Sunday, September 9, 2018

GearBest Treasure Hunt Sale knife deals - updated regularly

GearBest has greatly lowered the price of many knives & folders,
so open the links on your mobile with the GB APP
to take advantage the recent extra discounts:

Ganzo F7551 folding cleavers 
for $16.55 - $17.99 (CF): ***HERE***
Ganzo Firebird Cleavers - F7551 G10 & CF

Ganzo Firebird  F7611 CF/G10
 for $17.99 - $18.39 (CF):
F7611-CF: ***HERE***
 F7611 G10 (3 colors): ***HERE***
Ganzo F7611 with G10 handle

Brother 1601 "Budget Spyderco Manix 2 XL"
 for $17.99***HERE***

Ganzo Firebird FB7621 G10 folder
 with ball bearings for $15.91: ***HERE***

FURA GEAR "Warhound" titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade for $32.99: ***HERE***

FURA GEAR "Harpoon" titanium frame-lock flippers
 with D2 blade for $32.99: ***HERE***

FURA Kwaiken titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings in green 
for $29.99: ***HERE***

Ganzo Firebird FB7601 CF/G10 with ball bearings
 for $16.05 - $18.23: ***HERE***
Ganzo Firebird FB7601 CF & G10
You can buy them in 10 variations:
FB7601-CF (satin blade): ***HERE***
FB7603-CF (black blade): ***HERE***
FB7601 G10 (satin blade): ***HERE***
FB7603 G10 (black blade): ***HERE***

Sanenmu SRM 9001 flipper
SRM 9001 black for $15.14: ***HERE***
SRM 9002 black for $16.25: ***HERE***
SRM 9002 brown for $15.51: ***HERE***

Epic Treasure Hunt Sale at GearBest

Sanrenmu 9015 full sized flipper
with frame-lock and Sandvik 12C27 blade 
for $17.59 (App): ***HERE*** 
Sanrenmu 9015

Sanrenmu 9011 full sized folder
with liner-locksafety switch, Sandvik 12C27 blade
for $15.29 (App): ***HERE***
Sanrenmu 9011 full sized folder

Sanrenmu 9018 full sized multi-tool flipper
with liner-lockSandvik 12C27 blade and G10 handle:
for $17.26 (App): ***HERE***
Sanrenmu 9018 full sized multi-tool flipper

Sanrenmu 7130 FUF-SF for $12.99: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu 7130 compact fixed

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  1. CF anyone?

    1. A tactical letter opener? :)

    2. Indeed ;) I always wanted to use CF for something like that and I like the look of Böker's damascus paper knife. It's just too darn expensive for what it is so I had to make one by myself.
      Maybe the next one will be titanium as this one goes to my wife ;)

  2. Cleavy folders are cute, but do they have a purpose? What advantages over a normal knife?

    1. Cleaver style folders are trendy nowadays. The over sized ones come with strong, beefy blades for demanding cutting tasks while the smaller - normal sized ones like the Ganzo F7551 star in slicing stuffs (for example in the kitchen) thanks to their full flat ground blade.

    2. Hello Isti, can I contact you via email?

    3. Hi Tania,
      Please check your Google Hangouts.