Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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New EF folders at Fasttech
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CH Knife CH3515 titanium frame-lock flipper  
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EF Knife 
titanum frame-lock folders with D2 blade
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titanum frame-lock folders with D2 blade
in different styles and colors:
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CH Knife CH3505 titanium frame-lock flippers
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CH Knife CH3505
CH Knife CH3505
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CH Knife CH3005 compact sized titanium frame-lock flippers
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CH Knife CH3005
CH Knife CH3005
CH Knife CH3005
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Razor titanium frame-lock flipper in new colors
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Two Sun TS40 Razor titanium
Two Sun TS40 Razor titanium
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Two Sun TS21 titanium frame-lock flipper 
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New multi tool - SAK from Sanrenmu 
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  1. Dear Steel Reviews,
    your recent post with some Ti anodizing inspired me to anodize my Ti Paramilitary clone.
    Thorough cleaning.
    Distilled water.
    DC lab power supply.
    No success...

    I was only able to get slight blue/grey tint at 30V after about 20 minutes. This is not good.
    I tested the Paramilitary with a RTG spectroscopy - it is 96% Ti, 4% Al.

    I think there is already a thick oxide layer from the manufacturer. I need to get rid of it. But how?

    I do not have an access to HF acid. Some folks use Whink Rust Remover - I am from CZ, no luck there.

    And now the point, from all the czech beer I have a feeling you are also from CZ or somewhere close - that is why I use English :). What locally accessible chemical did you use to get rid of the oxide layer?

    1. Hi,
      I'm also a beginner in anodizing. I was lucky with bronze color at my first try but I couldn't achieve any higher voltage color at my second try either. So I took the plunge and I ordered the Whink rust remover from the US (eBay). The shipping cost me three times more than the product itself but I couldn't find any better / easier solution for etching.

      In theory if you remove the old oxide layer from the surface of titanium (sandpaper, bead blaster etc.) you don't need etching. I didn't try that because I prefer the original bead blasted finish.

      Since we're from the same part of Europe I recommend ordering Whink but be careful with it. I'm planning to do some anodizing the following days so I'll let you know about my experience with it.

      Have you tried to test the blade steel of your PM2 with the RTG spectroscopy? Does that work the same way as the handheld XRF alloy analyzers?

    2. Well, I'm not a pro but definitely a trained amateur when it comes to anodizing. First off, if you got any kind of discoloration at 30V that means you can anodize the Ti.
      There's no need to remove the oxide layer as the color you get changes with the thickness of this layer. When the maximum thickness is reached it will have a dull grey color. No manufacturer uses a dangerous high voltage D/C treatment to get a color that's same as when you just bead blast it.
      I'd guess that you should change your electrolyte (it's not in your list, pure water won't work). You can use Cola, soda with water or rust/calc remover, even citric acid works well. You should clean the surface with dishwasher and a brush and maybe with acetone right before anodizing.
      Wear gloves to prevent fingerprints. If you don't get a blue color after some seconds your setting is wrong. Check + and - and remember the color goes from the minus to the plus, so the + has to be at the Ti you want to colorize. Also check if your cathode is big enough, preferably Ti as well. The surface of the cathode has to be bigger as the surface of the anode (the pice you want to "paint").
      A steel bowl for as a cathode seems to work well with a plastic sieve to prevent short circuit.

      You can also use a torch to get bronze/purple/blue/gold/maybe magenta and some green lines with grey discoloration

      Oh, and before you use any sandpaper on your Ti, better try a kitchen sponge with a scotchpad side of a very fine scotchpad if that won't work. This way you prevent yourself from getting visible scratches (as long as you try the finer stuff first before moving on to a more aggressive pad).

      Happy painting.

    3. I did not tested the blade - XRAY does not work for carbon content, it will show the chromium content though, you need a spark spectrometer for steel analysis.

      I tried sandpaper.

      The only thing that comes to my mind is the electrolyte. I used roughly 0,5-1% NaOH solution. Everyone else use acidic electrolyte.

    4. Hi. I'm from Czech Republic, Brno and I can help with DIY anodizing. Get in touch with me:

  2. The Paramilitary has some fairly simple and mostly flat scales, I would simply try to apply some very fine sandpaper to it to remove any oxidation or coating.
    I have used Whink Rust Remover to remove anodizations and it work pretty well but you have no access to it. Try to see if other rust removers in your country would have similar compositions.
    People that are hardcore into anodization use Multietch but it's expensive and might not be available in your country neither.

    1. What is the Whink Rust Remover magic ingredient? Is it HF acid?

    2. Yes. It's quite shocking you can find that in a household product.

  3. Have you seen this?


    I order one of each for a friend of mine, now even shipping went to quite normal $0.60

    1. That's a good deal for the 9103, 9104 and the 910 plus!
      What's about the kitchen rack? ;)

    2. No need for the rack. And yes, get all the 4 knives for less than $60 shipped is a good deal. My friend's brother likes to lose his knives in the woods or at the airport check and he liked his 910 a lot so he wanted all 4. He would have taken a more expensive Ti knife as well but it's better this way ;)

    3. The SRM Land 910 plus is still the best buy in the budget category.

    4. Indeed. I also would have recommended him a JIN-02 (it comes shipped to my address ;) but it's not on sale.
      Mr Reeve made a great design but I'm surprised there's no such Medium Sebenza available from CRK.