Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Ganzo folders with wood and CF handle at GearBest

Seller's pics

GANZO G7452-WD1 with ebony handle
and stone washed blade
 You can buy the G7452-WD1: ***HERE***

GANZO G7451-CF with carbon fiber handle
and satin finished blade
You can buy the GANZO G7451-CF: ***HERE***

GANZO G743-2-WD1 with ebony handle
and stone washed blade
You can buy the GANZO G743-2-WD1: ***HERE***

TONIFE Ermine sturdy little fixed blade 
heavily inspired by the Boker Krein Pocket Bowie :)
You can buy the TONIFE Ermine: ***HERE***


  1. The GANZO G7451-CF has caught my eyes, too.
    Is that a direct copy of a Benchmade knife or only using the AXIS lock and the Benchmade looks?

    I think the Enlan EL-01D with Damascus blade (sometiems the EL-01D is referring to the rosewood handled one) that I ordered for a co-worker would look nice with cf scales, too. Or maybe better with wooden scales?
    The black G10 is definitely not matching with the nice pattern...

    1. I would choose the CF for the mod, that would turn that damascus EL01 into a really unique folder.

  2. Got my G739 that I won from the giveaway. When I got it, it was on flash sale for a bit over 14$. The quality for 14$ is absolutely insane!! I was really blown away. Ganzo really knows how to make a superior knife dirt cheap!

    1. Great, use it in good health!
      I bought my G739 CF with satin blade for $19.05 a couple of months ago. Considering its quality and look it was a great deal even at that price.

    2. ganzo has really evolved. Heres hoping that they would consider premium blade steel too. The 739 came absolutely razor sharp. Even stropping did not make it any sharper. I always wanted a griptilian but now I don't need one anymore hence I have the 739 :)

  3. My last Ganzo was the G717-Y and I didn't like it.
    Thick liners, ok, but why is it so difficult to drill some holes into them to make them not feel heavy like a brick in my hands?

    How about the newer ones, did they get a bit lighter?