vs. Sanrenmu 710 / 7010:
Enlan EW148 vs, Sanrenmu 7010 / 710
Enlan EW148 vs, Sanrenmu 7010 / 710
xDuoo X2 DAP / mp3 - flac player,
 KZ ZS3 & ATES IEM earphones:
 xDuoo X2 DAP, KZ KS3 and ATES IEMs
You can buy the KZ earphones at GearBest: ***HERE***

Black Friday Top Knife Brands:

Top brands:
Sanrenmu: ***HERE***
Ganzo Firebird: ***HERE***
Enlan: ***HERE***
Hx Outdoors: ***HERE***
Brother: ***HERE***
Tonife: ***HERE***
Y-Start: ***HERE***
Fura Gear: ***HERE***
 ! NEW ! CH Knife: ***HERE***

GANZO Firebird FB7601
 with CF handle and ball bearings***HERE***

Sanrenmu Land 9103 and 910 plus 
with Sandvik 12C27 blade and ball bearings

Hx Outdoors bushcraft knife with D2 blade on sale: ***HERE***

Fallkniven WM1 copy: ***HERE***

Petrified Fish flipper with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Petrified Fish folders with AUS-8 blade: ***HERE***

Liner-lock Spyderco Native style folder: ***HERE***

Flippers with wood or G10 handle: ***HERE***

Serge Bean style mini flippers with steel handle: 

Titanium mini folder with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Hx Outdoors mini folder: ***HERE***

A2 stryle titanium frame-lock flipper
 with M390 blade: ***HERE***

Jungle Blade flipper with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Titanium frame-lock flippers with D2 blade:

Titanium mini folder with damascus blade: ***HERE***

Spyderco Rubicon style folders:

Mini dogtag folders***HERE***

Gerber Strongarm style fixed blade knives:

Spyderco Techno style titanium frame-lock folder
 with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Spyderco Valloton style folder***HERE***

Zero Tolerance ZT0562 style folders:

Zero Tolerance ZT0801 style titanium frame-lock flipper
with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Tigend flipper with CF handle and D2 blade***HERE***

Microtech MT Borka Stitch style auto - switchblade***HERE***

Shootey "Punisher" mini folder with damascus blade***HERE***

SOG  Instinct Mini style fixed blade***HERE***

CRKT mini fixed blade***HERE***

Multi tool pliers: ***HERE***

GoComma flipper with D2 blade***HERE***

Jungle Blades titanium frame-lock flippers
with S35VN blade***HERE***

Mini key chain folders***HERE***

Shirogorov F3 style flippers***HERE*** 


  1. Is that Jungle Blades knife the copy of something?
    Can't find anything with the name you gave and also can't find the clip side anywhere. More pics somewhere and maybe a D2 version someday?

    1. I linked two Jungle Blades models. I suppose you're referring to the titanium kwaiken style ones. They seem original designs to me.

    2. Well, I mean the "radioactive" ones. Looking nice but way above my budget.
      And good that I've ordered the green 910 when it was on sale, now it's $20 again ;)

    3. Both models have the radioactive logo. :)
      I also ordered 2 of the black 910 plus for 11.99 for friends.

    4. By the way, you said you don't like the blue clip on the Ruike P801

    5. I hope we'll find a better price for the black P801 sooner or later.

    6. Only if there will be unbranded ones on AliE or dhg
      But that usually happens to Kershaw or CRKT knives imo

    7. I won't give it up because the standard silver version can be found much cheaper. Probably I'll order and mod the standard one.

    8. Good idea. This one on ebay was the first one for me to see with a non-blue clip though.

    9. Btw, if they made this one as a front flipper then I would have to order one immediatly

    10. I linked those in one of my Aliexpress collections. :) They remind me to the Ganzo FH11.
      Regarding front flippers the KS66 is still a very good deal. I've just finished making a pizza and my KS66 performed quite well in cutting - slicing different stuffs like onion, tomato, cheese etc.

    11. And I like that no name knife more than the Ganzo ;)

  2. Oh no, I relapsed! Bought 2 knives from Ebay.. Twosun ts65 and ts66. Both m390 integrals. 127.50 usd and 132.50 usd. I'm pretty happy with those prices.

    1. Congratulations! Please share your impressions as soon as you receive them. :)
      The TS100 also looks quite interesting. Aren't you tempted by that?

  3. I like the blade shape on the ts 100 and the handle could be really nice.. They have stamped twosun on the spine of the handle and I think that ruins the looks of the handle. It is also the heaviest of the bunch. I think the best looker of the bunch is the ts 65

    1. Instead of the "Two Sun" text they should have milled slots for tritium vials.

  4. Yes! Tritium slots would have been a whole lot nicer than that awful twosun stamping. Hell, holes would have been better than that twosun stamping

    1. What's about fishing? Can you do ice fishing in winter? You could spare some money on knives by focusing on another hobby. :)

      Regarding integrals I prefer those ones with solid handle spine like my Evil Eyes SNG or the MT Anax, TS78 etc. Building an integral folder then drilling - machining holes all over the handle spine doesn't make too much sense to me. The result could be mistaken for a floating backspacer.

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