Monday, December 18, 2017

New knife, folder, multi tool & flashlight deals (Ganzo, Brother, Y-Start, JETBeam, Nitecore) at GearBest

GANZO Firebird F7551 cleavers
with G10 handle and axis-lock:
You can buy the Ganzo F7551 G10: ***HERE***
You can use the coupon code OUT10OFF for 10% Off.

BROTHER 1501G gentleman`s folder
with polished G10 handle, 440C blade and brass liners:
You can buy the BROTHER 1501G: ***HERE***

Y-START LK5013 flippers
with 440C blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Y-START LK5013 flippers: ***HERE***

Y-START LK5013D flipper
with damascus blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Y-START LK5013D flipper: ***HERE***

SR SR590 Medford Praetorian style frame-lock folders:
You can buy the SR SR590: ***HERE***

Key chain EDC tools:

You can buy these key chain EDC tools: ***HERE***

FURA titanium frame-lock flippers in 3 colors
 with D2 blade and ball bearings for $26.99:
You can buy the Fura flippers: ***HERE***

Shirogorov Poluchotky style CTSmart flipper
with D2 blade for $9.99:
You can buy this CTSmart flipper: ***HERE***

Ganzo G8012 fixed blade survival knife for $14.99:
Ganzo G8012 survival knife
You can buy the G8012 at GearBest: ***HERE***

Ganzo G7392P-BK axis-lock folder
with stone washed 440C blade for $15.99:
You can buy the Ganzo G7392P-BK: ***HERE***

Sanrenmu 7117 LUX-LK-T5 multi tool - SAK for $9.99:
You can buy the Sanrenmu 7117 LUX-LK-T5: ***HERE***

Ganzo G727M-BK axis-lock Ontario RAT style folder
 for $9.99:
You can buy the Ganzo G727M: ***HERE***

Ganzo G7522-GR frame-lock flipper with ball bearings
 for $17.99:
You can buy the Ganzo G7522-GR: ***HERE***

FURA Kwaiken 
titanium frame-lock flipper with D2 blade and ball bearings
+ free titanium lanyard bead for $25.99:
You can buy the FURA Kwaiken***HERE***

Jetbeam WL-S1 900Lm Cree XM-L2 Flashlight
 (1x 8650 or 2x16340 Battery) for $23.99:
You can buy the JETBeam WL-S1: ***HERE***

Nitecore T5s Cree R5 3-Mode 65lm AAA Battery
 Mini EDC Flashlight
for $14.99 (coupon: NT5SGIFT):
You can buy the Nitecore T5s***HERE*** 

Knife & folder sale and coupon deals: ***HERE***

My Harnds Viper modded for tip up carry:


  1. The Brother is very nice. Are you sure the liners are copper and not brass?

    1. You`re right, according to the pics it looks brass. I`ve corrected it, thanks!

    2. This one was around without the G at the end.
      I'm wondering if this version is any different.
      After eyeing the 1502 for a while I like this one even better but they should really add a pouch for it...

    3. In my opinion this 1501 has a better blade - handle ratio than the 1502.

    4. Can be but the 1502 is looking better to me.
      Still don't know if I'd use a clipless knife if they don't add a clip pouch.

  2. The f7551 has ball bearing??

  3. I was weak and ordered the Y-Start damascus knife.
    $20, why not. Plus the small Sanrenmu dragon handle for $6.

    It's christmas after all...

    1. As long as you let me know about your first impressions it`s not a problem. :))
      According to the pics on Ali it looks real damascus so I`m curious about its cutting performance / edge retention.

      I have a Sanrenmu 7117 LUX-LK-T5 on its way to me. It looks like a good base for modding.

    2. Interesting knife, I ruled it out because it seems too heavy for my needs and I hater tip-town clips, they tend to bite the hand while using the knife. What's your plan for the knife?

      And if the Y-Start has a steel like the SRM 910 line then I'm more than satisfied. I have a small Starbenza copy with a good damascus blade and I modded that Enlan EL-01D with 8Cr13MoV damascus which is like usual 8Cr13MoV (Of course I don't know what's the second steel but the contrast is not as strong as on some expensive damascus steels, it's rather grey than black but the new owner likes it).

    3. I`m planning to replace the alu scales with micarta ones and drill them for tip up carry. I`m also contemplating removing the glass breaker tip and replacing the backspacers with micarta ones.

    4. Sounds good indeed. I hope you can drill and tap the liners as they tend to be hardened, too.
      Make sure to show us the results :)

    5. Sure! :)
      I managed to deal with the liners of my Harnds Viper which I converted to tip up carry.

    6. Where's the proof?
      Pictures or it didn't happen ;)

    7. Ok, I`ve added the pics to the bottom of this post. :)

  4. Nice mod. Why didn't you ise one of the existing holes at the last standoff?
    Well, that's what I tried when I wanted to turn my SRM 710 into a tip-up folder.
    The tip-down clip made me dislike that Harnds knife, your way I like it more, even though I'm not so much into deep carry clips, I prefer to just put the clip as far to the end as possible.

    P.S. Received the Whink Rust and Stain Cleaner, next year I will do some ano' (and maybe deep Ti etching) jobs ;)

    1. I tried to place the pocket clip to the most comfortable place on the handle. The factory clip was too big for my taste too.

      Good luck to your ano project! :)

    2. My SRM 7117 has arrived! It`s surprisingly good for this money (nice FFG spey blade and smooth opening out of the box). In real life these grey alu scales look like bead blasted titanium! :)

    3. Great to hear. I hope yu don't have to mill pockets for the extra tools. When I've finished my ano jobs I was thinking about making scales for another 910+ with the liner only and 2 stripes of cf or wood, like on the inlaid sebenzas. It will be onlays only but light enough. Oh, I guess I have to make a single piece cos of the holes, we'll see...

    4. I hope I could make the micarta scales without too much milling.
      Do you want to use the original steel liners with CF or wood stripes?

    5. I guess I'll take the remaining liner from my single linered carbon fiber 910+ and try to drill and tap it. If it turns out well I can order another 910+ when they are on sale. Honestly I have no idea how to do it on the locking liner but it will be interesting I assume.
      I don't know what material I'll use, either my selfmade blackwood cf or that rosewood from the Swindle project. Maybe wood would look more "civilized". Btw, my workmate ordered a 9104 and I'll try how the cf scale looks on it. Maybe then I'll put it on ebay :P

    6. P.S. Now I'm waiting for the arrival of my Small Dragon SRM 7129 which is calling for a cf or glassfiber scale.

    7. As I see I`ll be quite busy with these projects. Don`t forget to post the pics! :)

    8. I just checked the 910+'s scale and it has too many holes for onlays.
      I was thining about filling the weight reducing holes with gitd epoxy and make a transparent or semi-transparent scale.
      But right now I'm playing with my Vespa Neon. The acid is working really well but my idea with the spray paint does not.
      I wanted to paint the Ti, stonewash it, anodize the scratches light blue, remove the paint and anodize the rest dark blue. The anodizing just blew away the paint, have to try something different...

    9. If the color of the scratches is lower on the ano voltage scale than the the base color then you can do it without masking I suppose.

    10. Yes, of course. The proble is, if I anodize light blue and then stonewash/sand the surface I can only anodize to dark blue which is looking unnatural to me. I want dark blue on the lower level and light blue at the surface. Today I made a beautiful bronze tone with only 2 batteries on a polished surface but it only got the color after etching it in the Whink Rust remover.
      Maybe I'll try green with 10 batteries tomorrow, stonewash it, etch it bronze and get a used brass finish.
      Honestly I love that etchant, I should've ordered the16oz bottle isntead of 6oz. Next time I guess ;)