Thursday, June 29, 2017

New knife, folder deals (Marfione Sigil, District 9 Volcano, Spyderco Khalsa, Zieba G2, Enlan) on Aliexpress part 43

(Seller's pics)

Marfione Sigil style frame-lock flipper
with steel handle, D2 blade and ball bearings:

You can buy the Sigil on Aliexpress: 
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
 the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders.

District 9 Volcano titanium flippers
with M390 blade and ceramic ball bearings.
The new improved version of the 10th Anniversary Edition:
- better workmanship
- reduced weight (185g -> 163g)
- stronger pivot, improved pocket clip
 You can buy the Dictrict 9 Volcano on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** 

New Enlan EW078 folders
with 8cr13MoV blade and G10 handle:
You can buy the Enlan EW078 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

New extra large heavy duty Enlan EW039 folder:
- blade length 4.4" (112 mm)
- blade thickness 0.177" (4.5 mm)
- overall legth 10.24" (260 mm)

You can buy the Enlan EW039 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Turen damascus pocket knives
with ox horn handle and premium leather holster:
You can buy the Turen folders on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** 

Spyderco C40GP Jot Singh Khalsa style folder:
You can buy the Khalsa on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Zieba G2 style front flipper frame-lock folder in blue 
with steel handle,  9Cr18MoV blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the G2 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***
Satin or stone washed blade versions: ***HERE***  


  1. That Marfione Sigil clone looks like a knockoff of the Samier Sigil clone and I doubt the quality of the D2 and its heat treat for that pricepoint, the Samier clone comes in S35vn and M390 depending on the generation, and an all Ti frame, the latest (3rd?) gen of the Samier clones has a fixed milled titanium pocket clip and S35VN, which in my mind is better than the hidden spring pocket clip of the original Marfione design and early Sigil clones.

    1. How can you be sure about which version (Samier ot the original) they copied? :)
      Anyway it's a budget version for those who like the design of the Sigil but can't afford $110 for the Samier version. You can't be sure about the blade steel either. For example I have cheaper folders with D2 steel. Only God or a guy with an XRF alloy analyzer could know for sure. :)

      I have the S35VN version of the Samier Sigil with the hidden pocket clip which is a masterpiece. First I was a bit sceptical about the pocket clip design but it turned out to be quite useable. IMO it's the hidden pocket clip which adds an extra uniqueness facor to the Sigil. I guess they didn't copy the hidden pocket clip design at the budget version because that would have raised the cost atleast by 50%.

    2. Totally agreed. I, too, have the S35vn sigil from Samier, and it's really a great piece, the pocket clip is perfectly usable AND nice to look at, plus well engineered.
      Only thing, Samier said they were sending me the tool for adjusting the pivot (I've got a micro bit of blade play) and I'm still waiting for it. I might send them another message...

    3. I have the Samier version and totally agree with it being an awesome knife.
      I'm not so keen on the pocket clip though. While I agree that it looks awesome and certainly adds to the uniqueness of the design, I find that it function, which is to hold the knife in place in your pocket, just doesn't work well, not enough retention.
      Still, I wouldn't want it any other way, as it's part of its beauty :)

  2. "How can you be sure about which version (Samier ot the original) they copied? :)"
    Very true, but thats part of the thrill with knives like this.

    It also seems that Marfione got rid of the hidden pocket clip on the later Mk6/7 versions of the Sigil, the latest ones from this years Blade shows have been fixed milled titanium instead of the hidden spring ones, so I guess thats accurate for the clones now, it seems Samier updated their design to match Marfione's in regards to the pocket clip.

    It's kind of hilarious how he's still charging $3.5k USD for the new Sigil's.

    1. Yep, is the link for the serial run of his latest "handmade" Sigil's, the one off ones he had at Atlanta were 3.5K+

    2. When did they change the sub frame-lock to frame-lock?

    3. Not entirely sure, it looks like it might have been when they started marking the newer version Mk6 Sigil's, it seems that the CF scaled ones always had them but the cheapest Ti handled versions through Microtech have always been framelocks.

      Marfione is kinda inconsistent with features on his custom stuff.

    4. I think he change to frame lock about a year ago, due to legal and patent issues with whoever created the sub-frame lock (kershaw/ZT ???)

    5. Just had a look at the link above.
      The price is insane for us common mortals but I can see how someone with loads of cash would purchase it, this thing is a damn work of art!

      Here's a link to another of his work of art, for those like me that like to droll over things they will never have LOL!
      24K gold Dragon edition:

    6. It's never gonna be a safe queen but it will cut only paper. :))

  3. pretty cool pieces this time Isti, i was wondering if you remember the AG Russell skorpion look-alike boker magnum called "flat liner", fasttech had it for a while and now that i want to buy it is no longer there, that kind of slim stainless folders are definitely my type, and maybe some other chubby ones like the spyderco captain or the boker magnum bulldog, such a shame the linerlock of the last one is aesthetical.

    1. I have one of those folders. It's a Magnum by Boker. Unfortunately I can't find it either on AE.
      Have a look at my Kershaw Vapor III you might like it too.

  4. Just received today my grey CH3507... What can I say... If you thought the 3504 was a great knife at a great price, be warned, they've upped the ante quite considerably. The CH3507 is a superb knife, with a very very nice fit and finish, great smoothness, a blade finished a bit like Rike knives but without the "grittiness" in the closing of the blade. And m390 steel that comes very sharp out of the box... All of that for a price that's still remarkably acceptable. To me the only "up and coming" Chinese brand that remains priced "like in the good old days" or not far off...

    1. Yeah, as I posted in the other page, my weakness only allowed me to resist a couple of weeks, after that I gave in and ordered the Blue/Green CH3507 and the Bear Claw F95.
      Can't wait to get my hands on the CH, looks like a hell of a knife.
      Hopefully we'll get some awesome pictures of it on your blog ;)
      Agree, CH is probably right now the brand from which you can STILL get you best bang-for-the-buck.
      I would assume this would all end if one day they start being distributed in the western countries.

    2. If those you get are anything like those I've received, you'll be positively enthralled by both of these knives! They're both among the few of my knives that fall back simply by gravity (once passed the detent) without having to wriggle the knife...
      I'll likely do some pics tomorrow when there's light!

    3. I'm planning to order most of the fancy folders on my wish list in August (Bear Claw blue s-pattern F95, CH3507, mini CH3504, BM710CF, a couple of TwoSuns etc.). That will be a hard time for my credit card! :)

    4. @Franz
      Which one do you prefer the CH3507 or the Rike 1508-2?

    5. The anodisation work on the Rike is really great and the blade shape may be easier to sharpen, too. But the rest? almost all goes to the CH3507, I'd say.
      Hopefully I'll take pics this afternoon and do a quick review/pictorial tonight!

  5. Got no cc, needed Zieba. Found blue steel one on the bay, €23.
    Now happy, hope feel same when it's here.

    Twitter style? Call me trumpette :p

    1. Oh I saw that one too, iKiv or something like that. I couldn't resist the blue one and have one ordered from AE.

    2. Mine should arrive this week, I guess it would make a good melon slicer ;)

    3. I received my blue stonewashed all steel Zieba clone.
      There's no logo on it, only 9Cr18MoV on the backside.

      First impression is very good, the color is looking much less cheap that I thought it could, I actually like it a lot.

      Action is a bit gritty though, I guess because the pivot screw was tightened a bit too much and the bearing balls left dents in the washers.

      The clip is bent in slightly and very tight, the clip screw was more difficult to loosen than ever because they used the heavy duty loctite. Why? Because the pocket in the frame for the clip is a bit too big, without loctite it wiggles.

      The worst thing though is that the blade won't close flush with the scale making the detent very loose. Seems I got a lemon, looking pretty, still sour.
      Tomorrow I'll write to the seller and see what happens. The worst thing is that the stop pin is in the blade which makes it kinda difficult to tweak it so it would close as it should :(

    4. Do you mean it doesn't close properly?

    5. Exactly. On the pictures the only part that's not within the handle in closed position is the opening lever. On my version a part of the spine is visible from the side. The detent ball can't fall into the detent hole as much as it should. It sounds strange when you close the knife and there's not enough tension to flick it open every time.
      I guess I could work on it with a dremel tool but that won't be fun as the arcs for the stop pin is milled into the handle made of hardened steel...
      I really dig the concept and the color though.


    7. First I would check which arc isn't milled properly then I would try to fix it with a dremel. You should be careful because only a couple of 0.1 milimeters needed.

    8. I checked that already, both arcs are the same. I assume the stop pin in the blade is at the wrong place. I'm thinking about if I either want to corect 2 arcs or tweak the pin, not sure yet.
      Mor work on the arcs, more risks for the ricasso grinding the pins...

    9. Well then, I've milled away a piece of the stop pin but it didn't help that much so I've decided to use a diamond tool for our dremel tool and milled awys a part of the arc by clamping in the tool into the drill press on job.
      It worked quite well, the blade closes as much as it should, I was surprised, but guess what? The blade still won't get caught by the detent ball because the detent hole is a bit too far away from the pivot so the ball is resting only "half-assed". I guess I could correct the hole with a small diamond bit on the drill press but not today and not this week as I'm off from work for 8 days.
      If I wouldn't like the design and the color then I might just gift it to someone but I want to make it work :P

    10. Drilling hardened steel won't be as easy. Let me know about the result.
      I also learnt a lot about folders by tinkering with my budget knives. :)
      Have a nice holiday!

    11. It's possible to do it with diamond bits, even the cheap ones are working for a while. Best way is using a drill press and cooling fluid, most imortant is never to use pressure or the diamond coating will wear off.

      Tried to deassist my Kershaw Leek:

      It would've worked if I wouldn't have shortened the thumb studs first. It's a good flicker without the spring but it's a horrible flipper without it.

    12. Photobucket doesn't favour you. ;) Only some sort of 3rd party hosting $hit is visible...

    13. Oh, I thought direct links are still working.
      Yeah, photofucket really killed its own business but I'm too lazy to use imgur or whatever.
      The seller offered a hand-checked specimen for €16, that's ~$40 for 1 working knife (plus a plaything) instead of $23. Not the best deal I said...

    14. Photobucket should write a book with the title "How to shoot yourself in the leg"! :))
      Did you pay €16 for the blued G2?

    15. No. The seller offered a $4 redund. Guess I take it even though I could've ordered it at the knife mall right away :P

      Don't know when I've found this shop and never ordered there but they seem to have good deals. And you can use pp.

    16. If you open a dispute, you'll get a better refund.

    17. If course, but I'm too busy/lazy for that atm.
      I just remember not to order from that seller or if so to ask for a hand checked item. That's the thing with clones, if it was a Sanrenmu knife I wouldn't worry abour QC.

    18. Sorry to hear about your troubles :(
      I just received my Jufule black Zieba and got lucky, mine is fine.
      I like this version as there is no logo on the blade other than the blade steel.
      Fit and finish on mine are good, the action is OK, not the best, not the worst. The bearings seem OK but I think the lockbar is pressing too hard, not allowing the blade to close on its own. It's definitely acceptable for $20.
      The front flipper takes some time to get used to. Opening is slowly is relatively simple and straightforward, making it flip takes a bit of concentration, definitely not as intuitive as a regular flipper that you flip without thinking about it.
      Overall, I wouldn't spend 100s on it but like the design, it's a very nice gentleman's folder.

    19. Glad to hear your copy was not so sour ;)
      Well, I like the front flipper, I use my thumb to open it, for me it's impossible to use my index finger for it.
      I had a hard time releasing the loctite on this one, I had to light it with a cigarette lighter, got a pfffff sound with some smoke and then I could release it, boiling water was not enough.
      The reason for this might be that the pivot has no counter lock so they have to glue it to prevent loosening of the screw.

    20. By the way, always when I play with my Mnandi clone I wish they'd make one with such a front flipper. I'd like it even more than with the "nail nick" thingy...

  6. And here comes the review and pics of the CH3507... The more I look at it, the more I'm impressed. It's not cheap, but for the price, it's a steal!

    1. Excellent!
      I'm still torn between this grey and the greenish one.

    2. Had the same question... But looking more closely I found that the greenish finish looks more of a paint/varnish than a true anodisation job, and therefore might change over time/chip/scratch.

    3. Sweet, can't wait to get mine!
      I was being mesmerized by the geenish/blueish so had to get this one :)
      I actually liked the look of not being perfectly even, but to each his own.

    4. On a side note, I am not too fond of their new logo with the Chinese characters. They should have just kept it simple just with CH like in the old ones.