Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New arrivals - Decepticon 2 and Shirogorov 110 style folders

Shirogorov 110 & Decepticon 2

Large, high quality folders with an excellent fit & finish.
Blade length: 4.33" (110 mm)
Detailed reviews are coming soon! :)

Shirogorov 110 full review: ***HERE***

You can buy them at reliable sellers on Aliexpress:
Shirogorov 110 thumb stud version: ***HERE***
Shirogorov 110 brown or green handle: ***HERE***
Shirogorov 110 grooved blade with steel bolsters: ***HERE*** (the grooves are photoshopped)

Decepticon 2 - gray/satin:                                        ***HERE***
You can find more color / blade steel variations: ***HERE****

More pics:


  1. Great! You're lucky, my Decepticon 2 is still "in the air" somewhere (it's left Hong Kong on the 4th and not yet reached France).
    And as always, great minds think alike, you have the same Shiro 110 as me, and we went also for the exact same model of Decepticon 2!
    I'm waiting anxiously for the review!

    1. Sure! :)
      I'll try to take a couple of pics this weekend.

  2. What do you think of them? My 110 has a great blade, but deployment is poor. The Decepticon 2 is tempting, but I thought I'd wait for reviews first :)

    1. You can see my review of the 110 here... Mine was very gritty and not easy to open but I took out the blade and bearings (no need to fully disassemble the knife, just remove the pivot and slide blade and bearings out, clean everything, re-insert and you should see quite a bit of improvement).

      The smoothness and ease of deployment are also quite sensitive to the pivot tension. Mine was certainly a bit too tight at first and loosening it didn't alter the centring if I stop before some play appears in the blade. I now even manage to flick it open engaging my thumb in the gage on the blade, with almost no wrist action.

    2. Opening of the 110 is ok but closing it one handed is a bit tricky for me because of the strong omega springs.

      The Decepticon 2 is an excellent folder. It can be flipped open easily and considering its big size it feels quite light weight in the hand. Maybe one thing that could be improved: the inner edges of the handle should be rounded a bit.

  3. Got my Decepticon 2 in the mail today. Indeed, it's big. It was dirty as hell, but even without cleaning it's one of the smoothest knives I've ever held. It's a good flipper (not great because the detent is not very strong) and my, my, my... the blade falls back in place under its own weight with no need to even shake the knife a little bit.

    And yeah, some edges are a bit too sharp. Plus there's one thin gouge missing from the outer scale on the presentation side. I might try to do one myself with the dremel... don't know...

    1. Mine is incredibly smooth without any extra cleaning/oiling too.

  4. Hello, please i have two questions to anyone who already owns that Decepticon 2 clone
    1) are there steel inserts under the ball bearings ?
    2) are the screws hardened?
    Thank you

    1. I haven't taken apart mine, since after a bit of superficial cleaning it's sooooo smooth. But from what I can see externally, the screws look like they might be hardened. Or at least hard enough: they're polished and don't show scratches.
      Now if you're to believe these guys the hardware is indeed in 420 steel and the bearings are cylindrical bearings, not ball bearings. Given that the friction surface is much larger, there's no need to include a steel insert between this type of bearings and titanium.

  5. Hey, your review was one of the deciding factors for me when I ordered a 110 not long ago!

    It arrived this week, and WOW, this knife is a giant. I ordered the studless version, mainly because I have been fiending after some nice thumbhole knives and the long, low-profile groove looked pretty sexy.

    Mine is also a little gritty, so I should probably pop the blade out and clean it out. Did you find that you needed any tools or special knowledge beyond a screwdriver and the fundamentals of cleaning up a metal surface?

    I find if I use the outside corner of my thumbnail and a flick I can open the 110 fairly reliably and with some comfort, but I want to make it work for me better.

    The lock bar gets viciously locked in place, I don't think it has anything to do with the screws on mine, it just has an intense amount of engagement with the tang surface.

    Thanks for your reviews, you should do a detailed one of the Ganzo 727M, that one really shocked me, it's a new favorite and I will likely buy a pack or two of them for gifts once I can afford to.

    1. Hi,
      The 110 with this grooved blade is a big pretty folder for sure! :)
      I have mid sized hands so the 110 is a bit oversized for me so the Tabargan feels more comfortable in my hand.

      The lock of my 110 doesn't stick but unlocking is harder than the Tabargan (stronger omega springs?).
      Maybe you should try to polish the tang area a bit for a smoother lock movement.
      I completly disassembled mine for cleaning. The only tricky part was to unscrew the axis bar the rest is easy.

      I'm quite busy nowadays that's why I have so many detailed reviews still in the "pipe line". I'm planning to review the Ganzo 727M this month (orange and digi camo version).