Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New awesome ball bearing Ganzo folders at GearBest

(Seller's pics)

Ganzo managed to raise the bar again with the latest 7xx series:
- ball bearing pivot system
- skeletonized steel liners for weight reduction
- flipper opening
- deep carry pocket clip
- blued hardware
- titanium coated blades
- carbon fiber handle scales

   Ganzo G7522 folders in black, orange or green:
Ball bearing pivot system, skeletonized liners,
 deep carry pocket clip, frame-lock with flipper opening:
 You can buy the Ganzo G7522 folders: ***HERE*** 

Ganzo G7531-CF with satin blade, axis-lock, skeletonized steel liners,
blued hardware and CF scales:
 You can buy the Ganzo G7531-CF: ***HERE***

Ganzo G7533-CF with titanium grey blade and pocket clip, axis-lock,
skeletonized steel liners, blued hardware and CF scales:
 You can buy the Ganzo G7533-CF: ***HERE***

Ganzo G7531 with satin blade, G10 handle, axis-lock,
skeletonized steel liners and blued hardware:
 You can buy the Ganzo G7531 G10: ***HERE***   

Ganzo G7533 with titanium grey blade and pocket clip, G10 handle,
 axis-lock, skeletonized steel liners and blued hardware:
 You can buy the Ganzo G7533 G10: ***HERE***

Ganzo G742-1-WD1 with satin blade, wood handle scale: 
Massive frame-lock with lock bar limiter:
 You can buy the Ganzo G742-1-WD1: ***HERE*** 

New Sanrenmu 7010 LUC-SD frame-lock folder with
 acid etched handle: 
 You can buy the Sanrenmu 7010 LUC-SD: ***HERE***

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  1. Thanks Isti. Bought the G7522 and G7533. The coupon code works great, bought another 3 folders with it. Keep the good work, your blog is excellent.

    1. You're welcome! :) I'm very curious about the G7522 too. So sooner or later it will end up in my pocket along with the G7533 for sure. :)

  2. So the g7522 is rocking bearings.. Im curious about the g7533.. Does it have bearings? Im curious if bearings would smoothen the opening/closing for axis lock.

    1. As I know the G7533 doesn't come with bearings.
      I have a couple of Shirogorov copies with axis-lock and bearings. You can feel the difference when you pull back the axis lock during opening/closing.

    2. Thanks, Isti. Been wondering about the axis/bearing combo.. Now I know that it actually makes a difference then :)

    3. The axis/bearing combo is even too smooth for my taste because during closing the blade almost freely falls back so I have to watch my fingers.

  3. Yes, I'll be getting the G7522 as well eventually.
    Nice to see Ganzo doing something different for a change.
    Although, I wish this one would come with carbon fiber scales as well. I'm wondering why they don't have them on this model. Could it be because of the bolsters?

    1. IMO Ganzo will release a CF version of the G7522 sooner or later. Bolsters can't cause a problem if they can make wood handle versions of models with bolsters (for example G737, G743).

  4. Ordered the 7522. I just have to see how it flips. A bit over 17€ with tracking.

    1. Which color did you go for?

    2. I went for the classic black. Brings out the blued hardware better than other colors

    3. That will be my choice too! :)

  5. I don't really thank you, but I still do... or not ;)
    Anyway, I've just ordered a black G7522 and a G7533cf with titanium nitrate plating... no tracking as it's never worked for when I did pay for it.
    I suppose that the 7533cf with it's all black colour and blue hardware, plus it's light weight will be a perfect EDC (for those days when I don't carry a behemoth, like the Kizer Ki4436 ;) )

    1. As I see the G7533-CF will be quite popular! :)

      How do you like that Kizer?

    2. I like it very much. It's smooth (for a bronze washer folder) and the heaviness of the blade helps. It fills my hand well (but any smaller hand would probably find it too big), fit and finish are superb, and the shape of it reminds me of two things: a M1 Abrams or a rhinoceros!
      Now, even I can't decently carry it very often, it's really that large.

  6. I'm disappoint the G7533 do not have coating on the pocketclip as-well... The G10 version seem to have it match.

  7. Maybe the most derivative part of Ganzo design is the "Constant Quality Improvement (CQI)" program from Spyderco. I decided I needed a few more things from GearBest: Ganzo G7522 (Green), G7531 CF, G734-BK, G7321-BK, Brother 1605G Serrated and a Nitecore P12GT Cree XP 1000LM flashlight. Thanks for the discount codes; they all worked.

    1. You're welcome!
      That's a nice bunch of folders! As I see 3 of them are Spyderco inspired. :)