Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Ganzo Firebird FB7621 folders and Y-Start LK5012, Fura Gear flash sale at GearBest

Ganzo Firebird FB7621 G10 folders
 with axis-lock, ball bearings and 440C blade:
You can buy the Ganzo Firebird FB7621 G10 folders at GearBest: ***HERE***

Y-START LK5012 titanium frame-lock flipper in purple
 with VG10 blade, tritium slots (in the flipper tab) and ball bearings:
Y-START LK5012 titanium flipper
You can buy the Y-START LK5012 at GearBest: ***HERE***

FURA GEAR "Warhound" titanium frame-lock flippers
 with D2 blade:
You can buy these titanium flippers: ***HERE***

Saturday, May 26, 2018

New knife & folder deals on Aliexpress (Lovocoo Apologist, Nimo Knives, LiBing, TwoSun, Maxace, Kesiwo) part 77

(Seller's pics)

!! Awesome !!
LOVOCOO Apologist light weight titanium frame-lock flipper
original design by Ivan Braginets (Ukrain)
 with S35VN blade and ceramic ball bearings:
Fine details:
You can buy the Apologist on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or  ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

Nimo Knives integral titanium frame-lock flippers
 with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
One piece titanium handle:
You can buy the Nimo Knives Kwaikens on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Maxace CORVUS II titanium frame-lock flipper
 with M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Maxace CORVUS II on Aliexpress***HERE*** 

LiBing Sand Python fixed blade knife
 with stacked leather handle, D2 blade
 and high quality leather sheath:
You can buy the LiBing Sand Python
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

LOVOCOO small Sebenza 21 style titanium frame-lock folder
 with D2 blade and improved pivot system:
You can buy the Small Sbenza 21
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

KESIWO compact titanium frame-lock flippers
 with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Kesiwo flippers***HERE***

Shirogorov RFT Russian Flipper Tanto style
titanium frame-lock flippers with D2 blade and
triple row ceramic ball bearings
are on sale at Dicoria: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
 New pictures about the gold collar version:
You can buy the RFT D2***HERE***

TwoSun TS44 titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun TS44***HERE*** 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

New Sanrenmu Land 9107 (9103 and 9104 style variant) at Exduct.com

New color/finish variant with the same
Sandvik 12C27 blade steel, ball bearings and frame-lock

Sanrenmu Land 9103, 9104 and 9107 side by side:
You can buy the new 
Sanrenmu Land 9107 at Exduct.com: ***HERE***

Use the following coupon codes:
"ISTI6OFF" for 6% off
and a special coupon for customers from the US:
"ISTISAVESUS7OFF" for 7% off 

Have a look at my full review about the SRM 9103 and 9104: HERE

Monday, May 21, 2018

Deal alert: new FURA GEAR and GANZO deals at GearBest

(Seller's pics)

FURA GEAR "Warhound" titanium frame-lock flippers
 with D2 blade for $34.99 (coupon: FURAGD2FL)
You can buy these titanium flippers: ***HERE***

FURA GEAR liner-lock flipper with D2 blade and G10 handle
for $14.99 (coupon: FURAGD2):
You can buy the Fura G10 flipper: ***HERE***

EDC friendly light weight 
Ganzo Firebird F759M folders
 in different colors for $9.99:
Ganzo Firebird F759M
You can buy the Ganzo Firebird F759M at GearBest: ***HERE***