Friday, February 19, 2016

New Ganzo folders at Gearbest

Seller's pics
Ganzo G7412 with plain G10 handle: ***HERE*** (black, orange, green)

Ganzo G7413 with plain G10 handle and black blade: ***HERE*** (black, orange, green)

Ganzo G7413 with grooved G10 handle and black blade: ***HERE*** (orange, black)

Ganzo G7412 with grooved G10 handle and sw blade: ***HERE*** (orange, black)

Ganzo G740 with plain G10 handle: ***HERE*** (orange, black, green)

Ganzo G7371 with G10 handle and satin blade: ***HERE*** (black, orange)

Ganzo G7372 with G10 handle and stone washed blade: ***HERE*** (black, orange)

Ganzo G7041 (G704 with stone washed blade): ***HERE*** 


  1. I'm not thanking you isti! ;-)
    I couldn't resist the orange g7371... Almost a bolster lock, nice hybrid look between modern and traditional.And a geat price..

    1. I'm about to order the orange one too. :)

    2. It's a great looking piece, and for the price you can't be wrong!!

  2. I collect Orange Ganzos :)

    I am searching for the Ganzo G801 ... shipping to Sweden ... no luck so far :/

  3. Those 740s. O_O
    What are the actual blade lengths on those? The stated measurements vary on diff websites.

  4. Replies
    1. I have the same version in the mail! :)
      How do you like yours?

  5. It is one of my Ganzo favorites :)
    The G740 is a great slicer and I like the design with the long handle
    It is nice to carry in pocket (mind the long handle)

    The 7-series are now true value knives with many options
    I wonder what will be the next step for Ganzo

    1. I received my G739 (plain G10 handle with sw blade) a couple of days ago. That's also an excellent design, it feels like a slim BM 556.

  6. Take care Isti ;)