Saturday, April 22, 2017

Deal alert - Knife & Flashlight (HX Outdoors Armorhide, SRM Land, JETBeam, Zanflare) deals at GearBest

(Seller's pics)

Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006 
 for $129.99 (coupon: KNZD6) shipped!
coupon: HXZD006
coupon price: 119.99$
10pcs for GRAY
10pcs for Black
Titanium frame-lock construction with
3.54" (90 mm) S35VN blade and ball bearings:
Rike Knife - HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006

You can buy the Armorhide folders at GearBest: ***HERE***

LionSteel TRE style HX OUTDOORS ZD-005 
 titanium frame-lock folders with 2.75" (70 mm) VG10 blade
 and ball bearings for $78.88 shipped (coupon: OUTDOORS):
CF - titanium and full titanium version:
The flipper tab and the thumb disc can be removed
 like as the LionSteel TRE:
Blade length: 2.75" (70 mm)
Blade steel: VG10
Open length: 6.89" (175 mm)
Closed length: 4.14" (105 mm)
Weight: 3.1 oz (88 g) full titanium, 2.64 oz (75 g) CF + titanium
Handle: titanium, CF + titanium 
Lock: frame-lock with steel lock bar insert
Carry: right hand tip up
You can buy the HX OURDOORS ZD-005 folders at GearBest: ***HERE***

HX Outdoors ZD-007 flipper 
with G10 handle and nice satin finished 3.54" / 90 mm AUS-8 blade
$19.90 shipped: 
You can buy the HX Outdoors ZD-007: ***HERE***

Full steel, frame-lock Sebenza style Sanrenmu Land 9103 and 9104 folders
 with Sandvik 12C27 blade and ball bearings
$15.84 and $15.87 shipped:
You can buy the all steel SRM Land 9103 and 9104 folders at GearBest: 
***HERE*** (silver stone washed)
***HERE*** (black acid washed)

JETBeam T6 4350 lumen flashlight 
$99.99 shipped, coupon code: Fin17JBT

You can buy the JETBeam T6: ***HERE***

Zanflare F1 1240 lumen 
USB rechargable, IP68 waterproof and impact resistant flashlight
$32.99 shipped:
You can buy the Zanflare F1: ***HERE***

 If the products are not on sale you can try to use the following coupon - discount codes to reduce the price at GearBest:

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  1. The SRM Land 9103 is a steal for the price! Very high quality, close to Real Steel or Ruike. The handle is milled inside so its rather lightweight for the size and material.

    1. Have you received yours? Mine is still in transit some where...

    2. ...and I'm still wondering if I want to get a 9103 or 4 so that my 910+ won't be so alone.
      On the other hand I'm stoll looking for a budget price for the Tekut Zero and maybe the Ruike 831-SF, the video for that one is looking really intriguing, but $40? Still donno...

    3. The Ruike 831-SF looks nice but for that price I'd expect ball bearings. I'm not a big fan of the bead blast finish on steel either because of the extra care to prevent rusting. I hope my SRM 9103 & 9104 will arrive soon and I can confirm their budget super star status. :)

    4. I just ordered it, too... the fact that the handle is milled was a game changer. Without that I would have avoided (too heavy for the size)...
      By the way, I've received my Sanrenmu Land 9046. Really interesting blad, massive handle, clever features and good price: the perfect utility blade to carry around!

    5. Well, that's an interesting point. I didn't see it's bead blasted.
      I wouldn't mind if the handles or the clip are blasted, for the blade I don't like it neither. My CRKT and Kershaws with that blade finish always got a stonewashing because they got freckles and rust spots too quickly, the clips never had that issue (other steel I guess).
      For me it's more like window shopping at the moment anyways, donno when I will order another knife, it's more that I try to convince my new colleague to buy another one. Oh, I've just made some cf scales for his brother's Tenacious, but I guess you've seen that on the budgetlightforum. Never made a pair of scales within 2 (or was it 3?) weeks before :)

    6. I've added the SRM 9046 to my wish list. You don't have to worry about that blade tip for sure! :)

    7. @Endre
      I polished my SRM939 a bit (blade & handle) with steel wool that helped a lot to prevent rust spots.

      I saw that Tenacious mod on BLF. It's a really nice one. Well done!

    8. Yeah, I've polished the Tenacious' blade and stonewashed it afterwards, this way I get the smoothest surface without having a fingerprint magnet.
      Sadly the Ruike uses the Sebenza thumb lugs, same as on the 910+/9103/9104 which is sad, cos it's not removable.
      If I could remove it I'd get a 9103 and stonewash it myself, the 9104 is a bit too dark for my liking but a stonewash would be good nonetheless. And I definitely don't like a stonewash with the thumb lugs installed, that's not elegant...

    9. Well with the 9046 you still sort of have to worry bout the blade tip. It's a chisel type multi-surface razel, so you have the normal cutting edge of the blade (chisel-ish ground: scandi on one side, secondary bevel on the other), then the "steep tanto" after it that is full-on chisel but with two sides and surfaces, the second one being the "tanto-of-the-tanto"...
      Very very interesting blade, that I see having plenty of uses cutting, scraping, filleting and so on... When folded if first looks totally off centre because of that, despite good "centring"...

    10. Yes I have mine since a week and its one of my favorite knife. Really awesome and rather light but you can still feel the weight unlike titanium.

      The two minuses are the detent ball that required breaking-in to be smooth and the pocket-clip shiny finish which look cheap on this knife buts its only my opinion. Even the screws seems to be of good quality.

    11. @Endre
      Are the thumb studs on th 910+/9103/9104 press fitted? In that case you can still remove them by a Dremel cutting disk and then replace them with an aftermarket screw togethet type one.

      I hope you'll post a couple of pics about the blade of that 9046 soon. :)

      That sounds quite promising! I hope my 9103/9104 pair will arrive next week.
      You can acid etch that shiny pocket clip for a bead blasted like finish.

    12. OF course I could sand them off but then I have to get replacement part just as you said. They must fit and I like the look of the Sebenza styled ones, at least on the 910 series.
      I also like the matte finish they have on my 910+.

    13. @Omega_17

      You could also use a scotchpad and sand the clip. The straight lines would match well with the satin blade. Just don't rub the steel, always do single swipes from one end to the other.

    14. @Endre Sutus, Yep that what I did on the F729, it gives a satin finish like the blade. But I would like to try stonewash + acid etching and color heating the screws. :)

    15. @Endre @Omega_17
      What sort of material do you use for stone washing? Gravel or pebbles?

    16. I never tried it myself so I might test different methods on different knifes.

    17. I usually use pebbles from a playground. They are rounded and come in mixed sizes, perfect for this job.
      Lately I like to polish the blade, etch it in ferric chloride for 10-15 mins, put it in a Vanish oxiAction jar and shake it while driving to/from job. 5-10 mins shaking was enough for the Tenacious' stonewashing.
      Smooth surface from polishing but no fingerprint magnet anymore.

      It's a pity that the spyder is not lasered, but this way it's visible from one angle but disappears from another one ;)

    18. I will try it some day, thanks!

  2. Seems like my message didn't go through... I've received my Armourhide on the very day this post was made! After close to a two month wait! It's really great, way larger than the Sigil it has kicked out of my pocket, and very Rike-ish, with the mat finish on the blade, the great detent, the operation that is very smooth BUT for the grittiness that mat finish gives (will wear out after a time, I'm sure).
    I'll sure do a "Rike family" presentation post soner or later, when I have a bit more time.

    1. It's better later than never. :) What finish does it have on the blade? Bead blasted? I look forward to seeing you "family" picture. Is this your 2nd Rike?

    2. Yeah, it's a sort of fine bead blast.
      Technically it's the third Rike, I have the light cavalry, the 2nd anniversary and this one !

    3. I have only one so I must buy a couple of Rikes too! ;)
      The Thor3 comes with a nice satin blade, the only thing I miss is a 80% discount of its price ($550)! :))

  3. The grey Rike Knife Armorhide is now on sale for $65.99 shipped!

    1. woawww!!!
      To bad I already have it! I guess the people who purchased it at the initial price of 200+.

      And I've done a quick pictorial of the 9046... Here it is

    2. That's a stunning price for the Armorhide.

      Thank you for the pics! You can't see such a cool asymmetric blade design in the budget category too often.

    3. They managed to sell all of the grey Armorhides quite quickly at that price.
      They should do simiral flash sales with Kevin John folders too! :))

    4. I've bought one for that price, however I'm quite sure it was a mistake and they are going to send me a message saying that they are out of stock. Happened few times before ...

    5. I'm curious about it. Let me know when your order gets shipped.

    6. Actually it just did. Unusually fast for GearBest lately.

    7. It's good to hear. Mine is still under processing.

  4. I really wanted to jump on this just because of the awesome deal but I couldn't, Rike knife or not, the design just didn't appeal to me.
    I've already spent way to much this past couple of months and couldn't justify buying a knife that doesn't talk to me just because of price.
    Who knows, I might regret it later.

    1. Don't worry too much, Aliexpress provides for new candies every week! :)
      New titanium ANAX with S35VN blade.

    2. LOL! Indeed it does!
      The problem is that that latest candies from AE and DHG ain't cheap LOL!

    3. BTW, I received my CH Matsuda and it has quickly become one of my favorite knives.
      Blade is bad ass and the handle has this very fine milling that you can barely see but provide an amazing feel when you hold it on hand, very comfortable as well.
      It is also surprisingly not that heavy considering the scales are not milled.
      The knife is very smooth, not that smooth where the blade falls down like a guillotine (F95) but smooth where you can't hear the bearings and the blade falls down slowly as you lightly shake the knife.

    4. The CH Matsuda is on my wish list. The only thing that keeps me away is that weird spotted anodization on the handle. A version with plain bead blasted or stone washed handle and satin finished blade would be great.

    5. Same with me, I just don't like the anodization job on this one.

  5. Yeah, I held off a while on this one because of that as well but in the end, it's not that bad. It doesn't pop out that much and blends quite nicely with the very nice bronze anodization.

  6. New coupon codes for the HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006 ($129.99 shipped) and ZD-005 ($78.88 shipped).

  7. New coupon code for the HX OUTDOORS Armorhide ZD-006 ($119.99 shipped).