Sunday, January 3, 2016

Godzilla is here - extra large Shirogorov 110 style folder

It's not for the faint-hearted :)
- excellent fit and finish in every detail 
- perfectly centered, elegant 4.33" (110 mm) light stonewashed blade
- solid lock-up without any blade play
- smooth opening and closing thanks to the ball bearing pivot system
- despite the XL size its weight is moderate (skeletonized steel liners)
- it's a good conversation starter for the right person ;) 

- the lock comes with quite strong omega springs

Blade length: 4.33" (110 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.15" (3.8 mm)
Blade steel: D2 Stainless Steel (~61 HRC)
Open length: 9.8" (249 mm)
Closed length: 5.47" (139 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.67" (17 mm)
Weight: 7.02 oz (199 g)
Handle: G10 + skeletonized steel liners
Lock: axis-lock
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy Shirogorov 110 with thumb studs on Aliexpress:
***HERE*** (green with logo)
***HERE*** (green without logo)
more green versions ***HERE*** and ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with axis-locks!

Have a look at my review of the Shirogorov 110 grooved blade version with steel bolsters: ***HERE***

The grooves are photoshopped in the seller's pics but here is the real one:

Shirogorov 110 and Decepticon 2:

More pics:


  1. Nice review and nice pictures! If I didn't have it already I would certainly be quite tempted after this post!
    By the way, is that frost on your pictures? Here we're lusting for the winter to start (apparently it should, soon)...

    1. Thanks! :)
      Yes, that's frost in the pictures. The temperature was around -4C here day time.
      We took the dog for a walk in the woods and I grabbed the Shiro 110 and a borrowed DSRL.

  2. If only it would have a lighter version.. Cf/ti would be awesome. Love the big size.. Im tempted but with better/lighter materials I would be sold. Btw, Isti, where are you from?

    1. The steel bolster version weights 14 g less.

      Hint: They say our languages originate from the same language family. ;)

    2. Weird that the bolstered version would be lighter.
      It maybe that they are really not in steel but in an alloy with aluminium and zinc?
      Having seen it, anyway, I sort of half regret having already purchased the brown G10 one, as the aesthetics of the bolsters really sing to me (and I don't need it twice).

    3. It has a slightly thinner (3.7 mm) blade.
      I'm afraid it'll end up in my collection anyway.

    4. Mesikämmen: You've got it! :)

  3. It's heavy but it feels large more than heavy as the large size makes the "weight per inch" rather OK.
    It's not "super high quality" materials but D2 steel of the blade is more than adequate and the steel liners really do not feel cheap as they are super well finished.
    You can see that on my pics and review as well as those of Isti

  4. Looks good, with so many knives now available maybe you could do you favorite knives of 2015?

  5. The 110s are well worth the price
    They feels very solid in hand

    BTW, my District 9 and the Piston arrived
    The Dicoria shop ordered Piston is awesome, with a great quality in the manufacturing of the knife
    The D9 is missing a bit in the symmetry of the backspacer, otherwise it feels like a fine knife with really smooth opening and closing, with a good detention of the blade

    I will add some pictures tomorrow with real day light

    1. Which version of the Shiro 110 do you prefer?
      So does the Piston have a better price/quality ratio than the D9?

  6. Wow, that was quite fast... My Piston is not even showing on tracking yet, just "pre-advised" (which probably means it's travelling from China to the Netherlands).
    I'm really happy to hear to you find it awesome... But that sort of makes me even more impatient ;)
    Well, normally I'll receive my "Two Suns" flipper (kwaiken like) first, then the T50, then the Piston, then the Anax. Unless the slow ones suddenly speed up and the fast ones slow down, which is entirely possible.

    So I'm waiting for your pics like they're the messiah!

  7. Sukhoi and Piston

    I think you get a lot more price/quality for your money on the Piston
    It actually made me happy right out of the box :)
    D9 is OK for the price, while the Piston is a lot more than OK
    BTW the images does not show the Piston's dead center blade

    @Isti, I forgot to thank you on the great images of the Chinogorov 110
    The blood grove one is my favorite (though I am a fan of FFG blades), I guess it is the coolness of it that makes me like it a bit more
    The omega springs are strong on both, but still manageable for one hand opening/closing
    I need to take care of my fingertips when closing, as these blades may closes with a lot of inertia :/

    1. Thanks for the pics, Hans! They make me salivate (and help me with the wait ;))
      Looks like the Piston is a smidgen smaller than the Sukhoi, or is it optical effect? Both look great but I sort of feel like I even prefer the Piston, which looks slightly "slimer" and flatter, so more "gentlemanly".

      How's the flipper mechanism working, by the way? Smooth, I suppose?

    2. The Piston is a few millimeters shorter than the Sukhoi with a resembling geometry
      Deployment is fast and the flipper is well thought out
      Detention when closed is safe and solid, and helps the fast deployment when enough energy hits pushes the flipper tab
      I agree, this is a very fine gentleman knife, with a non obtrusive appearance
      The Sukhoi is more bells and whistles on the craftmanship

      @Isti, sorry for messing up your blog :/

    3. Hans:
      Thanks for the excellent comparative pics! I hope sooner or later they'll start to sell the Piston at a discounted price too for my own sake. :)

      I'm a big FFG blade fan too but I wouldn't exchange my grooved Shiro 110. It has such an awesome design!

      Keep calm and continue, it's far from messing up my blog. :)

    4. Have you seen this new LionSteel T.R.E. style folder at Dicora? It looks awesome!

    5. I had not... And now it's no longer available (at least at Dicoria)
      If it's to be available again at that price, I'll jump on it, almost certainly.
      By the way, I just received my Piston this morning. It's got a few mini-defect but it's really a great piece. I'll do a review soon.

    6. Here is my review of the Piston. Really a great piece that I warmly recommend (even if mine has two small flaws, it amazed me!).

      Seems like all knives from Dicoria are shown as "no longer available"... Are they going out of business? That'd be bad news as they are one of the best sellers (/makers?) on Aliexpress.

    7. I hope they will be back in business soon because Dicoria is one of the best shops on Ali.

  8. Did you have a chance to try out this or something of this CH brand?

    1. Better late than never, they say...
      Well, I've received the CH 3504 just yesterday (and did a review today since I've taken to EDC immediately). It's really impressive value, really impressive full stop. I'm totally sold on the knife and if the rest is anything like it, you'd be a fool not to jump on anything they do and that talks to you!

    2. I also received my CH 3504 a couple of days ago. I went for the green anodized version. I agree it's a really good design and it begs for EDCing.

    3. Again we're on the same page, getting similar knives at similar times !! I hesitated but since I've recently got the TiSpine in green, I thought the blue/purple a better choice for me.

    4. What a coincidence! You might be my lost twin brother! :))

    5. Are you sure about the weight of your CH 3504 (160g)?
      Mine weights only 149g.

    6. I did check again this morning, and it's really 160g. There might be more of a difference than the anodisation colour. Maybe thickness of the slabs, or of the backspacer. More likely the titanium alloy is different to allow for different colours more easily.

    7. Comparing mine to your pics I can't see any difference by appearance.
      The blade length is 91 mm and the thickness is 4 mm of mine.
      If that's the same then it must be the handle slabs.

  9. Yep, same blade dimensions...
    So it's either a different thickness or different alloy for the scales...
    Or maybe yours have some milling inside? 10g is not a lot but it's definitely not insignificant!