Saturday, November 10, 2018

11.11 knife & folder deals at GearBest

Can you see that small flipper in the top left corner?
That's the key chain folder of the year! :)

You can buy them at GearBest:
Enlan EW148 mini flippers: ***HERE***
Enlan M09: ***HERE***
xDuoo X2 MP3 - FLAC DAP: ***HERE***
KZ ES3 IEM earphones: ***HERE***

Sandvik 12C27 blade:
Enlan EW148 vs. Sanrenmu 710 / 7010:
xDuoo X2 DAP / mp3 - flac player,
 KZ ZS3 & ATES IEM earphones:
You can buy the KZ earphones at GearBest: ***HERE***

The 11.11 Mega Sale: 

11.11 knife & folder deals

Top brands:
Sanrenmu: ***HERE***
Ganzo Firebird: ***HERE***
Enlan: ***HERE***
Hx Outdoors: ***HERE***
Brother: ***HERE***
Tonife: ***HERE***
Y-Start: ***HERE***
Fura Gear: ***HERE***
 ! NEW ! CH Knife: ***HERE***

GANZO Firebird FB7601
 with CF handle and ball bearings***HERE***

Sanrenmu Land 9103 and 910 plus 
with Sandvik 12C27 blade and ball bearings

Hx Outdoors bushcraft knife with D2 blade on sale: ***HERE***

Fallkniven WM1 copy: ***HERE***

Petrified Fish flipper with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Petrified Fish folders with AUS-8 blade: ***HERE***

Liner-lock Spyderco Native style folder: ***HERE***

Flippers with wood or G10 handle: ***HERE***

Serge Bean style mini flippers with steel handle: 

Titanium mini folder with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Hx Outdoors mini folder: ***HERE***

A2 stryle titanium frame-lock flipper
 with M390 blade: ***HERE***

Jungle Blade flipper with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Titanium frame-lock flippers with D2 blade:

Titanium mini folder with damascus blade: ***HERE***

Spyderco Rubicon style folders:

Mini dogtag folders***HERE***

Gerber Strongarm style fixed blade knives:

Spyderco Techno style titanium frame-lock folder
 with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Spyderco Valloton style folder***HERE***

Zero Tolerance ZT0562 style folders:

Zero Tolerance ZT0801 style titanium frame-lock flipper
with D2 blade: ***HERE***

Tigend flipper with CF handle and D2 blade***HERE***

Microtech MT Borka Stitch style auto - switchblade***HERE***

Shootey "Punisher" mini folder with damascus blade***HERE***

SOG  Instinct Mini style fixed blade***HERE***

CRKT mini fixed blade***HERE***

Multi tool pliers: ***HERE***

GoComma flipper with D2 blade***HERE***

Jungle Blades titanium frame-lock flippers
with S35VN blade***HERE***

Mini key chain folders***HERE***

Shirogorov F3 style flippers***HERE*** 


  1. So is that Enlan mini knife the cheap version of a Rike Hummingbird?
    Maybe made at the same factory, eh? ;)
    I like to use my tiny knives as keychain danglers so I'd miss a tip-down clip...

    1. Yes, it's the poor man's Hummingbird so we can call it Bumblebee. :))
      Why would you need a pocket clip for a tiny key chain folder like this?

    2. It's useful to put the knife at the keychain, when you clip the knife the keys won't fall down in the pocket.

    3. It's the only occasion where I like a tip-down clip.

    4. I think they should make a multicolor version, either with bi-color G10 or pakkawood. That could look good with the wing engravement.

    5. In that case a tip down pocket clip makes sense I agree.

      Come on, it's a $7.84 folder! A bi-color version would cost more and I'm already hearing the whining in the background about being too expensive for such a small folder. :))

      With such an excellent fit & finish, 12C27 blade, good flipping action and budget friendly price tag it's as good as it gets.

    6. People always wine and bicolor G10 is not much more expensive.
      There's the 9055 which is not much more.
      The wings would look nicer but anyways.
      I'd like this one someday:
      The Böker branded one costs €50 and still $20 is quite a lot with the Chinese prices we got used to.

    7. You meant multi layered G10, I see. That would look more interesting for sure.

      That textured brass looks really nice. I'd like to have something similar with bronze anodized titanium for weight reduction.

    8. It's a tiny knife, I wouldn't bother with Ti. Also brass (or if you get the bronze one, it seems to be shipped randomly) is cooler, just check your brass flashlights :P
      But yes, titanium is always cool, just like on that Punisher flipper.
      Darn, I wish I knew how they make it. My guess is masking tape but that's all I know.

  2. I threw several knives of my wish list and pulled the trigger for the GT Snecx Buster for $195 with coupons. Can't wait for a D2 version;) Furthermore, if they do make a D2 version, I doubt it will be priced under $100.

    1. Just after you ordered the Dicoria F111 CF they released the cheaper alu and G10 versions. So I'm holding my breath. ;)

  3. In case of the Dicoria 111: I don't mind. The quality of the knife and the s35vn is extremely good..But I'm not really a steel snob. I guess it's easier to make a cheaper version with the same titanium hardware and different blade steel, like they did with the Poluchetkyi. Damn, now I'm hesitating again. For this price I can buy a GT D2 Hati, one of those XM-18 clones and a Ganzo FH11. Thanks ;)

    1. Life is not easy either when it's full of 1st world problems. :))
      Do you mean THESE XM-18 clones? The bowie version and the wharnie with smooth handle are bad@ss!

      I also have my own serious 1st world problem! Should I order the San Martin Spectre or some of these folders below? :))

      BM940 alu copy
      Dead Silence
      Laconico Jasmine homage
      Kizer Critical
      Punisher flipper

  4. Although I love watches (especially Panerai) I almost never wear one anymore nowadays (because smartphone). tought choices, but I'd would go for the Critical ;)

  5. Some new stuff:

    Maybe I should make some leather scales for a friend's Fox Deimos.
    It's big enough for sure but I couldn't really round the edges.
    Or maybe I couldadd facets and then polish them up. It' would be quite unique I guess.

    1. You'll confuse a couple of guys with those eagles! :))

    2. That's why I'll make some less provocative ones, soon ;)
      Still one must admit, it fits this rugged look and the eagle is good design. Maybe I should try to replace the middle with a smiley or som