Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Budget EDC gear - knives, tactical pen, field watch, flashlight, mini pry bar

My budget EDC stuffs :)

Left to right:
LionSteel KUR copy - full review HERE
Bolt action alu tactical pen with tungsten carbide glass breaker
Navy CUI 2001 mini pry bar tool
Nitecore Tube keychain flashlight
Ganzo G725M slipjoint pocket knife
Orkina field watch with clean full lume dial on nato strap

You can buy them bellow:
LionSteel KUR copy in 4 colors on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

bolt action tactical pen on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

keychain carabiners on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Navy mini pry bar is discontinued but
 you can buy the Sanrenmu version at Fasttech: ***HERE*** 
more SRM tools: ***HERE***

Nitecore Tube USB rechargable keychain flashlights
at GearBest***HERE***

Ganzo G725M slipjoint pocketknife:
***HERE*** (GearBest) or ***HERE*** (Fasttech)

Orkina full lume dial field watch on Aliexpress:
***HERE***  or ***HERE***
on leather strap with date window: ***HERE*** 
nato straps: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

 If the products are not on sale you can try to use the following coupon - discount codes to reduce the price at GearBest:

  price: 15% off discount
coupon: OUT15OFF

LED Lights & Flashlights
  price: 12% off discount
coupon: GB17LED

More pics:


  1. I might have a closer look at the watch. My Traser P5900 is not working and the watchmaker said repair would cost around half as much as a new one.
    Design is quite similar but I'd really miss those tritium inserts...

    1. It's a $10 watch so don't expect to be the same as a Traser. :)
      If you're on the market for a decent budget tritium watch have a look at these Carnival watches here or here.

    2. Yes, I've found thos ones already but I still hope that I find another watchmaker who canr epair it cheaper.
      Now the watch is with my parents so I must wait till I get it back and use my Skagen meanwhile...

  2. Very nice, it proves that people can get into edc even with a tight budget. Lots of options out there.

    1. Thank you! With a little attentiveness you can find decent gadgets even in this budget category.

  3. I like the traditional slipjoint knife but the blades are so ugly... And what the point of having 3 similar small blades?
    Maybe Ganzo will make a Laguiole knife clone.

    1. Actually you can find 3 different blade styles there: clip point, sheepfoot and spey. :) This 3 blade configuration isn't Ganzo's invention. It's a traditional American pocket knife pattern named stockman and it originates around 1890. Every blade style has its own fuction. This Ganzo interpretation looks like an oem Buck 371 to me. Anyway it's a fine little pocket knife with an excellent fit & finish and it brings some fresh color into the abundance of "tactical" folders.

      Yes, a Laguiole style Ganzo would be awesome especially with a 90 mm blade.