Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Patrick's Day Sale at FASTTECH

St. Patrick's Day Sale at FASTTECH!
One Day Sale with everything at 10% discount! 
Use coupon code "SHAMROCK"
It's only one day!

New multi tool - SAK from Sanrenmu 
with Sandvik 12C27 locking blade, G10 handle, 
pocket clip and screw bit set:
You can buy the Sanrenmu 7116 SUE-GP-T7
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Grab a Ganzo switchblade - auto knife for a good price! :)
GANZO Firebird 7582AL
You can buy the Ganzo switchblades:
***HERE*** F7582AL aluminium handle
***HERE*** F7582 G10 handle
***HERE*** G7211 G10 or wood handle satin blade
***HERE*** G7212 G10 or wood handle sw blade
***HERE*** G7471 G10 or wood handle satin blade
***HERE*** G7472 G10 or wood handle sw blade
***HERE*** G7361 G10 or wood handle satin blade
***HERE*** G7362 G10 handle sw blade
***HERE*** G7482 G10 handle sw blade
***HERE*** G707 stiletto

More budget folder & knife deals:
Ganzo: ***HERE***
Sanrenmu: ***HERE***
Enlan: ***HERE***
Brother: ***HERE***
Y-Start: ***HERE***
Harnds: ***HERE***
Hx Outdoors: ***HERE***
Fura: ***HERE***
Microtech style OTF: ***HERE***
Microtech DOC: ***HERE***
EF knives: ***HERE***
CH Knife: ***HERE***

Small Sebenza style titanium folder with D2 blade: ***HERE***

CH Knife CH3505 titanium frame-lock flippers
with S35VN blade and ceramic ball beraings:
CH Knife CH3505
CH Knife CH3505
 You can buy the CH3505 at Fasttech: ***HERE***

CH Knife CH3005 compact sized titanium frame-lock flippers
with AUS-8 blade, CF scale and ball beraings:
CH Knife CH3005
CH Knife CH3005
CH Knife CH3005
 You can buy the CH3005 at Fasttech: ***HERE***

CH Knife full sized "Skull" CH3504 titanium flipper
with S35VN blade and ceramic ball-bearings:
You can buy the CH3504: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

New LionSteel TRE style HX OUTDOORS ZD-005 
 titanium frame-lock folders with 2.75" (70 mm) VG10 blade
 and ball bearings:
CF - titanium and full titanium version:
You can buy the HX OURDOORS ZD-005 folders at Fasttech: ***HERE***

Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006,
the budget version of the Thor 3.  
Titanium frame-lock construction with
3.54" (90 mm) S35VN blade and ball bearings:
Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006
Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006
You can buy the Armorhide ZD-006 folders at Fasttech: ***HERE***

Razor titanium frame-lock flipper in new colors
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
Two Sun TS40 Razor titanium
Two Sun TS40 Razor titanium
You can buy the Razor: ***HERE*** 
More titanium S35VN folders: ***HERE***

Two Sun TS21 titanium frame-lock flipper 
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TwoSun flipper: ***HERE*** 


  1. Have you tired out the small Sebenza clone? I have a big clone and it is amazing. Thinking of getting a small.

    1. That version of the small Sebenza at FT or Ali HERE is quite tempting for me. It comes with a nice D2 blade with dual tone finish so I might give it a try.
      I had a couple of noname Sebenza clones from the very early batches (6-7 years ago). They were a hit or miss regarding QC. I should have tried one of the renowned Kevin John versions. :)

      What version do you have?

    2. You're right about Kevin John. Their TiLock variant was very well made and worth the $140 when it was available even though today I wouldn't spend so much on knife. Maybe in some years again ;)

    3. Yeah it looks pretty sweet. I have this one It was a bit stiff and the clip screw that came with it was two short and would fall out. So I swapped clip screws with a different knife and now I don't have any issues!