Friday, January 5, 2018

New knife & folder deals on Aliexpress (MAXACE Stedemon, Sigil CF M390, ZT0804CF, Tigend etc.) part 67

(Seller's pics)

Interesting, stylish mini EDC folders
 with AUS-8 blade and G10 handle:
You can buy the LOVOCOO Quartet on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Exclusive Marfione Sigil style titanium - CF folders
with stone washed M390 blade and carbon fiber handle.
Full titanium and titanium - CF version:
Hidden pocket clip and titanium sub frame-lock:
You can buy the Sigil M390 CF: 
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

Very tempting light weight (103 g / 3.63 oz) EDC friendly
Tigend E1503 Swordsman titanium frame-lock flipper
with D2 blade and ceramic ball bearings:
Compact, EDC friendly size:
Sculpted titanium pocket clip & steel lock-bar insert:
You can buy the Tigend Swordsman:

High-end MAXACE STEDEMON A02 titanium frame-lock flippers
with CTS-204P blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the STEDEMON A02: ***HERE***

Serge Cleaver style Tigend Tank flippers
with DC53 blade, ceramic ball bearings and CF or wood handle:
Compact size:
You can buy the Tigend Tank:
 ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Zero Tolerance ZT0804CF style titanum frame-lock flipper
with CF handle scale and ball bearings:
You can buy the ZT0804CF: ***HERE***

LDT Wild Boar frame-lock flipper
with steel handle and ball bearings:
You can buy the LDT Wild Boar folder: ***HERE***


  1. Wow I didn't see that Green Thorn Sigil coming...seems a little more sleek and lighter than the current versions. Whoever is behind Green Thorn and Bear Claw are masters of making it hard to decide which version of a knife one would get...hypothetically...

    That Tigend knife is also sold as a Twosun (and Lovocoo, etc.) I wonder why they do that, selling an unbranded version. I agree it's very tempting and is one of the more practical designs. I might try to win one on Ebay when the prices start to go down. I wish Night Morning Design would take vacation or something...unbelievable how many new designs he (she?) has put out recently.

    1. I`m glad they kept the hidden pocket clip design at these new M390 Sigils. My full titanium stone washed S35VN version also has that and I like it.

      As I see a lot of TwoSun models are sold unbranded, at least I can`t see logos in the pictures.

    2. I looked at the Samier S35VN Sigils but the pocket clip does not appear to be the hidden type, at least it is not set into the handle like the ZT. Where did you get your Sigil?

    3. I bought it from Samier about a year ago. Their new batch (MK6 ?) comes with a normal pocket clip as I see.

    4. It seems every batch of knives is potentially a limited edition.

    5. I love the Sigil, it's one of my favorite knives and it's actually the only knife that I have 2 of.
      It's also unfortunately one that I carry the least due to this darn pocket clip, they can't seem to be able to do a good one on this knife.

      Both of mine are from Samier. The first version that I got is the same as Isti, S35VN sub-frame lock with the hidden clip. While it looks awesome, the clip retention is close to none and basically doesn't hold on to the pocket.
      The second version that I got is the one with the mirror damascus blade. This one is a frame lock and the pocket clip, while being a standard clip is even worse that the first one, it's as stiff as it can be and I can barely slide a piece of paper though it, let alone be any kind of pants.
      I'm not planning on carrying this one, it's more of a safe queen, but if I would, I would have to sand the clip down.

      At $200, the GT version will be a tough sale given that the M390 Samier version sales for about $120 and Samier's quality is really good.
      The CF version looks very tempting though and if Samier decides to make one at a reasonable price, I may pick one up then.

    6. I thought the normal pocket clip would work better on the Sigil. Is it possible to remove the pocket clip and bend a little?

      The Boker Federal doesn`t come with an award winning pocket clip either. :) In spite of that I like mine. I should get it a nice a leather belt pouch so I could edc it more often.

    7. Honestly, it is so stiff and short that it feels like any attempt to bend it would just make it snap. I think the best course of action on this one would be to remove the clip and sand down parts of the bottom to make space between the frame and the clip to allow space for the fabric.

  2. The Stedemon is sexy as hell... But quite expensive, so I'll probably not get it, and limit myself to the CH3513.
    On the arrival side, my Vouking was delivered this morning. The grind, shape and all are great. It's really THE folding puukko of my dreams: scandi grind, medium size, light but not too much, some modern touches in the design, Swedish steel (wish it were Finish, but hey...).
    Only negative, it is not very smooth and the detent is quite strong so despite the front flipper being large and well design, flipping is (at the moment) not feasible. But for a work knife, no problem, you open it deliberately and slowly in two steps with one hand and no problems!

    1. Do you have the full satin version of the Vouking? It`s a pity that the action is not smooth otherwise I also like the design.

    2. I went for the black/black version. I guess that "blackwash" on the flat/tang of the blade may explain a bit of the "not as smooth as I'd like" action. Anyway, given the strength of the detent, even if it was super smooth, you wouldn't be able to flip it in one smooth motion.
      And when I say "not smooth", it's really not bad, it's just less fluid than on the Elipsis and KingKong I was carrying these last few days. Actually, once the detent is passed, it flips very nicely.

  3. Ah, and I forgot... the ZT0804 CF clone goes on my wish list... I don't think the steel really is CTS-204p at this price, but the utilitarian shape and the CF scale plus the mid-range price make it quite attractive.

    1. I suppose it`s D2 as usual. I wish they made a bead blasted titanium version too. Black titanium looks a bit plain to me.

  4. Guys, check out the new Vespa Troodon s35vn/cf offerings. I'm not really an otf person but these are jaw-dropping. Imho.

    1. Especially in gold with the dagger style blade! :)

  5. Oh wow, they must have been waiting to release a lot of new knives this there's the Vespa MT Cypher clone in m390. So when's the next major Chinese online sale :)

  6. Opinion on the Quartet knife? Is it a replica of something? Looks pretty cool

    1. I have no idea. It`s an interesting little folder so I might end up ordering one. :)