Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New knife, folder & flashlight deals at GearBest (Ganzo, Sanrenmu, Zanflare, Utorch, Revtronic)

Sanrenmu 7130 FUF-SF fixed blade / neck knife
for $11.99 (coupon: S713FUF-SF):
Sanrenmu 7130 FUF-SF fixed blade neck knife
Sanrenmu 7130 FUF-SF fixed blade neck knife
IZULA and SRM 7130:
IZULA and Sanrenmu 7130
 You can buy the Sanrenmu "IZULA" neck knife: ***HERE***

GANZO Firebird F7551 cleaver with G10 handle
 and axis-lock for $15.99 (coupon: GZF7551-OR):
You can buy the Ganzo F7551 G10: ***HERE***

Compact sized, EDC friendly Ganzo Firebird F753M1-CF folder
with 440C blade, carbon fiber handle and axis-lock for $11.99:
You can buy the Ganzo F753M1-CF at GearBest: ***HERE***

Sanrenmu 7010 LUC-SA
for $5.99 (coupon: S7010LUC-SA):
You can buy the Sanrenmu 7010 LUC-SA: ***HERE***

Utorch UT01 800Lm  compact sized EDC 
flashlight for $14.99 (coupon: TTGIFTS):
You can buy the Utorch UT01***HERE***

Zanflare C4 Multifunctional Battery Charger for $23.99:
You can buy the Zanflare C4***HERE***

Revtronic HL3A Ultra 168 Lm  headlamp for $9.99:
You can buy the Revtronic HL3A***HERE***

More knife & folder deals: ***HERE***

LED lights and flashlights sale: ***HERE*** 


  1. Just got the next Fura knife for the other job student.

    It's kinda thick behind the edge due to the 4mm blade stock and low grind, more like an axe than a slicer.
    It's sharp though so we'll see what the new owner is thinking.
    I could thin out the blade and make it full flat but that would take a while. Also the detent is on the weak side, the ball doesn't fall deep enough. Maybe I can fix that by simly disassemby and reassembly, maybe I'll have to make the detent hole a bit bigger.
    Not bad for $30 but the blade grind on the $20 Zieba clone is way beyond that ;)
    How thin/thick is your blue Fura's blade?

    1. Your student shouldn`t be surprised by that blade geometry. That`s a very narrow and quite thick blade so what did he expect? Anyway after adjusting the lock-bar (the detent was quite strong) I really like mine: elegant design, slim lines, smooth flipping action.

      My blue FURA flipper also comes with a 4 mm thick blade. Since its blade is much wider than the blade of the kwaiken version it slices quite well.

    2. He was not surprised, he hasn't seen it, yet, and I think he wouldn't mind, that newbie :P
      I was surprised, maybe after my slim Zieba G2 clone is such a good slicer. I didn't read the specs so much, I just showed some other Fura knives after the other student got his "water ripple" or Anso Fura.
      He liked the green one, so did I. It's a nice knife, the clip is a bit on the tight side and well, the blade is too thick. A holow grind would be cool or the flat grind up to the false edge. Maybe I'll mod it, maybe he'll like it as a sharpened pry-bar ;)
      I guess I also have to polish the lockface, never had lock rock with a steel insert before, but again, nothing to cry about for the price. The handle is really well made with a beautiful green ano, I couldn't get this color with my equipment, that's for sure.
      And yes, my pick would be the blue one if I wouldn't want a Zieba G2 with Ti handles or an Elegant Lines when the price comes down.

    3. P.S. Disassembled the knife. The pivot has no D shaped counter but it opened well with some lateral force on the blade. Fixed the lock rock by removing the steel insert and removing some burr both on the locking arm and on the insert. The detent arc shows that the detent hole is slightly off, I can fix that at the weekend.
      Maybe I should send an inquiry to fasttech for a cheaper price? :P

    4. The anodized green color is unique for sure.

      This kind of folders make DIYers like you or me busy and happy. :)
      At least for me it`s always a pleasure if I can fix or mod a folder to my liking.

    5. It's not my knife if I haven't modified it and I wouldn't give one to my colleagues or friends if it's not as good as I can make it to be.
      I'm glad already that I didn't have to play with boiling water on this one, the amount and type of loctite was just right.
      Will be interesting what I can do with that etchant, I'd like to try something like this:
      Haven't seen this TS21 version anyhwere else and I'm sure it's etched, not milled. The pattern goes down on the sides and on the picture taken from the side you can see the front scale got a bit too much etching.

    6. It also looks etched to me.

    7. Ok, your idea about releasing the Fura Kwaiken's lockbar a bit was a good one. I've also fixed the detent hole with a diamond bit and my Proxxon. It was just 1/4 mm I'd guess, now it's working fine.
      If my student likes the sharpened pry-bar I'm glad, if not I'll send it to a knifemaking friend to give it a re-grind. Flat ground to zero tip with a hollow grind on the straight area would look awesome. All that it would cost me is some selfmade blue shining cf I guess ;)

    8. Happy New Year! :)
      A reground blade would be interesting with this setup for sure.
      At the moment I wouldn`t try to do it either without practising on scrap metal first.

    9. Happy New Year :)

      I only have a flat surface grinder at hand where I can only work from one side - with something like P24 paper, pretty coarse stuff.
      After that handsanding. Been there, done that, too much work.
      And yes, without experience and a workrest I wouldn't even try a hollow ground, even though some pros do it that way.
      I still have a 4mm strap of Ti on job, a letter opener with carbidized edge would be cool I assume. Google Boker damascus letter opener and you get the idea ;)

  2. GANZO Firebird FB7603-CA coupon: ID695 - not valid

    1. That coupon was limited to 50 pcs. Such a good deals won`t last long.

    2. The 910's are back to $20, too.
      Still a steal for that price.