Friday, October 23, 2015

New arrival - Green Thorn Shirogorov Dark style folder

Awesome titanium/G10 folder with ball bearing pivot system.
Full review is HERE. 

You can buy it at a reliable seller on Aliexpress:  
***HERE*** or ***HERE*** (black or orange)

Budget version with steel/G10 handle: ***HERE*** (black or khaki) 

Exclusive high-end version with satin S35VN blade + CF: ***HERE***

Unique pivot design:
Dual track bearing washers:


  1. Interesting piece.
    Actually I'm hesitating between this one and the Chaves Redencion clone they recently released. At the moment I'm leaning more towards the Redencion since it's a knife I was considering "for real" and I LOVE "overbuilt" knives.

    My carbon Hati has arrived but I'm not home, so I'll only have it next Monday...

    1. It's an excellent flipper (very smooth out of the box) and it feels great in the hand. I also appreciate its EDC friendly size and weight.

      The redencion looks cool but IMO it's overpriced compared to the Shirogorov F95s for example.

    2. Yeah, I find it a bit expansive, too. But the amount of titanium and steel is probably the reason why.
      From what I've read/seen it's super smooth and very big.
      As for the f95s, as you know, I already have the milled titanium version, the sea-shell version and the carbon fiber Hati version... plus the "mini" (so not really f95, I guess) linerlock/G10.
      I'll do a post on my f95 family next week.Probably...

    3. The Light Cavalry is not a small knife either and it comes with a better blade steel.

      Ok. I look forward to your F95 family photo! :)

  2. I also already have the light cavalry ;)
    And I'm not fully convinced of the differences between the multiple variants of D2 found in China...

    Nothing's fully decided yet... but I'm tempted.

  3. And I did get a big bonus... so I fell for the redencion...
    I'll tell you more when I get it. I hope the price is really justified.

  4. And the Redencion arrived today...
    Mighty fast, I'm impressed. And the knife impresses, too. 250 grams, thiiiick blade and thiiiick scales, very tight tolerances, and my, isn't it smoooth! It flicks open almost effortlessly, the detent isn't super strong (you might shake the blade loose if you're really going at it) but with the heavy blade it's closing on its own weight. And closing smoothly, and closing fast...I need to be careful, a finger can easily get chopped off by that thing!

    The only minus, it's not 100% centred. The blade slightly favours the lock side. But only marginally. Well, you might also say that it's got a smaller thumbstud than the original, and not ambidextrous. The packaging is a notch above everything I ever got from Aliexpress (even if soaking in oil), and I have the impression that the step up in price was justified compared to all those 60-70-80 dollar knives.

    1. Congratulations!
      Which version did you order?

    2. The "normal" / "basic" one... Plain blasted scales and backspacer, blade with the grinds in stonewash and flats in satin, clip in satin "natural" titanium. No flaming, no anodizing. A beastly tool that doesn't pretend to be a "dress knife" ;)

    3. That would be my choice too.