Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review: awesome Shirogorov F95 style folder by Green Thorn

Superb quality with attractive clean design: Best Buy

Improvements over the previous Wild Boar version (review here):
- dual track ceramic bearing washers with steel washers on the titanium side
- D2 blade
- thicker blade stop pin
- milled out titanium handle slabs for weight reduction
- improved lock bar relief and lock bar design
- high quality carry pouch

- perfect fit and finish in every detail 
- dual track ceramic bearing washers with steel washers on the titanium side
- super smooth opening and closing thanks to the ball bearing pivot system
- comfortable flipper design
- solid early lock-up without any blade play
- dead centered, light stone washed D2 blade with perfect grind lines
- despite the size it weights only  3.98 oz (113 g)
- elegant EDC friendly slim design
- easy and simple disassembling
- high quality carry pouch

- none

Blade length: 3.78" (96 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: D2 Stainless Steel (59-60 HRC)
Open length: 8.74" (222 mm)
Closed length: 4.96" (126 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.52" (13.2 mm)
Weight: 3.98 oz (113 g)
Handle: TC4 titanium
Lock: frame lock with steel lock bar insert
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy the Green Thorn F95 "Nudist" on Aliexpress:
More versions***HERE***

More Green Thorn folders:

Green Thorn Custom Division Shirogorov F7 copy
 with M390 blade: ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with a solid frame-lock!

Nice details:
Comfortable flipper design:
Dual track ceramic bearing washers:

G10 Hati, Green Thorn F95, Wild Boar F95,
Icebreaker with D2 blade:
You can buy the Icebreaker: ***HERE***

More pics:


  1. Very nice!
    I'll soon do a presentation of my orange g10 inlays version, but seeing the skeletonizing of the inside on yours impresses me!

    1. Thanks! :)
      How much does the orange G10 inlay version weight?

    2. And eventually, here is my review of the orange g10 inlays version ! I'll see if I can tackle my back log of knives that need a review but... not sure, with the new ones that should arrive soon and all the rest.

    3. Congratulations for your new-born baby!

      The Green Thorn Shirogorov also looks cool with those orange G10 inserts! :)

  2. I'm not home until Sunday evening, so I can't say what the actual weight of mine is, but they advertise it as being 146g. I'll give the real measurement on mine in the review... Well, I'll also need to review some Ganzos, the ZT 0630CF clone, the Ti Mili clone and the ZT0095 (that I should receive very soon... Monday, I guess).

    1. My ZT0095 has arrived, it's a fine folder for the money.
      I also have a ZT0630 copy but the G10 version since I have the ZT0620 with CF scales! :)

    2. So back home and finally had the time to get the scale out... 147g for mine. Decent enough for the size, but clearly heavier than those milled out versions like yours. Still, that orange G10 on the dark titanium of the handles: pure class. And the thing is smooth like glass...
      No ZT0095 yet, still... It's been in France for close to 10 days already, but customs, week-ends and bank holidays, plus the legendary speed of the French post have me still waiting.

    3. Argghhh, 15 days later my ZT0095 hasn't arrived yet... I'm guessing it's "abandoned" in some warehouse of the French postal service, punished for arriving in the country about the 1st of May, when no one works and all public workers do demonstrations for more money and less work.
      Anyway, I'm getting so impatient with that wait that I did order two interesting pieces off DHgate: I eventually caved in to the Vespa Asymmetric, for one, and ordered the clone of the Spyderco Native in "fluted titanium".

      So, now I wait for three knives, not just one... Silly me!

    4. I hope your ZT0095 will turn up soon!
      There is also a G10 version (black or jade) on Ali. The one with the jade G10 looks tempting! :)

      The Asymmetric is on my wish list too. I even like its fixed blade version.

    5. Hey, hey, that jade G10 ZT does indeed look sexy. If my titanium version is lost, I'll get this instead! But hopefully I'll get my knife next week!

      The fix asymmetric on the other hand is tempting but, to me, far less interesting than its folding sibling. Less asymmetries, less balanced handle design... less "carry-ability" mostly as I can't often carry a large-ish fixed blade.

    6. And I just published a review of my ZT0630CF!
      Now I have the feeling that this could come from a different maker than your 620 in G10. At least it's rather different than some other offerings of the same on DHg or AE. The D2, the sterile blade, and so on...
      Mine came in a blank cardboard box, rather similar to the one of the ZT0808. How was yours packaged?

      And, have you seen the new versions of the TRE? In carbon fibre, for much cheaper and with all the needed screws for changing the deployment without leaving gaps... I almost regret having gotten mine, even if the blade steel is definitely not the m390, considering the price difference.

    7. I have the CF version of ZT0620 and the G10 version of the ZT0630. Both of them have the proper markings on the blade and on the pocket clip. They came in the official "built like a tank" boxes.

      Yes, I linked the CF version of the TRE a couple a weeks ago. It's cheaper but I still prefer the full titanium one.

    8. And finally the ZT0095 did turn up... Just the day the Asymmetric cleared the customs! It's probable that it's the one knife that did take the longest to reach me. And I sent an official protest to the postal services yesterday. No coincidence, I think.

    9. Fine!
      What do you think about it?
      For me it's surprisingly light weight and I miss a deep carry clip.

    10. I really like it. The shape, the blade profile are great. The whole package being very thin is nice too and indeed the milling of the inside of the scales makes it quite light. But without making the blade too thin. So yeah, very very good. Indeed, I'd have preferred a deeper carry, but it's not catastrophic as it is. Mine has a very slightly off centred blade but that's about the only problem it has (I thought there was a steel discolouration on the blade but that's the weird varnish they put on some of the D2 blades... a solid wipe and all's fine).
      Overall, it would have been a real pity had they lost it!

  3. I chose the same model (due to the low weight, it gets pocket time)
    This is one of the best quality Sinogorov knives to date

    1. I have no experience with the more expensive Kevin John or ADAI versions but this Green Thorn version exceeded all my expectation. Probably it's the best bang for the buck.

  4. This looks good. With the milled-out scales, it's rather light for the size. If only they equipped it with the large back spacer that the more expensive S35VN Shiro copies come with (e.g. Greenthorn Hati) - I prefer the tip of the blade to be a little more enclosed.

    Those plain Ti scales are most alluring - a dremmel(-like tool) with a small grinding bit, a propane/butane torch and you can do really fancy stuff! Talking of which - would you happen to know any smaller knives (sizes somewhere between the T.R.E. and the Neon copy by Vespa) with plain/"clean" Ti handles?

    1. Me again. Thanks for the suggestion. That Sebenza lookalike caught my eye some time ago, but it runs on washers (been there and not going to go back, ever, probably) and has the thumb stud placed too far in the blade, which is annoying when actually cutting stuff (as are thumb holes and so on).

      So, what I'm looking for, are folders
      # that run on bearings,
      # preferably with flipper tabs,
      # with blades somewhere between 75 and <90 mm and
      # plain Ti scales,
      # in the budget range (say, up to 120 EUR)

      Sorry if I'm hijacking this review. I just didn't know where else to go ...

    2. Did you ever try one of those Sebenzas?
      There is a Kevin John version of the small one but I don't know if it's worth the $80 or if the $40 is maybe same, esp. about blade steel.
      My Kevin John TiLock was very well made and the steel seems to be S35VN or comparable, would be interesting to try a small Sebenza, too.

      Btw, your link is dead: More Shirogorov style folders: ***HERE***
      Or better to say, the shop has nothing on the shelf anymore, seems AliExpress is not the best source for clones anymore :(

    3. I've updated the links, thanks a lot!
      It's a PITA to update all the links regularly thanks to the new nonsense policy of AE.

      I haven't tried this new generation of small Sebenza clones yet. If you're not a steel snob the cheaper ~$40 version will also do.

    4. We'll see when I can afford another knife.
      Right now I think the next one will be the Brother 1502 if I'm quick enough but if I can spend a bit more next month I'd really like to get a Real Steel E775 Griffin. There's not many button lock knives around but (again) maybe I'll just try to mod my Ganzo automatic to make it a manual folder, just need to buy the Kwik thumb stud before...

    5. The Griffin looks tempting but for Euro 60 it's not cheap.
      For that money you get titanium frame with ceramic bearings from Green Thorn.

    6. Indeed, but I like different mechanisms and I can't find any other button lock knife (besides the Thistle which is a liner lock with an activation button like some Victorinox knives) in that price range.
      There's one offer on the bay for €47 from France but no shipping cost given.
      There should be a Sanrenmu version of the Griffin without their expensive RealSteel logo on it (what a shitty name anyways) ;)

    7. Well for similar or even smaller prices you can find the Kershaw dimension, button lock, titanium scales and even assisted opening. A very fine knife indeed that I like a lot (steel is only 8Cr13MoV but mine was very sharp from the box and still is)

      The really interesting Griffin is the Carson one, for me. Not sure that Sanrenmu is related to Carson or RealSteel...

    8. You are right, there is the Dimension but the design is just not my cup of tea and I have enough knives made with 8Cr13MoV to know that I wouldn't spend more on it then for an SRM 710 or the like.
      Also for me a knife can only be fully automatic or fully manual, A/O is neither fish nor fowl to me (my opinion comes from a Kershaw Leek, a Cryo and a Ganzo G719-G).

      RealSteel is made by Sanrenmu for the Western market, most sellers seem to be in Germany if my google-fu and ebay checking is correct. I really like the RealSteel S571, full flat grind with hollowed steel handles. €45 is a bit steep though, mainly because we got spoiled by Sanrenmu and cloned knife prices.
      I also buy clones but for example that latest Spyderco knife on this blog would look better to me if there was "Navy" and the correct steel type written on it or if it was sterile (which I prefer).

  5. I got the one with the T pattern a couple of days ago. What a nice knife! Those double ball bearing washers are truly amazing, perfect action with the blade closing on its own weight right out of the box. And it's light as a feather with its 115g. I was so happy with it that I ordered right away the Carbon Fiber Hati that seems to come with the same double row ball bearing.

    1. The quality of these Green Thorn versions is amazing. I guess sooner or later I'll order a T-pattern version too although I already have a Wild Boar version with that style.

  6. Just received the exact same knife. Amazing in every way. I can't believe ppl buy these popular brands selling knifes with plastic scales like Spyderco or with shitty blades for much more.

    1. I forgot to place the warning: after this Green Thorn F95 every other well known brand will seem heavily over priced. :))