Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review: Sanrenmu Land 910+, 9103 and 9104 amazing folders with ball bearings

!! Best buys !!
Sanrenmu LAND 9104 and 9103
The new budget superstars. :)
They're deserving successors of the renowned Sanrenmu 710.

- amazing fit and finish
- excellent Sebenza style design with nice details and EDC friendly size
- Sandvik 12C27 blade with rounded blade spine
- the pocket clip also servs as a lock-bar limiter (9103/9104)
- blued dual thumb studs and lanyard tube (which has the same shape as the stand offs)
- good weight thanks to the skeletonized liners (910+) and the milled out handles (9103/9104)
- sturdy overall construction with excellent ergonomics
- solid early lock-up without any blade play or lock stick
- the lock-bar is comfortable to operate
- pretty smooth action thanks to the ball bearings
- perfectly centered blades
- it's easy to take them apart thanks to the high quality screws (T8, T6)

- my 9103 arrived with a quite strong detent but it was easy to adjust by bending the lock-bar slightly outwards
- someone may find the handle of  the 9103/9104 a bit slippery, some  texture/pattern would be nice on the handle

All of these 3 folders represent an amazing value for the money. They are excellent alternatives even for $60+ folders from well known brands.
Although the 9103 and 9104 are slimmer and more elegant than the 910+ the grippy G10 handle scales make the 910+ more practical.

Blade length: 3.34" (85 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.1118" (3 mm)
Blade steel: Sandvik 12C27 
Open length: 7.87" (200 mm)
Closed length: 4.53" (115 mm)
Handle thickness:
910+: 0.52" (13.2 mm)
9103/9104: 0.4" (10.4 mm)
910+: 4.48 oz (127 g)
9103: 4.79 oz (136 g)
9104: 4.83 oz (137 g)
Handle: G10 with steel liners (910+), steel (9103, 9004)
Lock: liner-lock (910+), frame-lock (9103, 9004) 
Carry: right or left hand tip up

Sanrenmu changed the model numbers some of these folders:
Land 910 plus green G10 --> Land 911
Land 9103 silver all steel --> Land 912
Land 9104 black all steel --> Land 913

You can buy them in the following stores:

***HERE*** and ***HERE***

SRM Land knives: ***HERE***

Exclusive Sanrenmu Land 812
with titanium handle, VG10 blade and ball bearings:
Sanrenmu Land 812 titanium - VG10
You can buy the Sanrenmu Land 812 on Aliexpress:
Limited Stock!

Stunning fit & finish:
Sanrenmu 9104, 9103 and 910+:
Sanrenmu Land 910+, 9103 and 9104
Ball bearing and milled steel handles (9103).
There's a plastic washer on the pivot screw
 to prevent loosening:
The pocket clip also serves as a lock-bar limiter:
Very nice details:
Sanrenmu Land 910+, 9103 and 9104
The lanyard tube has the same shape as the stand offs:
Solid, early lock-up, dead centered blade:

More pics:
Sanrenmu Land 910+, 9103 and 9104
Sanrenmu Land 910+, 9103 and 9104
Sanrenmu Land 910+, 9103 and 9104


  1. I've got the 9104 as a result of your recommendation and it is just superb. An evolution of the 710 with loads of improvements. A great knife at a brilliant price.

    1. I look forward to the next full size folder of Sanrenmu, I hope it will be just as good as these.

  2. This review makes me even more impatient to receive my 9103! They really look well made and finished!

  3. Couldn't agree more with your review. I have the silver stone washed and the quality is frankly astounding. Every 1mm of the surface is beautifully machined. These should definately go in the budget knife 'hall of fame'.
    I'm excitedly looking forward to the next full size sanrenmu.

  4. I have a couple Sanrenmu LAND 910PLUS knives with the liner locks, and with the GearBest flash sales, I ordered the 9103 and 9104. Though I am right handed, I have many knives set up for left side carry. That helps when I have a handgun on my right side. The 910PLUS, 9103 and 9104 have right and left side carry options. Though I like frame locks knives, the lock bar sometimes gets into the way of deployment if one presses the detent in too much. They all represent a great value.

    1. That's why I prefer liner-lock to frame-lock at flippers. You don't have to pay attention to the position of your fingers when you flip open a liner-lock folder.

  5. This knife is so good that I bought it in two different colors!
    Will you try Ruike knifes?

    1. As soon as I manage to find a good deal/source for Ruike Knives I'll give them a try.

  6. What if the clip is removed? Would it affect the operation of the frame lock?

  7. Very good review on the 9103/9104/910 Plus trio by Sanrenmu!I know it's preference related but I liked the feel of the 9104 strangely more so than the 910 Plus.The 910 Plus to my hand had a slightly thicker and squared-off feel in my grip.Either way it's hard to own just one of the three because they look so good.

    1. Thank you! :)
      The 9103/9104 are slimmer than the 910 Plus that might be a pro. Anyway they're so inexpensive and well made that anyone could afford 2 or 3 of these.

  8. As of today I consider them the best possible bang for your buck. I like them so much that I have given a few away as presents and everyone likes them.
    I hope they pass this perfection through the whole line. They manage to make the same amazing quality in their Real Steel knife line.

    1. Sure! I also bought a couple of them for gift and as spare. :)