Saturday, May 27, 2017

New knife, folder deals (YJ-ANDY, Zero Tolerance, TwoSun, etc.) on Aliexpress part 35

(Seller's pics)

New YJ-ANDY compact titanium frame-lock flippers
at Dicoria! 
All of them come with:
 - 3.15" (80 mm) S35VN blade,
- ceramic ball bearings,
- unique pivot system,
- integrated milled backspacer

Leather belt pouch as gift:

 Integrated milled backspacer:
Unique pivot system with only one side screw:
You can buy the YJ-ANDY 703S on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop
 the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders. 

YJ-ANDY 703:
You can buy the YJ-ANDY 703 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

YJ-ANDY 701:
You can buy the YJ-ANDY 701 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

It looks like Bear Claw is the new Green Thorn. :)
Shirogorov style Bear Claw F95 S pattern
light weight titanium frame-lock flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the new F95 S pattern on Aliexpress: 

TwoSun TS26 titanium flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the TS26 on Aliexpress: ***HERE***
More TWOSUN folders and spinners:

Magic titanium frame-lock spinner flipper
 with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the Magic spinner folder on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

Zero Tolerance ZT0427 style flipper
 with G10 handle scales and ball bearings:
Badass 4.13" (105 mm) blade:
You can buy the ZT0427 on Aliexpress: 
More ZT0427 versions: ***HERE***


  1. I had seen the YJ andy (and put the last version, the 701, on my whishlist), but I had missed that BearClaw F95... but thanks to you I've just ordered it!

    1. That Bear Claw F95 will also find its way to me soon. :) It will make an awesome duo with my Green Thorn F95.

    2. Yeah, will do fine with my Green Thorn f95, and my Turttle pattern F95... Will just keep my little Shiro Familly growing slowly but nicely ;)

  2. I definitely need to stop following your blog LOL!
    I'm a sucker for all these Shiro clones and this new Bear Claw will make it to my collection soon or later. (I'm also still waiting for them to release a cheaper D2 F7...)
    This new TwoSum looks really good as well.
    The spinner / knife is a cool idea / novelty although I don't expect it to work really well as a spinner as it will be pretty unbalanced.
    For now, must resist this new F95 and TwoSun ... must resist ... must resist ...

    1. My monogram is "BI", Bad Influence. :))
      Yes, a cheaper F7 would be great along with a cheaper Apache.
      The TS26 is on my wishlist with the blue TS19. They would make a nice birthday present for myself. :)
      That spinner folder reminds me to my ADV Mini Butcher copy but with a cleaner design.

  3. I like that 701, too, the mechanics are looking great even though that missing pivot on the lock side is making it seem "blind".
    Not a big deal, and that Dicoria print is acceptable, even though not pretty, but that fugly print on the backspacer? Seriously?

    1. The handle design of the 701 reminds me to the Common Lancehead folders. I'm not a fan of that text on the backspacer either.

      There's a new stupid rule forced on the sellers by Aliexpress. They can only sell knives with their own brand. That's why everyone photoshop a logo on the knives like crazy recently. :)

    2. By the way, on the pic with the disassembled knife I like the satinized blade much better than the stonewashed one.
      Stonewashing is cool for a user knife but it's good for hiding little mistakes in manufacturing so I prefer satin blades for shelf queens or gentlemen's knives ;)

    3. On DHg, one or two sellers offer those knives in several finishes, (apart from the titanium being blue and grey).

      The signature on the back looks real and might even be engraved/etched -- could take some violence to remove it. I'm gonna see for myself in few days (well, weeks probably).

  4. Am I the only one who likes the new black ZT0427 copy?

  5. Its a knife and a fidget spinner at the same time?! I'm waiting for your review but this thing can be selling like hotcakes.

    The YJ-ANDY is great for the price if the steel is really S35VN. The Chinese keep improving the quality and its nice to see original ideas.

  6. Just for the ones who are interested to see a single linered SRM 910+

    Drilling was kinda difficult on this one with countersinking on both sides of the scales for the screw heads but also the ball bearings (with a washer) and the standoffs.

    1. Good job! Was the milling for the ball bearings difficult?

    2. That one was the easy part with this tool :P

      To get the pivot screws at the right place was more difficult because I tried to do that in a hurry. Also to sink the standoffs on the inside of the scale was new to me, but well, I've milled the clip's pocket today so I'm ready to chamfer the edges soon :)
      Next job, finish the automatic knife's cf scales that's laying around since 4 years. Just got the matching black screws (which I must shorten though). Then a rawhide/gitd strabenza striped handle for a Boker knife. So yeah, I'm quite busy these days :P

    3. Nice but my OCD doesn't like that LOL!
      Having only 1 liner looks weird to me, I would have had both liners with CF scales, more weigh but yeah...
      I love your pattern on the CF scales, looks awesome.
      I love to see your mods on all these knives, you have great skills.

    4. Thank you and I know what you mean about the single liner.
      Maybe on a SRM 9104 it could look better, I just wasn't sure if that steel scale wouldn't be too thin to copy it in carbon fiber.
      If I had a milling machine or more fun with the dremel I'd probably grind around the locking liner and nest it into the cf.
      But that was well beyond the time I'd want to invest ;)

      Btw, the cf/steel SRM 710 worked out pretty well, I just shouldn't have borrowed it away cos I think the one I gave it to has lost it but can't admit it...

    5. That black SRM 710 with the CF scale looks awesome! It would be perfect with a tip-up carry clip. :)

    6. Exactly. With the tools at hand I never managed to drill+tap the clip holes though.
      We need a SRM Land 701 Plus and 7013/4

  7. Yeah, the 710CF looks awesome and I agree, tip up would be a plus.
    I remember you posting this pic on Fasttech forum if I'm not mistaken.
    Typically, the frame locks will look better with one side metal and the other CF than a single liner liner lock.
    The nested liners idea is great though buy yes, I can see how that would be time consuming, but it would definitely look awesome and would allow for the knife to be thinner as well.
    A 9103/9104 with the show side being CF would look nice for sure.

    1. I guess I'd make a cf scale for a frame lock if it has washers.
      To mill the pocket for the bearings+steel washer and countersink the pivot doesn't leave too much material so the show scale would have to be thicker than the lockside. Or both sides have nested liners...
      But well, maybe I'll try it on the CRKT Swindle someday. I really like that swayback folder but it's way too heavy for its size.

  8. P.S.

  9. Finally got my Bear Claw "brackets" F95 knife. Flipping action is the equal of my Green Thorn F95 knives. It's super smooth, flips perfectly and falls shut. Centering is perfect. The handle has a more "worn" or oxidized finish than other titanium scales I have, but I like it. My only complaint is that you can wiggle the pocket clip, but that could probably be tightened up if you disassemble the knife. Thanks Isti for the heads up on this one!

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I'm planning to order the blue version of the S-pattern Bear Claw F95 in August. Unless something more interesting doesn't show up. :)