Monday, March 14, 2016

Shirogorov Dr. Death style folder by VESPA

Seller's pics:
An interesting collaboration between Sergey Shirogorov and Tom Mayo

They've started to sell the VESPA version of this unique style folder on Aliexpress.  

- Unique Mayo design 
- Premium S35VN powder steel blade
- Full titanium frame lock construction
- Ball bearing pivot system
- Light weight (125 g) for every day carry

Blade length: 3.74" (95 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.157" (4 mm)
Blade steel: S35VN Powder Steel
Open length: 8.86" (225 mm)
Closed length: 4.96" (126 mm)
Weight: 4.4 oz (125 g)
Handle: titanium
Lock: frame lock with steel insert
Carry: right hand tip up
Extra: tools for the screws

You can buy it at a reliable seller on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** (new link) 

Satin or satin + stone washed blade finish:

More pics:


  1. I've seen it and don't really know what to make of it...
    I love the blade and its finish. I love the general level of detail (and all that Vespa does better and better with every new knife).
    I'm OK with the price, for s35vn it's very acceptable.
    I'm not totally convinced by the Mayo part of the design: the flow of the handle seem to go against those "trade mark" holes...
    Maybe I just need to get used to it. And maybe I unconsciously want to be a bit reasonable about knives for the moment (I mean, I've got two Ganzo and an Olive Wood Exskelibur in the mail, that should be enough for a time... )

    1. After the new 7xx series of Ganzo it's quite hard to justify any expensive folder. :) I'm amazed by my new G740!

      The Exskelibur is on my wishlist, I'd be happy with the G10 version too.

      I'd like to see more Mayo designs on Ali.

      By the way after a couple of weeks are you still satisfied with your Piston? I'm about to pull the trigger on that.

  2. Indeed, I've just received my G7371-OR this morning, and with the exception of dirt in the lock bar area (which you feel easily since the cut is soooooo thin/precise) it is an absolutely mind blowing folder for the price. You can barely detect the transition between the steel bolsters and g10 inserts!!!

    There was a big bargain on the Olive Exskelibur at Knife-Center that I stumbled upon. At 45$ I couldn't let it pass!!! I would have been happy with the G10 version too, even if I prefer having to Ti liners, but the Olive's the one I ended up with!

    As for the Piston yes, I'm still very very satisfied. It's got a smoothness and hydraulic feeling when you deploy it that is really special. And the general feel and fit and finish are rather "mid-tech-ish", bordering custom...

    1. I'm planning to order the stone washed version of the G737 with the same orange G10 inserts.

      Thanks for the info, you make hard to resist to buy the Piston for me! :)

  3. Got the Exskelibur tonight. Very good looking, very nice blade shape (and hair popping sharp out of the box), ultra light (to the point that I almost fear breaking it when using it).
    But mine was very poorly put together. The pivot "hole" in the wooden scales was off, so at first the blade was super off-centre and there was plenty of blade play. I managed to re-set the pivot and tighten it correctly while forcing on the blade and now it's way better (still of centre a bit, but less and there's no more blade play) but that was hard with the pivot tool that I had to twist a bit so that it would work...

    My first Böker with fit/finish/assembly problems, but luckily I managed to solve them. I'll certainly do a full review later on, maybe next week.

    1. @Franz
      Did you get the Exkelimor with the bog oak (Mooreiche) handle?
      I was reading about f+f issues (cracked wood, etc.) on that one before so if I ever get an Exkelibur then it will be a G10 version...

    2. @Adahn
      Nope, it is the version with the olive wood handles. No cracks and really stunning looks with the blue anodised titanium parts and the yellowish tint of the olive wood.
      I've seen the pics of cracks and so on on the Exskelimor but I've got a great track record with Böker (my Epicenter in perfect!!) so I wasn't too afraid. Plus I'm sort of worried by the fact that there's only one liner in the g10 version... Totally irrational but well!