Sunday, January 24, 2016

New MG Shuttle titanium frame lock folder with S35VN blade on Aliexpress

Seller's pics:

New high-end, light weight titanium frame lock folder with bearing pivot system from MG (Hong Kong). It comes with a tritium vial for the flipper and a pivot tool in the carry pouch.

Blade length: 3.54" (90 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.138" (3.5 mm)
Blade steel: S35VN Powder Steel (59-61 HRC)
Open length: 8.38" (213 mm)
Closed length: 4.72" (120 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.47" (12 mm)
Weight: 4.48 oz (127 g)
Handle: titanium
Lock: frame lock with steel insert
Carry: right hand tip up
Extra: tritium vial + pivot tool + carry pouch

You can buy it at a reliable seller on Aliexpress: ***HERE*** (new link) 

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with solid frame-locks!


  1. You Sir are bad for my wallet!

    The Shuttle is not my cup o' tea but I really like the Tyrant.
    Well, I just really like the Neon after polishing the blade and sanding down the clip a bit so I can carry it in jeans butI always like to see unique designs. Are thos MG knives copies of any sort or genuine MG design?

    1. Bad Influence? That's my second name! ;))

      I also like the MG Tyrant especially the plain stone washed handle/plain blade version. If only they made the Tyrant a little lighter.
      The Shuttle seems an original design to me.

      Have you posted any pics of your modded Neon?

    2. I'm not really a fan of the milling patterns on the scales, but I like the general shape. Not super cheap, but given the quality of the MG Tyrant which is only getting better as I use it, it probably was to be expected.

      With a bit of luck, my Anax should be there tomorrow, then the LionSpy next week, I suppose (it just left China today).

      If I'm feeling good, I'll try to do a review of the "Combat Troodon" from Vespa. A really impressive piece, even if not highly practical (large and with a bit of the normal -for double action OTF, but weird to me- blade play)

    3. That version of the Tyrant has been sitting on my wish list for a while. Unfortunately it's become quite sparse lately.

      What's the color of the Vespa?

    4. It's orange... I'm still thinking at times that I should have gone the red route. The orange is great but maybe a bit more "muted". Well, I'll try to have at least the pics on line very soon.

    5. Neon:

      I didn't mod so much, only polished the ground areas with my leather strop and ground down the clip a bit, maybe I'll ground off a bit more to make it hovering, that's better on jeans.
      I don't know who had the tip but clamping a bit and giving slight sideway pressure allowed me to open the pivot screw with the tool they sent (after giving the pivot a 1 min bath in boiling water).
      I was thinking about enlargening the choil to allow a ahort grip, we'll see on that. The clip already loses anodizing, maybe I should stonewash it, but I guess this is the time for natural wear ;)

    6. And here are the pics plus pre-review of the "combat troodon inspired" Vespa OTF... The actual orange is a bit more muted than what the pictures show, I feel, but I couldn't get my camera to show it as is it (maybe because of the grey/blue backdrop?).
      I'll try to complete the review soon.

      On the minus side, the Anax wasn't delivered this morning (and I won't be home until Friday, so I won't see it until at least then).

    7. It looks really nice! If the orange color seems stronger in the pictures than in real life you could try adjusting the white balance or the color scheme settings in your camera.

      I'm planning to order the smaller version of the HALO V tanto. It seems single action OTF autos come without blade play issues. What do you think?

    8. Today I've shown my co-worker the Neon and he liked it a lot but he'd like an auto of such a kind. Do you know of any automatic knife (maybe in Ti) with a button lock (no OTF atm)?
      By the way, the letter scale told me that the hollow handled Neon weighs 81 grams but it feels heftier in the hand than my RAT 2 which has around the same weight.
      Anyways, I still like it :)

    9. No its not a original design :/ the same for the tyrant ! Look in google image : gavko mako
      I just orderer it ( the mg ) and im a little bit disapointed, me too I thought it was an original but no, not a clone but strongly inspired

  2. Yes, from what I've read the blade play issues are less prevalent in single action OTFs... But I suppose that there will still be a bit of it, else it would be difficult to even get the blade out.

    Anyway, it's not very large, simply that being used to rock solid blades on framelocks, it's a weird feeling.

    1. Franz, have you considered the Bat Paladin double action OTF knives before ordering the Vespa?

    2. I did, and decided to go the full monty and get the Vespa since it was said/reviewed to compare well to the corresponding microtech in terms of fit and finish and so on. Having already the neon I was rather reassured about what the quality would be.
      By the way, I've received both the Anax and the LionSpy this morning. I'll do a review (possibly joint review) soon, but here are some first impressions. The Anax was conform to what you said of it: dirty, full of grease but very nice after a good W40 cleaning session. The LionSpy was a bit oily but really impressed me (I've decided to EDC it). It's like a real LionSpy but without all the fit and finis problem that often plagued the real one. Everything is perfectly aligned, smooth, well made. The package for the G10 version was not shown on the pictures of the seller but I got the Spydie pouch (very nice quality) and the tool for adjusting the pivot and moving the pocket clip. This pocket clip was the only problem: too much tension. I tweaked it a bit and now it's all good but at first I'd hurt my fingers to just lift it 1mm above the scale. It was nigh impossible to get it in the pocket.

    3. Congratulations! :)
      A hint: be sure not to overtighten the pivot screw of the ANAX. IMO in my case that caused the initial gritty action (they overtighten it in the factory).

      You made me curious about that LionSpy! :)

    4. Even with an almost totally unscrewed pivot there is still some "rolling action" to be felt in my Anax. But it's not bad, I can wiggle the blade back in place rather easily.

      As for the LionSpy, here is my full review with pics... I'm really happy with it. And when you take the whole package you get into account, it's really great value.

    5. What's about the LionSpy? Is it getting smoother?
      It looks really tempting. :)

  3. Sorry, I missed your last comment. The LionSpy is getting smoother progressively. Not to the point of free-falling or anything like a knife on ball bearings, but fluidity is getting there.
    Now I've let it rest for a while (not without missing its big, thick, fat bellied and still super sharp blade) to EDC the Anax, which I should review soon.

    1. I guess the ANAX feels much lighter than the LionSpy.

    2. It does. And I like the smoothness of it now that it's been cleaned and the pivot has been untightened. Only problem is that now the blade is no longer well centred. But I can live with that ;)

    3. Mine remained centered after cleaning & oiling.

    4. I guess that either you've been lucky or I've been unlucky, then. Well it's not like it's really kissing one side or anything. It just clearly favours the right... I'm sure I could re-centre it better if I could tighten a bit more the pivot, but the "needle pliers" I'm using for that are rather soft metal and twist when I try to put any sort of real tension. Plus, that way it's real smooth, so...

    5. I don't recommend overtightening the pivot of the ANAX because too much pressure could cause the bearings to dig into the washers on the handle side.

    6. Yes, it's sure that these washers are not very thick nor rigid and might be deformed by the bearings.
      By the way, I've published my review of it... and enjoy very much EDCing it!

  4. So has anyone actually purchased this knife, received it and formulated any opinions yet? I ordered one, but just last night,I definitely like the overall shape better than the Tyrant. Also wondering, are they really only going to produce 500 of each color? By the looks of them, I believe this will probably be their best knife to date, I mean common, they even give you a custom tool just to go with this knife, to me that tells me they probably put their best foot forward with design, fit and finish on the shuttle. Albeit I think they should hire an American to come up with better themes and advertising.

  5. In case anyone else is still interested. I received my mg shuttle and it's excellent. It's obvious to me that Kevin John is just producing another venom 2 style knife here. KJ keeps playing with basically the same design but changing things like the blade shape, materials etc. So basically this is a slimmer, all titanium milled handle venom 2,lol

    1. "KJ keeps playing with basically the same design but changing things..."
      It sounds like the product development strategy of Spyderco! :)))

      Aren't MG and Kevin John different teams?
      Do you also have the Venom 2?

    2. I do have the venom 2 and venom attacker, awesome knives. On they admit they source their materials from KJ, but it's obvious KJ is flat out manufacturing their knives. KJ I've noticed has several brands that they release knives under when they don't want the KJ packaging on it for reasons I suspect. I know several major Russian knife companies are using KJ factory to produce their knives at this point, my belief is when they wish to make their own version of something they are under contract to make they then produce or under alias companies, vespa, dicoria, mg, ch.. etc.

    3. The Attacker is on my wish list too! :) I hope sooner or later they will sell it a little cheaper.

      As I know CKF has his knives manufactured in China too. Perhaps in a KJ factory?

      What's about Wild Boar? Allegedly they separated from KJ.

      I'm also curious about Green Thorn. I'm quite impressed by their Shirogorov copies.

  6. Wild boar is definitely on their own, but their quality is not so great fit and finish. Green thorn is KJ all the way, I forgot to add that to the list, in fact I almost added another comment just to add green thorn to what I had just posted lol. Ckf has admitted to sourcing their manufacturing from Kevin John. They also purchased the venom 2 and renamed it the daboia.
    I'm very pleased with my attacker, it's an awesome knife, fit and finish are perfect. In my opinion KJ has mastered their machining and knife production, hence the Russians just giving up and sourcing from KJ, can't beat em, join em lol

    1. Thanks a lot for the extra info!
      Green Thorn has become my favourite Chinese "brand"! :)
      IMO at the moment it's the best bang for the buck.

  7. I couldn't find anything about it in the comments and I think it may be interesting to know: The MG Shuttle seems to be "heavily influenced" by models of knife maker Michael Kavac of Gavko Knives (check instagram for gavko_knives). Especially the long ovale cutouts in his blade designs and their often harpoon like shape obviously have made an impression on MG's designers. Still a tempting offer given the quality and the materials used. I'm really thinking about it ...