Sunday, December 20, 2015

Review: Enlan EL-17HT folder

Excellent heavy duty folder with tanto blade
- excellent fit and finish
- massive liner lock (without the G10 handle slabs you could call it a frame lock)
- solid lock-up without any blade play
perfectly centered titanium grey coated blade 
- stylish G10 handle slabs with good traction
- the end of the handle could be used as an impact tool 

- the placement of pocket clip makes the thick handle (18 mm) even thicker 

Blade length: 3.5" (89 mm)
Blade thickness: 0.137" (3.5 mm)
Blade steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel (~58 HRC)
Open length: 8.18" (208 mm)
Closed length: 4.68" (119 mm)
Handle thickness: 0.7" (18 mm)
Weight: 5.75 oz (163 g)
Handle: steel frame + G10 handle slabs
Lock: liner lock
Carry: right hand tip up

You can buy the Enlan EL-17HT at reliable sellers: ***HERE*** (Aliexpress)
                                                                                  ***HERE*** (Gearbest)

Enlan EL-12 with tanto blade: ***HERE*** (Gearbest)

Nice G10 handle slabs:
Ganzo G732 and Enlan EL-17HT:
You can buy the G732 in 4 colors at ***HERE***
Grooved handle versions: ***HERE***

You can also buy the G732 in 4 colors at a reliable seller on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

More pics:


  1. The G10 is looking cool but bulky.
    Did you try how the knife feels as a simple framelock folder with the scales removed?

  2. It's always a compromise, thick handle feels good in the hand (especially when you do some serious cutting task) but it wears uncomfortable in the pocket.
    I haven't tried removing the scales yet.

  3. as far as I remember this model is several years old. magnum by boker also sells it.

    1. New to me. :)
      I always wanted to grab this Enlan but until recently I couldn't find one at a reasonable price.

  4. Is the grip on the handle OK without gloves ? ... or time to sand them ?

    I better learn Chinese, or use someone offering trade help on :)

    Google translate helps a bit, but it is still a pain

    1. The handle feels comfortable with bare hands. The only thing I would change is the placement of the pocket clip which is protruding. I think I'll remove it.

  5. Very pleased to see that Enlan are seeing sense with regard to the pivot screw. The first time I saw a knife with that style was the A-Stan from Boker Magnum range, keeping the proprietorial triangle style but with a Torx head in the centre. The A-Stan was a dressed-up EL-01, lovely knife. They even included an Allen style key with a T6 Torx on one end for the scales and a Torx T8 on the other for the pivot.
    By the way EverBuying are stocking a tool for thev EL-0x triangle type pivots for about $6, more reasonable than Exduct's $18.
    Great blog isti, always costing me money but I like it ;)

    1. Hi Steve,
      I'm glad you're back!
      Gearbest also started to sell an Enlan triangle tool
      for $5.10.
      Fortunately you can adjust the pivot screw of the EL-17HT with a T8 Torx. :)

  6. Hi isti, I've been quiet recently, medical issues, healing slowly but I'm trying to keep collecting.
    Good to see you keeping up the best knife blog around, I like the no nonsense style, everything you need to know and nothing you don't, plenty of photos as a bonus.
    All the best.

  7. Thank you Steve!
    I hope you get better soon and I can see you more often on the forums too.

  8. Hello Isti,

    have you ever seen the Enlan Bee EW091?
    I've found it by chance and only on ebay right now.
    I think it would look great on a PC tower with steel mesh ;)

    Too bad I can find no real info about it :(

    1. Yes, I've seen that new Enlan too.
      I really like the FFG blade and the mesh on the handle looks interesting.

  9. It's just bad that the Enlan site is looking like it was made for the Netscape Navigator like 10 years ago. I also found there a model called D064, looking nice, seems to have a good size but I only find it on their old website, nowhere else (esp. no picture of its backside).
    Also when I was looking for this EW091 I was feeling that they sell a lot in Russia because I only found RU or UK sites about some nice looking Enlans, like the EL 1001 Goshawk. Pretty strange.
    Oh, and I think the 091 would look best with a light stonewash finish ;)

  10. Yeah, that Goshawk is looking nice but I think I'd more likely get the EW-091.
    On the one I've found on ebay it has the Enlan logo, is this bird's head something like an Enlan logo, too, that I've never realized to see?
    Anyways, your AliE skills are exceptionell, congratulations :)
    For the MultiTool side I'm happy with my SRM T01, it has a good place in my car and was my first edc knife :)

    Wanna see smth weird on AliE that I'll maybe order for a friend to get and for a better than human (in his mind) un-friend to shock?

    By the way, is there a way to use short AliE links like on ebay and amazon?
    Only item/number.html doesn't seem to be enough :(

    1. Wow! That's a really weird Lego for sure! :))

  11. Yes indeed, and honestly I couldn't get that grin out of my face for a while.
    Once I've heard a movie director (but I forgot who) saying, nobody would still make movies about the Nazis and all that if they wouldn't have had such great uniforms and decoration. See a Brit or American or anything, they all look a bit the same, see a black leather uniform and you know it's the really bad guys! :P

    1. They had excellent stylists! ;)
      They made even the faces of the Lego soldiers very serious! :))

  12. Yeah, I really love those faces, too. I asked if I can pay via paypal, now waiting for reply.
    By the way, you're so good with finding knives on AliE and the such, so there's a "request" for you. I really like the SRM 702, aaik it's a Klötzli design, but sadly to me they made it a tad too small. Do you know of any folding knife with this design but say an 8-8.5 cm blade? Perfect would be a front flipper without any thumb stud, the jimping was at the right place for that already. But yeah, it's too small to carry but it was fun to mod ;)

    1. Excellent mod, congratulations!
      I bought a drillpress recently so I'll test my handle scales moding skills soon. :)

      This Böker Magnum comes to my mind.
      Here is a pic of mine.

  13. Yes, that Des Horn is pretty ...expensive and that Magnum is a copy of an AG Russel design where they just forgot to copy the hollowed out handle. How do you like your's?

    Hmm, I just want a SRM 702 +20% then I'm happy ;)

    If I'd ever make an own knife from scratch it would be something like that but before that something like the Filip De Coene Hybrid Friction Folder "Ensizen". Maybe the cleaver I wanted to make handles for would be good for that now as I have a bit of experience with regrinding...

  14. One last question for the bloodhound ;)
    Do you know of an affordable button lock knife?

    I don't like the Kershaw Thistle but long ago I've seen a John Henry button lock folder on AliExpress. It was before I really got interested in the matter, now I can't find it anymore. Same I wanted to have a Mnandi copy before I bought the TiLock but it was sold out. I like the looks even more then the Mnandi clones btw...

    1. I've stumbled upon these MG made CR Mnandi folders.

    2. Yes, I have one of that kind. The wood was a bit too thick and there were some Ti burrs at the lockface which left scratches in the washers, not cool. But after sanding and polishing the wood and anodizing the liners (heat colorizing the steel clip) I like it much more this way:

      But yeah, the knife is a bit small, even for my S-sized hands and one hand opening is a bit difficult, so it's not a user.
      And honestly, the pivot on the copy is looking better than the original and same as on the clone the original has no internal stop so the CR logo is turning around from opening/closing. That on a $450 knife? Hmm, better to buy a Chinogorov.
      I just really dig smallish gent's knives but it seems more people like the big chunks of steel ;)

  15. Wich do you want more: this enlan el17, enlan el06 or ganzo g732?

    I like the design of el17, it is rare, and i love strong lock systems. I like tantos but the tanto of the el17 is slightly different (it is not an american tanto, more like japan tanto)

    1. For every day carry I prefer the EL-06 and the G732. They have slimmer, more pocket friendly handles and they also weight less. If I had to choose only one I would go for the EL-06 (better blade steel, nested steel liners, narrower design).
      Handle thickness: 18mm EL-17, 13.3mm G732, 13mm EL-06
      Weight: 163g EL-17, 131g EL-06, 123g G732

      The EL-17 is a good choice if you're not concerned about the weight and the thicker handle. Personally I really like its Japanese tanto style blade.