Thursday, August 30, 2018

Treasure Hunt Super Sale at GearBest

Epic Treasure Hunt Sale at GearBest

Have a look at the instruction video: ***HERE***

The Treasure Hunt Sale is full of rare and valuable deals. 3 awesome stages each offer bargains galore.

Aug 29 - Sept 3: Join GB's massive Treasure Hunt with glittering deals, and play games to win FREE gifts!

Sept 3 - Sept 10: Behold! GB's epic Deal Vault opens with insane bargains and mega coupons!

Sept 10 - Sept 17: The final countdown! It's your last chance for discounts!

Treasure Hunt Sale highlights

● Secret Wishing Pool Game: Win a cool Huawei P20 phablet and Xiaowa Robot Cleaner!
App-Exclusive Game: It's time to win a FREE DJI RC Drone and Xiaomi Mi Pad 4!
● Coupon Bonanza: Claim your $99-$50 Coupon for crazy savings.
● Triple Saver Combos: Pay $9.99, $29.99 or $99.99 for 3 awesome items.
● PayPal is Perfect: Take advantage of $50-$5 extra discounts.
● Mystery Treasure Bags: Get lucky with popular Lucky Bags from only $0.99.
● Cool Add-on Items: For any order total over $60, add another $1.99 to redeem.

And now the most important things: the knives! :))

!! New !!
Ganzo FH11 liner-lock flippers
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
Ganzo FH11 liner-lock flippers  with D2 blade and ball bearings
Ganzo FH11 liner-lock flippers  with D2 blade and ball bearings
The CF version looks nice too:
Ganzo FH11 CF carbon fiber version
You can buy the Ganzo FH11 G10 in 2 colors at GearBest: ***HERE***
and the new CF version: ***HERE***

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GEARBEST Knife Gear Sale

SKMEI budget watches: ***HERE***
SKMEI 1299 and 1335 watches
SKMEI 1299 and 1335 watches
SKMEI 1299 and 1335 watches: 
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  1. Ganzo is stepping up their game with a knife similar of a Ruike or new Sanrenmu! Even with an original color. I'm curious of the quality of this D2 steel, one youtuber might test it (Cedric outdoors).

  2. On second thought it must be made by Sanremu, its exactly the same pocket-clip and style. Ganzo don't have this same level of quality.

  3. Now if they make this Ganzo Kwaiken with ball bearings and AXIS lock then it could be interesting for me...

    1. For me liner-lock is the best for a flipper especially for a narrower handle.

    2. I only know about Benchmade Axis flippers, it would be interesting to try.

  4. I have a Y-Start branded flipper with an axis lock. I do not recall the model number and it is not on the knife. It has more vertical play than I can trust. It is large and looks strong, but I really hate the vertical play.

    1. You mean this flamed one? Don't know about blade play but I'd never buy an axis lock knife with a tip-down only clip on it. What a silly idea...
      I liked the Y-START LK5013D though, nice damascus blade with 3D machined G10 scales for $20, makes me wonder what we get in 2-3 years for that price. Hollow Ti handles maybe?

    2. Forgot the link:

    3. That flamed Y-Start was on my wish list for a while but I never ordered it then it got discontinued. :)