Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Ganzo, Brother and SRM folders at GearBest and Fasttech part 3

(Seller's pics)

Spyderco FRN Delica style Ganzo - Firebird F759M 
 with 2.6" (66 mm) blade:
You can buy the Ganzo F759M in 4 colors:
***HERE*** (GearBest)
***HERE*** (black - Fasttech)
***HERE*** (OD green - Fasttech)
***HERE*** (orange - Fasttech)
***HERE*** (pink - Fasttech)

Ganzo - Firebird F7542-CF folder
with full flat ground blade and carbon fiber handle:
You can buy the Ganzo F7542-CF at GearBest: ***HERE***

Ganzo - Firebird F753M1 the new smaller version of the F7531
 with 3.03" (77 mm) blade:
You can buy the Ganzo F753M1 in 3 colors: 
***HERE*** (GearBest)
***HERE*** (orange - Fasttech)
***HERE*** (black - Fasttech)
***HERE*** (green - Fasttech)

New Brother 1602 with a badass 3.54" (90 mm) full flat ground 
 bowie style blade and blade guards for wave - flipper opening:
You can buy the Brother 1602 at GearBest: ***HERE***

Sanrenmu 7094 LTX-PPH-T4 and 7094 LTX-PIH-T4 
 multi tools with locking tanto and saw blades and flipper opening:
You can buy the Sanrenmu 7094 at GearBest: ***HERE***
Fasttech: ***HERE*** (blue) or ***HERE*** (green)

 If the products are not on sale you can try to use the following coupon - discount codes to reduce the price at GearBest:

  price: 15% off discount
coupon: OUT15OFF

LED Lights & Flashlights
  price: 12% off discount
coupon: GB17LED


  1. The Brother is definitely on my wishlist.
    Do you know if it's a copy/inspired from something else like all their offering have been so far?
    I have the 1601 and the fit and finish is excellent.

  2. Got the Rike today... Great piece, with plenty of interesting detail. And great anodisation job, too. The blue and purple are really mixing well!

    1. What do you think it is worth its price? Does it give any extra compared to a $65 Green Thorn F95? Even in that price category ($135) there are a couple of decent contenders (Kevin John Icebreaker S35VN, Green Thorn F95 S35VN, Carson Boiling flipper (Real Steel Megalodon) S35VN).

    2. It is very nice on many counts. The finish and details on the handle are really great. The anodisation is superb. The matte grey finish on the blade, its grind are top notch. The only thing one could reproach it is that while flipping great, it has bit of added friction when closing back (possibly due to that matte finish on the blade) that prevents from falling back freely.
      I have absolutely no regrets buying it, and I feel that my knife it best compares to (and possibly is a bit more refined than) is the Venom II in M390.
      I'll certainly do a picture presentation soon on my blog...

    3. Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's hard to judge those Rikes based on the seller's pics.

    4. And here is the review with quite a few pictures, which hopefully will help you (and anyone on the fence regarding this Rike knife) make a better, more informed decision.