Sunday, October 16, 2016

New arrival - Brian Nadeau Typhoon style folder aluminium version

It comes with an elegant anodized aluminium handle and
 it flips like a charm thanks to the ball bearing pivot system

You can buy the Typhoon on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** (10 variants)
The titanium version also looks awesome :)


  1. Does anyone know of the long term reliability of this or other aluminum frame locks? It does not seem to be the best material, especially with titanium proces going down.

    1. It seems to have a steel insert with lockbar overtravel stop.
      Aluminum should be flexible enough to handle this but yeah, interesting question.
      I'd also say a stonewashed handle would look good with this stonewashed blade.

      Btw, why would somebody install such a fold deep carry clip when it's positioned so far away from the butt of the handle?

    2. As far as I can tell the clip is fairly close to the original. As for the build quality I had one of these for a bit, and it was just fine. The steel lock bar insert should take most of the abuse, but to be honest the ergo's were so poor (in my hands anyway)I passed it on. The best part of the knife was how smooth it was, it runs on multi row ball bearings, and its impossibly smooth.

    3. I was thinking of the metallurgy reading I did on bicycle frames. It was 20 or 30 years ago, and maybe things are different. Generally, Aluminum had a finite number of stress cycles and would eventually fail while steel would go almost for ever if used within specified limitations and titanium was lighter, and more flexible without breaking. When I decided on buying a couple Cannondale road bikes, it was because I would have to ride hours a day at a professional level for something like 150 years. If I liked long enough, my steel frames would potentially last many hundreds of years at the same rate. If reliability and strength are key, steel alloys are very tough to beat, but weight is also a factor.

      The pocket clip is mounted to the backspacer. My guess is this shows less screws and contributes to the look.

  2. I think the original design won some awards, but I never liked it. I agree that the design of the pocket clip is terrible.

  3. The alu version of the Typhoon feels pretty solid holding it in the hand so I don't worry about the aluminium construction. The steel lock-bar insert/limiter moves around 2.5 mm at the blade tang so IMO locking/unlocking doesn't put too much stress on the lock-bar.

    The pocket clip isn't a deep carry one for sure and it won't win beauty contests either but it's quite comfortable to use even with thick jeans pocket.

    I don't have any problem with its ergonomics. It fits my hands nicely and the texturing of the handle gives enough grip. The opening is very easy and comfortable by the flipper and the action is very smooth thanks to the bearing washers.

    In closed position the blade spine is flush with the handle like at the Kwaikens. IMO the Typhoon comes with much more useable bladeshapes than the Kwaiken.

  4. I own one of these and they are stunning pieces. Absolutely flawless and flips like silk!