Thursday, May 4, 2017

New knife and folder deals (Rike Knife, ANAX, Two Sun, Kevin John) on Aliexpress part 31

(Seller's pics)

New Two Sun TS19 Night Morning design titanium flipper
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the new Two Sun TS19 on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** 

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with a lock!

New Two Sun TS17 Night Morning design titanium flipper
with D2 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the new Two Sun TS17 on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** 

Rike Knife RK1701CF 2 anniversary titanium flipper
with CF inserts, S35VN blade and ceramic ball bearings:
You can buy the Rike Knife RK1701CF 2 on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Green Thorn ANAX with one piece, integral titanium handle,
S35VN blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the titanium ANAX on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***
Cheaper aluminium handle version: ***HERE***

Kevin John New Concept "Venom 3" titanium flipper
with M390 blade and ball bearings:
You can buy the KJ New Concept on Aliexpress: 
***HERE*** or ***HERE***


  1. Have you seen the Zieba front flipper G10 variant already?
    I'm not sure about the quality, on the pictures the black version's scale seems to be a bit off. It would be still a good way to try the design before spending $80 on it...
    I just wish they wouldn't use only black and green G10, like on the Tekut Zero and the SRM 910+. Is there no more blue, yellow, orange, multicolored or whatever G10 available??

    1. Thanks for that. I've been wanting to try this design but didn't want to spend the $80 on it. This is perfect.

    2. I think I'll wait for some reviews on the G10 Zieba.
      Hoping it comes with ball bearings and that it's of decent quality. Could have lived without the LDT branding though.

    3. It's nice that they make it in G10 at this price. The "real" one is really a great little (well, not little but thin really) gentleman folder. At 75 dollars its really a great catch if you're interested in these types of knifes.
      As for the misalignment on the G10 scale in the picture, I guess its a thing that can happen, the reason for the low price (when you think of it, 20 dollars for a knife with G10 scales, a decent steel blade -9Cr18MoV compares well to 440c- and an interesting design, that's a steal!! Sure, it'd be even better with more colours and flashier ones at that, but hey...

    4. @Endre
      Yes, I've seen those. Fortunately that misalignment of the pattern around the pivot screw at the black version is only a small cosmetic issue.

      Aliexpress has a new stupid rule about branding. So most of the sellers put or photoshop their own logo on the knives.

      Do you like that front flipper opening method at your titanium Skyline?
      It seems a bit awkward to me.

    5. It works fine but takes some to get used to it. The advantage, however, is a very very streamlined knife, super elegant and thin... Not being tactical at all, you certainly don't mind taking one more second deploying the blade, too.
      But clearly it's not as straightforward as a "standard flipper" or a good old thumbstud or thumbdisc...

    6. @Franz Titanium front flippered Skyline? Pictures, please! :)

    7. I'm aware that it's "just" a cosmetic issue, I'm more interested if they used a lemon for their shots or if every black one has this misalignment. We'll see, and well, if I'd like the knife I'd make new scales for it anyways ;)

    8. @Endre
      I was talking about the titanium version of the G2 with the skyline pattern on the handle, not the Kershaw Skyline! :)

      Don't expect too much. I saw sellers advertising $100+ Maxace folders with a missing handle scale screw. :))

    9. All that talk got me to get my Zieba Skyline out again and in my pocket. And yeah, it flips great, once you get the knack of it, it's just as pleasing and nice as a normal flipper, streamlined looks on top of it.

      It's rainy today, so I'll possibly take some pics and post that on my blog... That's long over due since I've had that knife for quite some time now! But given my backlog, that wasn't top priority until now!

    10. Oh, I see, yeah, I like that Ti version, too.

      And of course you can even find VHS tapes on the bay for $75'000.
      If someone buys it, smart move I'd say ;)

      There's a yellow Zieba G2 on youtube and that made me think a yellow aluminum handled G2 with inserted liner lock would be nice.
      Somehow the color fits it well and it's nicer and lighter as a steel linered G10 version I'd guess...

    11. Here's my rapid review with some pics of the Zieba skyline clone... Not the real deal, not the G10, but a good illustration !

  2. These new TwoSuns are nice but on the pricier side.
    I remember the good old days where you could get them around $30.
    I really like the Rike knife CF.
    The Ti Anax is way out of my price range. I have the Alu version and it's nice for the price but I wouldn't pay this for a Ti/M390 version.
    I have been contemplating this new KJ3 for a while. Love the handle but find the blade a bit plane. I guess I would have preferred something fancier to go with this awesome handle. And like all KJ, they don't give them away neither. I have the Venom Attacker S35VN and really like it, the quality is there, no question.

    1. Yeah, I have the venom II in m390 and both the venom III and (particularly) the venom IV "wing" sing to me... but they're definitely quite pricey, even if that's somewhat understandable given what they offer.
      Most Chinese knives brands of some quality have seen quite large price hikes. CH has become pricier. MG have increased prices a lot, Kevin John as well... Rike and Stedemon too... I guess they start cheap and once the new brand is a bit established they ramp up prices, that makes good business sense.

  3. Well .... good business sense is not good for my wallet LOL!