Thursday, February 16, 2017

Review: ADV Mini Butcher style titanium flipper with ball bearings

Excellent EDC friendly sized high quality folder

- amazing fit and finish especially at this price
- sturdy construction with good ergonomics
- solid early lock-up without any blade play or lock stick
- comfortable and stylish frame-lock with steel lock bar insert
- excellent flipping action, smooth opening and closing thanks to the ball bearings
- unique satin finished 0.154" (3.9 mm) thick blade
- nice and comfortable titanium pocket clip
- pretty fine bead blasted finish on the handle, clip and back spacer
  (blue anodized version is also available)

- it arrived covered with oil all over
- the blade says "S35V", the "N" is missing
- the jimping on the blade spine might feel too aggressive for someone

Blade length: 3.03" (77 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.154" (3.9 mm)
Blade steel: S35VN (60-61 HRC)
Open length: 6.93" (176 mm)
Closed length: 3.9" (99 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.47" (12 mm)
Weight: 4.41 oz (125 g) 
Handle: titanium 
Lock: frame-lock 
Carry: right hand tip up

 You can buy the Mini Butcher on Aliexpress:

Smaller versions: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Mid sized (3.54" / 90 mm blade) RAD style Field Cleavers are available:

Lovely lines and colors at sunset:
Amazing fit & finish:
Excellent flipping action right out of the box
thanks to the ball bearings:
Comfortable rounded frame-lock:
Well designed, easy to use pocket clip:
Centered blade and solid early lock up:
Size comparison with the Spyderco Slysz Bowie
and the Military:
Size comparison with the Spyderco Slysz Bowie
and the ZT0801CF:

You can buy the Slysz Bowie copy:
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
the C36TIP Military copy:
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
and the Zero Tolerance ZT0801CF titanium copy:
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** 

More pics:


  1. I does look very nice, but I wonder if the steel is actually something like D2 and not s35vn. The flipper tab looks just weird and uncomfortable also.

    1. The flipper tab is relatively big for the overall size of the folder but fortunately it's comfortable to use. Send me an XRF alloy analyzer and I'll test the blade steel. ;)

    2. Oh man, I didn't know that these things were so expensive! Probably not wise to buy something like that just to test a 50 dollar knife. =)
      Anyway, I'm usually sceptical when it comes to these clone knives. Even more so when they can't even print the text correctly. But I would be all over this if they made a bigger version with a different flipper tab!

    3. It doesn't look like D2. Something in the colour... But it could be a "Chinese equivalent" to s35vn, like D2 is "Chinese D2" in most of our AE knives.
      As for the flipper tab, it looks YUGE on pictures, but it's actually the "right size" for action, given the small size of the knife it simply can look a bit out of proportion but even visually your get used to it very quickly.

    4. Yes, those XRF alloy analyzers are pretty expensive gadgets! :))

    5. had a real ADV - amazing piece of knife art but very expensive - found excuses to use it daily but was afraid to scratch it up - could not really afford to keep it and sold her - Now the clone option .... why not.

    6. For around $45 shipped you won't be afraid to use it for sure! :)
      It comes without any markings or logo so it's only homage not a clone. ;)

  2. Nice pics, Isti!
    It doesn't look massively lighter in colour compared to my blue one, except on the first (in the sun) picture.
    Anyway, it's really a smooth and nice piece!

    1. Thank you! I was lucky with the overcast sky. :)
      The photo with the fence post was taken around sunset in direct sunshine that's why it looks bronze colored.

      Anyway does your blue version come with grey pocket clip & back spacer?

    2. Have you seen the new variant of the Serge Bean?

    3. From the edited AliEx pics it's hard to say, is that wharncliffe bladed version a framelock folder? The backside is looking like a detent non-locking folder, just as the earlier one but that huge cutout would be pretty useless if it's not a frame lock...

    4. yep, its blue and grey!
      As for the bean, its already in the mail, but I'm not gutted as I'm not very attracted by the new version

    5. The new wharncliffe version looks like a non-locking "slip joint" folder to me. That big cut out is for opening the blade as it doesn't have a "flipper tab" like the spear point version.

      By the way wasn't Sanrenmu the one who used that non-locking mechanism on their folders first?

    6. Afaik the Benchmade Benchmite was the first one with this mechanism.
      The first one from SRM might be the M1.

    7. None of the beans are really locking... They all rely on the same "ball on a tab, pushes into a all in the blade when closed -that's your detent- and another hole when the knife's open -that's the 'locking'- and Bob's your uncle!" approach.

      But indeed, it's non flipping and the front flipper is one of the key points of that knife, to me.

  3. I guess my suspicions were right? One of the sellers you provided now lists the blade steel as D2. Still a good deal though.

    1. That doesn't mean too much either. Most of the sellers list it with S35VN or S35V steels (I couldn't link all of the stores because some of them got closed temporarily). So I still need one of those XRF alloy analyzers! :))

    2. And seriously, who'd feel a difference if it's 9Cr19MoV or D2 or S35VN on such a keychain knife. It's good as long as it's something better than 420 or 440A/8Cr13MoV but even those are good enough on such a backup knife as long as the heat treatment is ok.
      I have a Sanrenmu keychain knife and the 8Cr13MoV is still sharp because well, it's a backup knife.

    3. I received mine today (strangely, before the Rike, which I ordered before... might be because of the smaller parcel?)
      I can't properly test the steel of the blade, but from the colour of it, I doubt it's D2. Could be 9Cr13MoV or s35vn... anyway, it's a great little piece, flips very well despite the diminutive size!! The only little down is the Serge logo, not deeply engraved. I could have done without, and if it had to be there I'd have preferred a better engraving.

      I also receive the Y-start JIN02 orange that your review and the Fasttech coupon "forced" me to buy... It's really good for the price, there are some finish things like the chamfering of the steel liners that are waaaaay better than what we should get for that little money! And I can't really find any rough spot anywhere on mine!

    4. @Endre
      I guess "Anonymous" was referring the Mini Butcher. One of the sellers lists it with D2 blade instead of S35VN.

      I couldn't resist and I ordered a flipper Bean too! :) I went for the grey handle with satin & stone washed blade version. Did yours come with a full stone washed or a satin/sw blade?

      Congratulations for the JIN02! It would be hard to find a better bang for the money at the moment. I like tinkering with knives so that might be the reason I took apart mine for cleaning/oiling and smoothing the G10 scales. :)

    5. My Bean is full stone washed. I hadn't noticed that there was a difference between the colours on that front! The blue being more of a "black wash" sort of finish, I figured it'll hold better after being in the pocket!