Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New daily knife & folder deals at GearBest (HX Outdoors, Ganzo, D2 fixed blade, Sanrenmu)

Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006 
titanium frame-lock flipper with 3.54" (90 mm) S35VN blade
 and ball bearings for $89.99:
Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006
You can buy the ZD-006 Armorhide folder: ***HERE***
Full review: ***HERE***

HX Outdoors EDC-005A mini titanium frame-lock folder
 with S35VN blade and steel necklace for $55.99:
You can buy the HX Outdoors EDC-005A: ***HERE***

Ganzo Firebird G720 / F720 heavy duty folder for $12.99:
Ganzo Firebird G720 / F720 heavy duty folder
You can buy the F720 at GearBest: ***HERE***

Ganzo G743-2-BK frame-lock flipper
with stone washed 440C blade for $13.99:
You can buy the Ganzo G743-2-BK: ***HERE***

Microtech Matrix style SR Knives SR631 flipper
with G10 handle for $9.99:
You can buy the SR Knives SR631: ***HERE***

Sanrenmu 711 for $4.99:
You can buy the Sanrenmu 711***HERE***

Heavy duty fixed blade survival knives
 with D2 blade, kydex sheath and tek-lok
for $17.99 and $11.99:  
You can buy them: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Flashlight coupon deals:
Nitecore EA45S Cree XPL Hi V3 1000Lm Unibody
 4xAA battery Flashlight for $37.99 (coupon: NEASGIFT):
You can buy the Nitecore EA45S***HERE*** 

WUBEN I332 520LM CREE XPL-V5 16340 battery Flashlight
for $15.99 (coupon: WubenV5):
You can buy the WUBEN I332***HERE*** 

Knife & folder sale and coupon deals: ***HERE***


  1. These FBIQQ fixed blade knives are listed as 5CR13MOV on DHgate and not D2 as shown on GearBest. I would not trust the listings showing D2 with these knives (and many others such as the Y-Start knives).

    1. As I said earlier to your previous post different versions of these fixed blades are also listed on Aliexpress under different names / logos with different blade steels (D2, 7Cr.., 5Cr.., etc.). Without an XRF alloy analyzer it would be hard to figure out what blade steel they used at the different versions.

  2. How long does the code work for the Nitecore? Always wanted this one, but the code is not accepted nor can I find such an awesome price.

    1. The code is limited to a certain number of purchase.
      Keep an eye on my blog, sooner or later GB will release a new code.