Sunday, May 22, 2016

Excellent titanium version Spyderco Brad Southard replica

Nice carbon fiber pattern
- perfect fit and finish in every detail 
- smooth opening and closing thanks to the ball bearing pivot system
- comfortable flipper and lock bar design
- solid lock-up without any blade play
- centered, light stone washed blade 
- good size and weight (4.26 oz / 121 g) for EDC
- elegant, comfortable handle with a nice carbon fiber scale
- no steel lock bar insert
- steel pocket clip (titanium would be better)

Blade length: 3.38" (86 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel (58-60 HRC)
Open length: 7.95" (202 mm)
Closed length: 4.57" (116 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.54" (13.7 mm)
Weight: 4.26 oz (121 g)
Handle: TC4 titanium with carbon fiber scale
Lock: frame lock 
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy the Southard on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

!! Updated links !!
A cheaper version is also available with steel handle and G10 scale:
 ***HERE*** or ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with solid frame-locks!

Carbon fiber lock bar limiter:
Southard and Enlan EL01:
Southard and C173 Hungarian Folder:

You can buy the C173 Hungarian Folder on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

More pics:


  1. Great acquisition! I have the g10 version almost done it came out and really like it. Its shape is very nice and useful, the size is very portable (maybe a tad small, but still OK in hands) and the smoothness is very good.
    Enjoy it in good health!

    1. Thanks a lot!

      What do you think of the new Wasp folder from Dicoria? It reminds me to the CKF Sukhoi with flipper.

    2. I know you guys like bigger knives, for me it's a tad too big though.
      What do you think about the Tianyi? Seems to be an original design and I must say I like it (even though titanium flipper knives seems to be the biggest niche right now).,101,1#avpd-1-5|null:101:1876402365

    3. I'm afraid that's not my cup of tea.

    4. No problem. You don't like the design, the size or that it has no brand name on it?

    5. I don't care about brand names. :)
      It seems too narrow and thin to me.

  2. I had not seen the wasp yet, and yes it does tent me... Well it would really be hard to resist if I did not already have a piston...

    As for the Tianyi, I have seen it a number of times and never quite warmed to it enough to really consider buying it...

    1. I must admit the ZT 0808 clone is more interesting to me, too, but to me it would be really hard to resist a ZT 0450 in the usual price range around $60. I just don't need anything bigger than 20cm total length...

  3. ... unknown DHgate seller, known design ...;disc|4071802672

    1. Yep, there are a number of these "lower end pistons". Apart from the blade being D2 instead of S35vn the piston is also blued (it is normal grey titanium on the "luxury version") and the pivot seems to be more painted steel than anodized or whatever it was in the more expensive one.

  4. I just received the Rexford ZT0095
    and have a Monkey ZT0095 on its way

    The received one is just an excellent flipper, no cutting test so far (still at work)

    1. If it's anything like mine, it'll cut extremely well!

      Let us know when you get the monkey one... I'm tempted to get a jade version too!

    2. My Ti+Jade+Black 0095s
      The G10 0095s fit n finish is pretty good, they are not as shaving sharp as the G10, but close enough out-of-the-box

    3. Nice set, congratulations!

  5. Speaking of large knives with carbon fibre and titanium scales... I got the vespa Asymmetric yesterday. I love it, it's really impressive. Large but light.

    1. I have one issues with that knife
      - the handle has a small cross section making it a bit small in my hand
      - the clip is a bit flimsy

      BUT overall it is a beautiful and awesome knife ... very light for its size

    2. You're totally right... The handle feels rather weird in large hands (I wear gloves between large and Xlarge) because it's so slim. But that helps keeping things amazingly light (for the size).
      It sure isn't a hard use knife! but capable big EDC. And the pocket clip is also a bit of a negative for me. Not really flimsy but it doesn't have much retention on mine. Now, I love a deep carry and that one is a very deep deep carry!

      And the action is really very smooth, with a strong-ish detent: I love that!

    3. Nice ones!
      Which version did you go for?

    4. I was thinking close to order one of orange/apple green handle but ended up with

      black handle & stonewashed blade

    5. I ended up ordering a spring assisted 0770 from the same store

    6. The same bright colors came to mind too! :)
      At the moment I'm leaning towards the orange version with sw blade.
      I think this folder is more close to the Tabargan line than the F3.

  6. I cant find this knife on ali anymore, the debate seller that has it listed don't ship to mx, can you help me somehow? Thanks for the reviews and site, its a great resource!

    1. I can't find the titanium version either.
      I've updated the links for the cheaper G10/steel versions.

  7. hello! would you still recommend this knife? How did it hold up? Any failure or whatsoever? I'm thinking of ordering it.


    1. It's a good quality folder but it's quite hard to find nowadays.