Thursday, December 10, 2015

New arrival - Zero Tolerance ZT0562CF style folder

Awesome Hinderer design with elegant carbon fiber handle scale:

Titanium frame-lock with ball bearing pivot system:

You can buy the ZT0562CF at a reliable seller on Aliexpress: ***HERE***

ZT0562 G10 version with steel handle: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

ZT0620CF titanium version: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***
ZT0620CF G10 version with steel handle: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

More ZT style folders: ***HERE*** or ***HERE***

Because of a stupid rule of Aliexpress the sellers are forced to photoshop the locking mechanism on the folders. So don't worry these folders come with solid frame-locks!

Unique serial numbered 9Cr18MoV blade:


  1. Replies
    1. I couldn't resist, the satin\stone washed finish on the blade is awesome! :)

  2. Very nice piece... I've added it to my aliexpress wish-list a while ago. I'll very likely get one soon, but I'm still waiting for my Slysz Bowie (mist the postman this afternoon, so it's likely that I won't see the knife until Saturday).
    By the way, does that Hinderer design flip well?
    They used to be infamous for their crap flipping...

    1. It flips well after a couple of days of breaking in and some oiling.
      My Slysz is still in transit somewhere.

    2. Yeah, I see. After some little tweaking and cleaning my Typhoon flips like an absolute dream and is among my smoothest knives...
      Well... I'll probably order that ZT in January. Unless a new, even more desirable knife appears in the mean time ;)

      Let's hope those Slysz end up arriving sooner rather than later!!

    3. And it eventually arrived... More than one week after having been "processed in the country of destination". Well, it's here! And it's really a great little piece. A very good EDC knife, I'd say, small and thin enough that you can carry it easily, rugged enough that you can go through tasks.

      Fit and finish are great. The stonewashed-polished blade surface treatment is really a pleasure to behold. The dark and "rough" stonewash of the handles is quite nice too. Pivot with bronze washers is relatively smooth, far from free-falling back in the handle, but I guess that's a knife that'll really need breaking-in. The lock-up is at about 50%, real solid and with no play at all in any direction. Centring is great, too.
      That's sure going to be my EDC knife for the Christmas season/holidays.

      I hope you've gotten yours or that you'll get it soon and can compare your impressions. I'll do a "review/pictorial" soon enough. Possibly tomorrow.

    4. That's great, congratulations! :)
      I look forward to seeing your photos.
      Unfortunately mine is still being "processed".

    5. Done.
      You can see my photos and read my review on my blog.
      Let's hope yours arrive very soon, it's really a great knife with perfect size and shape for every day carry!

    6. Excellent sum up!
      I look forward to the arrival of mine! :)

    7. I'm just really bad with my links... Let me try again (and maybe if it works, you could delete the other ones?)

      here's the review of the Slysz Bowie!

  3. The 0562CF is a great folding knife, mine flips like a charm
    The 0801 & 0808 arrived a few days ago
    Awesome quality on all these knives

    My 0562cf will need some loctite as it loosens up up after some use

    Beautiful images of the knife btw

    1. Thanks! :)
      I'm very satisfied with all of my ZT replicas. Even my 0620CF is bada$$ with the standard pivot system.

  4. And... I'm always so weak! I've just ordered that ZT0562CF. I'll certainly get it after the holidays, so that'll be a late Christmas present to me!

    Any news of the Slysz, by the way? It seems that shipping in Europe is getting slower these days. Holidays coming?

    1. You won't regret it! The satin - stone washed finish looks awesome on the blade of the 0562CF. I managed to take a couple of decent photos at the weekend so I'll post my full review soon.

      I've received my Slysz today! :) I'm really impressed by its excellent pocket friendly size. Thanks to its slim design and light weight it begs for EDCing.

    2. Great news!
      Waiting for your full review of the 0562CF and of the Slysz!

  5. Have you seen this Shirogorov axis lock?,searchweb201644_0_79_78_77_82_80_62_61,searchweb201560_4

    1. Like Isti said... <a href=">it's a very nice, but rather YUGE</a> folder. Great quality and fit and finish, though.

  6. And the zt 0562cf arrived today.
    At last a Hindered flipper that flips good!