Monday, July 23, 2018

Deal alert: new knife and folder deals at GearBest (Y-Start, Ganzo, HX Outdoors)

!!! Y-Start Super Deal !!!

Y-START LK5012 titanium flipper in purple
 with VG10 blade, tritium slots and ball bearings
for $37.99:
! Limited quantity !
Y-START LK5012 titanium flipper
You can buy the Y-START LK5012 at GearBest: ***HERE***

Compact sized, EDC friendly Ganzo Firebird F753M1-BK folder
with 440C blade and axis-lock
for $12.99 (coupon code: IT$OSF753M1):
Ganzo Firebird F753M1-BK
You can buy the Ganzo F753M1-BK at GearBest: ***HERE***

Ganzo G302-H multi tool pliers
for $25.99 (coupon code: IT$OSG302H):
You can buy the Ganzo G302-H multi tool at GearBest: ***HERE***

HX OUTDOORS D-170 fixed blade knife 
 with D2 blade and kydex sheath 
for $29.99 (coupon code: IT$OSD170):
You can buy the HX OUTDOORS D-170 at GearBest: ***HERE***

HX OUTDOORS E3 liner-lock folder
 with 9Cr18MoV blade and aluminium handle
for $17.99 (coupon: IT$OSHXE3):
You can buy the HX OUTDOORS E3: ***HERE***

GEARBEST Knife Gear Sale


  1. I'm kinda glad that GB charges me 7-8 dollars for shipping to SAK-land, holds me back from impulse buys like for the F753M1
    Just caught a street radar's attention, I think 5-6 km/h too much, could cost me the TS51 :(

    1. You may get away with such a little speeding.

    2. Yeah, right.
      You've never been to Switzerland, have you?
      The box flashed, GPS said 58. If I'm lucky it will be 5 km/h too much, makes 40 CHF, same in USD :(

    3. They must collect funds to keep the cows purple in the mountains! :))

      A couple of years ago I was driving through Switzerland and it was quite strange that all of the super cars (AMG Mercedes, M BMW etc.) were going quite slow on the speedway. :)

    4. Some go faster but that can become pretty expensive.
      Go 200 on the Autobahn as a foreigner and they'll confiscate your car.
      Do that at Canonball with a super car and they'll fine you with CHF 17.000 and/or take away your car.
      Go 41 in a 30 zone - CHF 400–800
      Drive twice as much as allowed - minimum sentence 1 year prison.

      My highest fine was CHF 180 for 98 on an 80 track, I still don't believe it was correct. Anyways, 10 bucks per km/h too much makes you change your behavior from Germany where 10+ in cities and 20+ on the highway means nothing, that 98 would've cost me € 20 in Germany :P

    5. Next time I'll go there by train. :)

  2. Btw, as you know I like the Boker Urban Trapper CF. Is there a similar knife like that from China for a reasonable price? I mean a slim and light gent's knife with Ti liners and CF scales. Or do I just have to keep it as my grail knife?

    1. Seen that, not gentleman-ish. Maybe the Elegant Lines if they'd make one with a CF onlay/inlay

    2. What's about the Lion Steel TRE CF copy then (70 g)? :)

    3. Ich like that on, it's just not "fine" enough. Maybe I'll get a Cocobolo UT and make some tartan micarta scales for it. The UT is gent's knife like the Mnandi, I guess that's what I'm looking for.
      But the TwoSun first, if the fine won't kill that plan ;)

    4. It's a fine little folder, I have the Ti-CF version. I removed the flipper tab so the handle feels bigger.

    5. I hid a couple of pics HERE and HERE. :)

  3. Intriguing, although I'd prefer the HX Outdoors version. Not the biggest fan of clones with original logos. I have bought some, too, only the Mnandi is a keeper though, I might even buy another one someday.

    1. I didn't recommend the Hx Outdoors "TRE" because you said somewhere you didn't like tanto blades. :)

      Have you seen the budget version of the Mnandi with steel handle?

    2. I never tried Tanto, if so then I'd like a straight blade with a hollow grind an a flat ground tip, like on the SRM 9001 (iirc)
      The Mnandi must be Ti and wood, esp. the clip must be Ti, the steel one on mine isn't springy at all.
      Also annealed colors on steel fade away quickly, no comparison to titanium (Mnandi wins a lot from bronze hardware)

    3. Darn, the actual snakewood Mnandi is looking nice...

    4. I like THIS full titanium version with those awesome colors.

    5. Yes, nice, but with so many Ti framelocks out there I prefer the classy look of the wood. It's too small to be a hard task knife anyways ;)

      This one would be cool if made of damascus and anodized Ti like the themed Sebenzas, I'd prefer coins to the Benchmades, eh, butterlies.

    6. Have you ever tried to anodize green or yellow with 9V batteries?
      I'd like to try to achive those colors but since I don't have a proper power supply I have to do it "getto style". :))

  4. But of course.

    The surface of my Vespa Neon is green and stonewashed with bronze so it won't be such a fingerprint magnet. The rainbow is going from bronze to magenta which is just one step below green.
    You need at least eleven 9V batteries in line, I think I sometimes used thirteen as they never give the full current. Beware though, I was reading that connecting so many batteries in line can make the weakest one to heat up and maybe explode. Never happened to me but that doesn't mean a lot.
    Still not sure if I'll ever order that KPS1201D, for my few anodizings $80 sounds like a lot.

    1. That's nice! You managed to try almost all of the colors! :)

      I think I'm good without a power supply for my ocassional anodizing projects.
      On the other hand I'd like try some sort of budget bead blaster one day.

    2. Well, I've got every color with that Neon, especially with the first layer but it's not easy to get a specific color for the 2 sides of a framelock folder. The surface/volume can also change the color you get with the same current. So put the piece into the solution, make a short contact, check color, repeat till you're happy.
      For Ti I don't need a bead blaster, my HF acid is working pretty well but it's good to use it on G10 to get that rough surface without grinding marks. "Worn micarta" could also look good, I just don't have the place for such a machine.

    3. As I know HF acid is a very nasty stuff. I wouldn't use it at any cost. It's not worth to risk the severe health damage.

    4. Carbon fiber is a nasty stuff if you don't follow the rules, so is epoxy and many other things we use every day.
      1% HF acid is managable but I wouldn't want to work with that 40% stuff they use in the industry. But yes, I do use two glowes per hand, with a layer of water between the two, dust mask and safety goggles right beside an exhauster to get rid of the chlorine fume. I also always store the used Whink in its can with a plastic sack around it. I'm never alone when I do that and I have a hospital right over the street on job, even though it's children's one but 2mins from us are 2 other big hospitals.
      So I don't take any chances and I'm careful, just like with any other work with "nasty" stuff or sharp objects.
      To each their own but I guess if you get some beads into your eyes it won't be any nicer ;)
      Oh, btw, on job we use these masks
      and I can say they work quite well. I always feel it in my nose when I'm in the room with the beltsanders for just a walk through, sneezing and such. With the mask everything's fine. I guess i'm the only one that always wears them.

    5. Ferric chloride, CF, G10 or epoxy are toddler's toys compared to concentrated HF acid. Anyway it's good to hear you're prepared.
      I'll have a look at those dust masks, thank you! How many times can you use a disposable dust mask like that?

  5. I'd never work with dangerous materials on my own, only in a company where they take things seriously.
    I use the masks around a week, in stressful weeks maybe 2 days. When it's dirty or smells like the stuff I've ground then I change it. Just make sure it's sitting tight and that the gum lid is laying right on the exhaling hole. Air should go out easier then come in.

  6. Got my y-start today.. Not sharp out of the box, bearings squealing like a mofo and had a severe lock stick. Drop of nano oil got rid of the sticking and the squealing.

    1. Mine is still in transit. I suppose I'll resharpen/reprofile it.
      I managed to put an almost mirror finished edge on my RFT D2 with my budget sharpener setup.

    2. I might reprofile mine too. Never were a fan of tanto or it's variants. I have a WorkSharp KO edition. Mirror edge is really easy to achieve with it.

    3. I've just received mine! :) It's very smooth out of the box without any squeaking or lock stick. They didn't spare with the oil at mine for sure ! :) Sharpness is mediocre but I can help about that.
      The anodizing is stunning. It's quite refreshing after all the usual, dull grey bead blasted handles.

  7. On the recommendation here, I ordered and just received my y-start yesterday (8 August). Very nice and once I cleaned out the sticky shipping oil, it now opens and closes smoothly. Wish I knew how to adjust the pivot screw without a triangular wrench/bit. I think it needs to be loosened a bit on mine. Beautiful anodised finish and if real VG-10,should tune and stay sharp. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. Actually, the pivot screw is easy to adjust with a well fitting slotted screwdriver. :)

    1. That's good to know we don't need any special pivot tool.
      I'm planning to insert mini tritium tubes into the slots at the flipper tab. (I have a pair lying around which I bought for another folder last year.)