Friday, June 22, 2018

New knife & folder coupon deals at GearBest (Fura Gear, Sanrenmu, Hx Outdoors, Rcharlance etc.)

Harnds Blazer CK7006
 with a massive 4" 9Cr18MoV blade for $16.58:
You can buy the black Blazer: ***HERE***

Y-Start LK5010 titanium frame-lock kwaiken
 with 440C blade and ball bearings for $35.56:
Super smooth flipping action!
You can buy the Y-Start Kwaiken: ***HERE***

Fura Gear damascus flipper
for $27.99 with coupon "MYSK1"

Fura Gear titanium - D2 flippers (blue, green)
for $29.99 with coupon "MYSK3"

Rcharlance HS - B003 flipper
for $10.99 with coupon "MYSK2"

Sanrenmu 7105SUX-PPH-T2 flipper
for $9.99 with coupon "MYSK4"

Sanrenmu 7045MUI-PH
for $9.99 with coupon "MYSK5"

Sanrenmu 7089LUY-SDW1 flipper
for $8.99 with coupon "MYSK6"

Sanrenmu S611 fixed blade knife (blue, orange)
for $19.99 with coupon "MYSK8"

HX OUTDOORS ZD-030 flipper
for $20.99 with coupon "MYSK7"

Folding Karambit with skulls
for $5.29 with coupon "MYSK9"

SANIJA K612 mini fixed blade knives
for $7.99 with coupon "MYSK10"

My freshly arrived Fura Gear titanium frame-lock flipper
with D2 blade, ball bearings and milled titanium pocket clip:
You can buy them at GearBest:
Fura Gear titanium flipper in 3 colors: ***HERE***
Fura Gear mini detent-lock folder in 3 colors: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu mini key chain prybar: ***HERE***
Zanflare F6 brass EDC flashlight: ***HERE***

GEARBEST Knife Gear Sale

Top budget folder - knife brands & deals:
Ganzo: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu: ***HERE***
Enlan: ***HERE***
Brother: ***HERE***
Y-Start: ***HERE***
Harnds: ***HERE***
Hx Outdoors: ***HERE***
Fura Gear: ***HERE***
Cima: ***HERE***
Tekut: ***HERE***
Tonife: ***HERE***
Rcharlance: ***HERE***
SR Knives: ***HERE***

Top flashlight brands & deals:
Zanflare: ***HERE***
Nitecore: ***HERE***
Lumintop: ***HERE***
JetBeam: ***HERE***
Convoy: ***HERE***
Imalent: ***HERE***
Skilhunt: ***HERE***
On the Road: ***HERE***

618 Mid Year Sale at GearBest!
10% Off discount site wide! 
Use coupon code "GBmidyear2018"
(2018-06-17 11:00:00 to 2018-06-29 11:00:00)

72h Super Flash Sale


  1. Hello Isti

    Some time ago there was an unbranded CRKT Swindle available on Fasttech, dhgate and the like.
    Do you know if there's an CRKT Offbeat available, too? Branded or unbranded, I don't care, I just don't want to pay more than half of the knife's price for shipping only...

    1. Hi,
      Wow, that Offbeat looks quite cool! A titanium version would be awesome! :) Unfortunately I haven't seen any at the usual places.
      I stumbled upon the Ignitor HERE.

    2. If A.G. Russel wouldn't sell so expensive then I'd get this one, even though I like an old-style version without any scales even better

      Or just two micarta stripes like on the inlayed Sebenza...

    3. By the way have you seen the new Ruike P865-B? It looks quite promising.

    4. Looking cool, the handle reminds me of the disc. Kershaw Speedform 2.
      Not sure if I want to know the price though, even less incl. shipping.

    5. Price is looking ok but bead blasted blades are meh for me.
      I also don't like the deep carry clip and why the heck didn't the leave a bit more material at the ricasso to make it a front flipper?
      And btw, they need better names...

  2. Etching and blasting is looking like on Kershaw knives, the triangle after the steel code is looking like on Sanrenmu knives, so maybe they made the Kershaw Chill, too? ;)

    1. I suppose Real Steel and Ruike are made by Sanrenmu too.