Sunday, March 27, 2016

New arrivals - Ganzo G739 and G741

First impressions:
- The G741 is similar to the DPX HEST 2.0 folder and the G739 to the Benchmade Griptillian BM551 line.
- Both of them represent amazing value for the money.
- They arrived with perfect fit & finish in every detail.
- As you can see they are the same size with a couple of different design elements which I'll detail in my forthcoming review.

You can find them at

Ganzo G7412 with plain G10 handle: ***HERE*** (black, orange, green)
Ganzo G7392 with plain G10 handle: ***HERE*** (black, orange, green)   


  1. I want to recommend a knife for a friend who doesn't know anything about knives. What knife under $40 would you recommend for someone that will use the knife relatively roughly?

    1. I would choose an axis-lock model from the Ganzo 7xx line. There are plenty weight/size/blade style variations to choose from.

    2. I totally second that.
      Possibly the G741 for 'rough use' as the shape of the blade with more belly will allow better performance and the handle has a shape that will lock the hand in place even better... Possibly...

      The Y-start (I've just received mine) could also be a very good choice. But the D2 steel might require a bit more attention than the 440c of the Ganzo, since it's a less corrosion resistant alloy.

  2. I picked up two Ganzo 7xx's along with the Y-Start, and all 3 seem as though they'd tolerate hard use. But I haven't actually _put them_ to hard use, so please take that with the usual grain of "someone said so on the Internet" salt.

    One nice thing is that at these prices $40 would cover two of 'em ... identical twins so that one could be put away as a spare, or different ones to A - B against each other. Not a bad dilemma to have, at any rate.

  3. Hi Isti.
    Thanks for the comparison photos.
    I decided to order the G739 in carbon fiber scale from DHGate as Gearbest only have those regular G10 scales.
    So far only the G741 and G739 come with CF scales, so hopefully future releases from Ganzo also have the option for CF scale.

  4. NuggetMcNugget @ created a list of all Ganzo knives:

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