Friday, January 1, 2016

Splendid Spyderco Slysz Bowie style folder

Excellent edc friendly slim design by Marcin Slysz

- perfect fit and finish in every detail (even the inside of the opening hole is polished)
- solid titanium frame lock without any blade play
- perfectly centered light stone washed blade with semi rounded blade spine
- slim titanium handle with very good ergonomics
- despite the absence of ball bearings the opening and closing is smooth enough
- excellent pocket friendly size and weight for every day carry
- unobtrusive wire clip 

- no steel lock bar insert
 (edit: after more than 10 months the lock-up is still rock solid at  25%)
- I'd prefer a titanium wire clip

Blade length: 3.35" (85 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.137" (3.5 mm)
Blade steel: D2 Stainless Steel (~60 HRC)
Open length: 7.8" (198 mm)
Closed length: 4.45" (113 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.44" (11.3 mm)
Weight: 4.16 oz (118 g)
Handle: titanium
Lock: frame lock
Carry: right or left hand tip up

You can buy the Slysz Bowie at a reliable seller on Aliexpress:
If you like the Slysz Bowie have a look at the C158 Techno too! :)
Or the big brother, the C185 Farid K2: ***HERE***

More titanium Spyderco copies:
C36 Military: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
C81 Paramilitary 2: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Alexey Konygin T50 and Slysz Bowie:

You can buy the T50 with S35VN blade on Aliexpress:

Enlan EL01 and Slysz Bowie:

Nice semi rounded blade spine:

More pics:


  1. Nice pictorial... and for a change won't trigger an impulse buy from me ;) I'm still so very happy with mine, it hasn't left my pocket since I've received it.

    By the way, did you see some of the newer stuff that have appeared? I've ordered a "piston separated flipper" (looks quite a bit like a Sukhoi/Gratch but with a "disappearing flipper tab", S35vn blade... not cheap but damn sexy). I've also noticed (not ordered yet, but that's sure to happen soon... ;)) a nice wild boar clone of the Microtech/Marfione Anax (with an aluminium integral body). And there's a new district 9... sexy, with M390 blade steel, and correspondingly expensive.

    1. It's an excellent EDC folder for sure! :)

      I saw them. The Piston is a quite interesting design with that flipper tab so please let me know about your impressions when you receive it.

      I have an Anax in the mail. I coouldn't resist the integral alu handle. :)
      The District 9 looks cool but it's out of my price range.

      There's also a new Shirogorov 110 style folder with steel bolsters (they photoshopped the grooves on the blade).

    2. One question about the Anax... They're all speaking of "model 1" and 2 or A and B. The one they all have seem to only be 1. Did you get what the difference was? And they seem mostly to not have a groove in the blade. Is it photoshoped out or really not there? In which case, what is the deployment method, as I don't see any thumb studs?

      As the sellers mostly say that they can send pictures at request, I suppose you did ask for them... What's the hidden thinggy?

    3. There are two versions of the Anax: plain blade and grooved blade one. At the moment all of the shops sell only the grooved version but they can only show the pics of the plain blade version because selling knives with blood grooves are not allowed on AE.
      HERE is real pic of the grooved version.

      The plain bladed version can be opened one handed by pushing down the end of the blade spine (picture here). It's similar to the opening method of the Boker Exskelibur 1.

    4. This seller shows real pics of the grooved Anax.

    5. Good news... Well "good" only insofar as it will possibly make me order one sooner rather than later ;) I much prefer the groove for deployment (and looks, as it lightens the otherwise too wide blade). I'll try to resist ordering it at least until I have received two of the knives I have in the mail. Which shouldn't be long since three of them have already arrived in France ;)

    6. Hey, hey... Having received the ZT0562CF this Monday and the TiSpine today, I've just ordered the Anax.
      And now... the wait! But you're pics and review are bound to arrive before my knife, so now I'm really awaiting them anxiously!

  2. Great, I'll tell you about the Piston, you'll tell me about the Anax... and we'll probably both end up with both knives ;)
    I hadn't noticed the 110 with bolsters. It definitely looks very nice!

  3. The Slysz is just excellent and very pocket friendly, You get a very good replica there

    - Slysz Bowie is on its way
    - T50, no resistance, just ordered the replica ( due to a review on the net :) )
    - Piston & the District 9... arghh ... could not resist
    - The Anax ... I am not a fan of special tool pivot screws ... but still tempted there

    December ended up an expensive month

    Happy New Year!

    1. I'm waiting for your first impressions about the Piston and District 9.
      By any chance aren't you planning to buy the Vespa Asymmetric too? ;)

      Happy New Year!

    2. Very good choice overall... I already have the Slysz Bowie, the T50 I ordered as soon as I saw Isti's review, too. The Piston, I couldn't pass... I almost ordered a Sukhoi or Gratch but I loved the streamlined looks of the first yet much prefer flippers. The Chinese offer me both aspect, hard to resist.
      The Anax, I've always been a fan. Saw a few real ones in the 700's but always sold out and the only versions available were at a grand or more... definitely way too much for me. But I loooove the look, and integral handles are a thing I've lusted for for quite sometimes. So "screw the proprietary screws", I'm ordering it soon... very soon indeed since Isti's confirmed that the blades were actually grooved.
      I'm probably not going the District 9 way, as it ends up being quite expensive and there's no absolute certainty that the blade really is M390 (still my District 9 is really a great piece)

      Happy New Year !!!

    3. the Asymmetric is on its way ... it was my last order of 2015

    4. Hello. Still have a slysz clone you could part with? Thank you:)

    5. Since it got discontinued it worths more than the original! :))

  4. It is fun to see how Ali shop Dicoria hides the style A in his red picture of the Anax

    1. Yes. Most sellers also use that very same picture to "illustrate A without showing it".

      By the way, it's really weird that the grooves are banned. I can't really figure out the reason. AND... some sellers seems to show them nonetheless.