Sunday, December 18, 2016

New folders and knives on Aliexpress part 16

(Seller's pics)
New Shirogorov Tabargan 100NS style folder with
 M390 or S35VN blade:

Axis-lock, skeletonized titanium liners, CF scales,
 dual-track ceramic bearing washers:
You can buy the Tabargan 100NS on Aliexpress:
Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism and the "blood grooves" on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with a lock!

Excellent compact sized XM8 full titanium frame-lock flipper
 with S35VN blade:
You can buy the XM8 on Aliexpress:

Stedemon ZKC C-02 flipper
 2 blade styles, 5 colors:
You can buy the Stedemon on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** or ***HERE***

 Dog Tag folders with a usable 1.57" (40 mm) long blade:
You can buy these Dog Tag folders on Aliexpress:

Woodpecker mini titanium frame-lock folder
with 2.28" (58 mm) long blade:
You can buy the Woodpecker on Aliexpress:


  1. That Tabargan is SOOOOO tempting with M390.. Any idea whats the real blade length?

  2. Everything indicates that the length of the blade is 100mm.. I would love to see this kind of configuration with a 110-120mm blade.

    1. Over 100 mm blade length I only know about thesee two Shirogorov 110 copies (ball bearing pivot system, steel liners + G10 scales, axis-lock):
      Shiro 110 #1
      Shiro 110 #2

    2. Add the K2 to the list... It's way past the 10mm mark!

  3. The Stedemon doesn't look bad... The Tabargan's quite sexy, too... But the XM8 is just plain lovely... I simply had to buy one when I saw it!
    By the way, I just received the Ti PM2 yesterday (got it this morning) and it's really really good, smooth and very well constructed, sharp as hell, too!

    1. I also like the Stedemon especially with the butcher/cleaver blade style and I'm about to pull the trigger on that XM8 folder too. :)
      Although the Stedemon would be a more rational choice for me at the moment.